Winter Wardrobe Staples To Keep You Fashionably Warm

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We list down 9 winter wardrobe essentials that you need to get now for some serious feel-good fashion!

Leather Jacket

Go from girl-next-door cutey to sexy and edgy punk-chic by putting on a motorcycle leather jacket over your skinny jeans and white tee, while listening to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ride’ on loop. ‘nuff said!

Leather jacket over a dress
Leather jacket over a dress.

Combat Boots

Are you a hipster? Not if you don’t own a pair of combat boots! These babies will really bring the cool out of you and put it out there for people to respect and envy. A dash of floral feminity combined with combat boots – now you’re kicking!.

Combat Boots
Combat Boots

Sweater Dress

Your femininity does not have to take a backseat during cold winter days. Give those warm pants a break, and get your girly mode on with a fun knitted sweater dress. Pretty pastels, form fitted or easy-relaxed versions of this dress layered with a cozy scarf and knee-length boots is just about winter-perfect!

A fun printed knitted sweater dress.
A fun printed knitted sweater dress.


If you’re not all for leather and punk, go for a more polished look for those evening dinners with structured blazers. Layer them over maxi dresses, jumpsuits, a shirt, or even shorts and a tee. Blazers are not so masculine after all, when worn with a pretty little dress and wedge heels.

Mint Blazer
Mint Blazer


Some major obsession issues with this particular item at this time of the year are bound to come up. Houndstooth, plaid, geometric, aztec: get your favourite print on a scarf in the brightest of colours. Or go for a bold coloured scarf and end it at that. Endless selections of this multi-purpose winter staple will keep you warm and happy. You know there are a gazillion ways of scarf-ing up; so get creative!

Your winter BFF - Scarf!
Your winter BFF – Scarf!

Chambray Shirts

Bring out that oversized boyfriend chambray shirt this winter, and extend its usage from your lounge to the streets. It looks like a denim shirt, but is made out of smooth cotton or linen. Its contemporary yet old-school vibe goes perfect with those booties you’ve been eyeing at your favourite high street brand’s store. Layer it up with a bright jacket or simply put on a quirky scarf to add a bit of colour to this clear blue look.

Blue Skinny Jeans

If versatile were a piece of clothing, it’d be light blue skinny jeans. A cardigan and boots for daily chores, wedge heels and a jacket for a luncheon, a white tee and leather jacket for some edge, or a pretty top and heels for an evening out: all of this paired with your dream-fit light blue skinnies. Major swag happening!

Bright Coat

For those living in colder regions, long overcoats are practically needed every time you step out. Since your inner layers will hardly be visible, make the outer layer vibrant! Make a statement with a bright coloured coat. These pops of colours will really liven up the gloomy winter evenings.


Owning cardigans at this time of the year is as important as winter skincare. Thin yet comfortably warm, cardigans are pefect for brisk cold evenings. Choose lively colours and layer them up with jackets or wear a tee under it. There are never enough cardigans in a winter wardrobe – so if you see one you like, don’t think twice before swiping your card.

We couldn’t help but put Ryan Gosling’s picture here – he is getting his cardigan mode on so well!
We couldn’t help but put Ryan Gosling’s picture here – he is getting his cardigan mode on so well!


These are a must-have in every girl’s winter wardrobe. And we don’t mean just your good ol’ black staple stockings, but multiple colours. Feel free to experiment with prints and bright colours to liven up your winter wardrobe. Also, you can easily use stockings to convert any summer dress or tunic into a winter outfit. Just add a pair of stockings, layer with a cardigan and scarf, and voila! These are also a necessity with your shorter winter dresses.


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