How To Wear Sequins During The Day

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Sequins in the day? Sounds over the top? Well, it doesn’t have to be. We all know that sequins are usually kept aside for evenings but we can also wear them during the day if we know the key to balancing. So here are a few simple tricks to style your sequined pieces for daywear.

Go for matte

It all depends on the type of sequins you choose. When you are opting to wear sequins during the day, try to go for matte finish ones as they are less flashy. The wearability quotient is high and less shimmer makes it look more chic.

Sequined Blazer by Spring Break

Wear with denims

One of the instant ways to tone down and make your sequined piece more daytime appropriate is to wear it with denims. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. If wearing a sequined top or dress, thrown on a denim jacket.
  2. If wearing sequined pants/shorts, pair them with a denim shirt (just like the picture below)
  3. Complete your look with casual and minimal accessories; you want to look appropriate and not flashy.
Click to buy the Sequins Shorts
Click to buy the Sequins Shorts

One sequined piece at a time, please!

This is common sense, but sometimes our tendency to want to match things can go overboard. So make sure you don’t wear all the lovely sequined pieces you have at once. Even a minimalist sequined look can make you stand out. For example, a line of sequins on your tunics, tops and dresses are a great option.

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Click to buy this shirt

Add layering and textures

Wearing sequins with a cozy shrug, a cotton shirt, and crisp denims make them look more daytime appropriate. Use layering to tone down the shimmer. Using subtle textures and patterns will balance the dazzling effect of sequins.

Take a cue from this blogger
Take a cue from this blogger

Pay attention to the fit

Remember you want to look like a diva and not a disco ball! Keep the fit quite relaxed and structured and not tight fitting or body hugging.

Sequined dress by XOXO

If not your garment, go for the accessories

If you are not comfortable wearing sequins during the day, take baby steps. Accessories are the easiest way to start. Go for a pair of pumps, a bag or an embellished scarfs. These accessories spruce up your look. We’re particularly loving sparkly shoes.

Sarah aka Carrie looking suave in sparkly gold Louboutins
Sarah Jessica Parker looking chic in sparkly gold Louboutins

Now that you know that sequins are not just for party nights, we hope you will show them some daylight. Did we manage to convince you?


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