Blast From The Past: Trends That Have Made A Raging Comeback

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That awkward moment when you visit your grandma on holiday, wearing your favourite pair of sunnies and she tells you she owned an exact same pair 50 years ago! Not so awkward really, because you haven’t made a fashion blunder (if that’s what you thought). If anything, you have unintentionally gone back in time and picked out some really sassy styles that you probably thought were dead and passé. These are trends from the past that have made a comeback.


Known to be worn by some of the most iconic people from the past, the Windsor shades trend is the coolest comeback by far. If it weren’t for John Lennon wearing these round-framed glasses, The Beatles would not have been half as famous. Okay, maybe that’ pushing it. But can you imagine Mahatma Gandhi without his perfect-circled glasses? Vintage Windsors were ultra cool back in the day and continue to make one feel rebelliously trendy even today.

Get them with gold rims or jet-black glasses, and you will instantly start seeing the world through the 70s.

Windsor Glasses


Baring that mid riff on a sunny afternoon on the streets of your city didn’t seem very likely to happen 5 years back, did it? Crop tops are such a craze now; every girl has at least one type of it in her wardrobe for when she feels confident enough to show off that belly button. Madonna’s daring personality popularised the crop top in the mid 80s, which was later a favourite of notorious teens when pop sensations Britney Spears and Christina Augilera spotlighted the trend. The crop top is back with a bang in many versatile styles – try an oversized one or a graphic tummy top with your favourite pair of high-waisted pants or feel super sexy in a fitted bustier paired with a high-waisted skirt.

The key is to be mysteriously sexy and show off just a hint of that yummy mid riff, that’s where the high-waist bottoms come into play.

Christina Augilera and Britney Spears trending the crop top
Christina Augilera and Britney Spears trending the crop top


The denim shirt was an absolute must-have in the 90s, and has become a staple in every girl’s wardrobe now. When they tied up a buttoned denim shirt from the waist (hot climatic fashion?), paired it with beige chinos and headed out to do their daily chores, did it ever occur to them how big a rage the denim tie-up shirt would be? You get it in every style, studded or printed, laced-up or cropped, the denim shirt is definitely here to stay for generations to come.

Denim Shirt worn in different ways
Denim Shirt worn in different ways


Today’s quintessential ‘V’ shaped print didn’t just pop up one fine day at a fabric printing factory. A lesser-known fact, chevron print dates back to 1800 BC (ancient is an understatement here), when the Greeks used it in architecture and chevron was a part of the artistic designs on pots. Leaving pottery aside, today this motif is seen everywhere – from clothes and accessories to home décor (think pretty cushion covers and mattresses). We love the lively treat to the eyes chevron manages to get in bright colours.

Chevron Home Decor
Chevron Home Decor


What used to be a way of covering a woman’s navel in ancient India to avoid exposure, turned out to be a trend we absolutely love now! We totally adore the fact that the high waisted pair of pants moulds itself to your bottom, starting comfortably from above your hips. They are the perfect pairing for a cropped top and can be worn in bold colours, funky prints or monotone stripes. High-rise skirts and shorts too plan to extend their stay in today’s fashion world.

Blake Lively in a High Waisted Maxi Skirt1
Blake Lively in a High Waisted Maxi Skirt

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