Things Your NRI Cousins Say When They Come To India

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We all have a set of cousins that are in some part of the world and come visit every year or so. Most of these NRI cousins have quite the culture shock no matter how many times they’ve been here. Here are a few funny things your NRI cousins say when they come to India that probably get on your nerves and make you count the days till when you can pack them off back home but are still endearing, nonetheless.

1. The second they land, “What’s that smell??”


2. Omg that rickshaw is driving way too close to us!

3. Has it gotten even hotter since the last time I visited?

4. Make me meet Ranbir Kapoor. Maybe he’ll forget Katrina when he sees me.


5. I only drink mineral water.

6. DON’T put my Fendi on the floor!!

7. I’m going to eat light today. Last night’s butter chicken had me rushing to the loo every twenty minutes.


8. You don’t know what chipotle sause is? Tsk tsk

9. Ohmygaad I understand pay to park but over here people pay to pee?!!

10. I’d like my paratha with fat-free butter.


11. These pot holes are giving me a back ache. Can you take it from another road?

12. This aloo gobi is too spicy.

13. 24?? You got married too young!

14. This daal makhni is too spicy.


15. 4000 rupees? That’s just like 60 dollars. So cheap no? I’m going to buy 2!

16. This paani puri is too spicy. I asked for meetha!

17. It’s been a week and I’m still so jet-lagged.

18. OMG that boy is taking a dump on the side of the road!

hell no


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