Useless Things Women Carry In Their Handbags. Yes, We’re Talking To You!

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Things in a womens bag

We are all guilty of shoving a lot of crap into our bags. Ever wondered what are those three dozen things women carry around in their oversized, overweight handbags wherever they go? I’d like to believe that all handbags have Hermione’s undetectable extension charm on them. How else can you explain that so many things can be fit into such a finite space? Only some magic can explain how kilos of stuff can be crammed into a hand held object and carried by a woman as she struts in 5 inch heels. If your handbag weighs more than your body, you may have a hoarding problem. Don’t be that woman in line who takes five minutes just looking for her wallet in her ginormous bag at the cash register, or can’t find her phone as it rings incessantly. No one likes you.

Here are few of the things in your bag you could probably do without.

1. Mountain of paper

Bills, ATM receipts, expired discount vouchers, tissues, you name it and it can be found in your bag. Unless you are hoarding up to sell at a kilo’s price to the raddiwala, there is no reason for so much paper to be present in your bag. Why do you need the receipt of the cupcake you had after lunch anyway?

2. Make up “essentials”

How many tubes of lipstick, chap stick and lipgloss are there in your bag at the moment? If the total exceeds five, you need to address your commitment issues. To a shade of lipstick for the day. Unless you are a makeup artist, there is no reason you should carry the entire salon with you.

3. Organized pouches

You thought you were being organized when you purchased those tiny pouches. One for makeup and one for coins. Why do you need a separate pouch for coins? Isn’t that what a wallet is supposed to do? Don’t tell me it’s easier for you to look for change. I saw you spend five minutes looking for the coin purse to pay the cabbie.

4. Nail file and Nail polish

Oh you don’t get the time to file your nails to perfection before you get out of the house? Sometimes I don’t have the time to eat lunch during busy work hours. Your life must be so hard.

5. Book and Pen

You must be wondering why a handbag essential has made it to the list. Ask yourself when was the last time you actually made note or wrote something in the book. If it was less than seven days ago, congratulations, you haven’t let technology take over your life. For those of you already on the dark side, it’s time to throw that book and pen out the window. You know you make notes on your smartphone all the time.

Bonus: Since you already take dozens of “selfies” everyday, you don’t need a mirror in your bag anymore (yay!).

How many of these useless things do you lug around? Would you like a post on things you should always have in your handbag?


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