How To Acknowledge The Bombshell In You

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You are not the lead singer of Destiny’s Child but gurrrl you know you got what it takes to break hearts and turn heads with every step you take. You only need a reminder every once in a while. We all have that streak of sexiness hiding behind that shy demeanour, and it’s time we acknowledge that. Accentuating those curves without looking trashy is what being a bombshell is all about. Channel your inner Beyonce with these style tips to bring out the bombshell that you are.

Body Conscious Dresses

Don’t shy away from body-hugging dresses. They may seem intimidating to try on at first, but if you just embrace the style and respect your body, you’ll know that bodycon dresses were tailor-made for you. Super-tight it maybe, but believe it or not, this attire is perfect for curvaceous women and you don’t have to reveal much of your skin too. Don’t hesitate to flaunt that booty even if it’s once in a blue moon. And if you’re still not convinced, read here to know how to rock the bodycon with panache.

Victoria Beckham in gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana bodycon
Victoria Beckham in a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana bodycon

Animal Prints

Hate it or love it, you know you can’t ignore it. Animal prints are fierce, and sometimes you really need to walk out of your comfort zone in a leopard print dress and say hello to your inner goddess. And you don’t have to be the vamp to wear it well.

The Kardashian sisters in animal print.
The Kardashian sisters in animal print.

Pencil Skirt

Our very favourite in the ‘bombshell category’, the pencil skirt is proof that you don’t need to show skin to be sexy. Tastefully understated yet doing everything right to highlight those curves, pencil skirts are flirty and fun, and not in the least bit tacky. It’s a great example of sexy siren meets the sophist. From high-waisted to knee-length ones, every thread of that pencil skirt will smoothly take the shape of your body. A confident strut is all that you need to compliment the pencil skirt!

J Lo rocking a leather pencil skirt!
J Lo rocking a leather pencil skirt!

Fitted Tops

You know what can really raise the sexy quotient in your daily wear? A well fitted top. Pair it with shorts, palazzos or a skater skirt and bring out the sultry diva in you. And by well fitted, we don’t mean you get that top from the kid’s department! It’s also a great option if you’re looking to go retro-chic.

Kristin Cavallari and Nicole Richie sporting fitted tops.
Kristin Cavallari and Nicole Richie sporting fitted tops.

Sweetheart Necklines

Let your inner bombshell shine and flaunt those contours with a dress or a top that has that gorgeous sweetheart neckline. Cleavage conscious? Don’t be! A scooped front neckline is all you need to boost your confidence and embrace your curves. Feminine and flirty, the sweetheart neckline keeps your girly image intact and adds a bit of heat to it, that’s all. It may take you some time getting used to, so put on a chunky statement neckpiece to cover that bare skin. Next, be proud of those sexy collarbones and let the bombshell take over!

Bombshell Blake Lively sporting the sweetheart neckline.
Bombshell Blake Lively sporting the sweetheart neckline.

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