Fashion Glossary: Know Your Skirts

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History is witness to skirts being a girl’s best friend. In fact, before pants became a norm for women, skirts were a fashion staple for the ladies. Now, of course there are many different kinds of skirts and, frankly, it can get confusing to keep up. We separate the pencils from the A-lines and tell you which ones are suitable for you.

1. Pencil Skirt
Everyone’s favourite skirt is like a tube that hugs your body from the waist to the calves. Depending on the occasion, you can go for a short or tea-length pencil skirt. Though ideal for lean and slim body types, if styled well it can look great on curvy women as well.

Different Types of Skirts
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2. Voluminous/Full Skirt
As the name suggests, this is a long skirt with layers to look ‘full’. It is clenched at the waist and increases in volume as it goes further down. Usually tea-length, these skirts offer a typical dainty, retro look. Voluminous skirts are ideal for those with a slim waistline and heavy hips.

Different Types of Skirts1
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3. A-line Skirt
This is similar to the full skirt, except it does not have a heavy volume. An A-line simply falls from your waist to the knees in an ‘A’ shape. This classic skirt shape suits almost all body types.

Different Types of Skirts2
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4. Pleated Skirt
Earlier relegated to school uniforms, these skirts, with folds or pleats, are now ultra-fashionable. Though they have different lengths, they usually follow an A-line shape. These skirts are ideal for thin or lean women as they add a bit of volume, but just like the A-line skirts can be worn by just about anyone.

Different Types of Skirts3
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5. Mini Skirt
The mini skirt is just right if you want to show off your legs as it usually ends at least five to seven inches above the knee and can be in any shape, including pencil, A-line or voluminous. These skirts are ideal for short women as they offer an illusion of long legs; of course ,tall and lean women can carry these off, too.

Different Types of Skirts4
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6. Maxi Skirt
The exact opposite of a mini, the maxi skirt is a floor-length laid-back silhouette that covers your legs. It is usually in an A-line shape and can be pleated, printed or plain and is best suited for short and curvy women. Tall and lean women should avoid it, unless paired with a crop top.

7. Peplum Skirt
These are usually pencil-shaped skirts with ruffles or embellishments near the waist. They look great on women with a boyish figure as they create a fuller look on them. Women with heavy bottoms should opt for a smaller peplum near the waist.

Different Types of Skirts5
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8. Skater Skirt
A skater skirt is similar to an A-line skirt, except it is shorter (almost mini length) and more voluminous. It is inspired from the sport of figure-skating where women wore ruffles and layers in their skirt. They are also great for women with a heavy bust line and smaller hips.

Different Types of Skirts6
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9. High-Low Skirt
This is an asymmetric skirt that is short from the front and long from behind. It is found in sheer, prints and layered varieties. This kind of a skirt suits almost all body types.

Different Types of Skirts7
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10. High-Waisted Skirt
A vintage style, the high-waist skirt is worn above the navel. Its length varies from mini to tea-length to maxi. It is ideal for curvy and short women, but can be style for almost all body types.

Different Types of Skirts8
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We hope this glossary helped you understand the coolest and trendiest skirts out there. Have more to add to the list? Drop in a line in the comments section.


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