Six Reasons To Carry A Clutch

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Clutches: a fashion accessory that makes you believe that the best things come in small packages. Every woman must have a collection of it in her wardrobe. Clutches are such a classy and contemporary take on purses that we had to give you six reasons to carry a clutch and let you in on the importance of this sartorial piece.

  1. Ladies, it’s time you realise that there are a lot of useless things you carry around in your humungous tote, leaving no mercy for your shoulders. That is why you need to replace it with a clutch sometimes. It’s tiny, and fits in all the necessary things you need when you step out, because you DO NOT need a hairspray/eyelash curler/bank documents when you go out for lunch!
  2. A clutch is a very versatile accessory. It can be carried for all kinds of occasions. From a pretty little lacy pink one for a lunch date to a sparkly clutch for a night out, there are tons of options you can choose from. Leopard prints, graphic designs, spikes and studs and metallic, there is a clutch for every personality.
  3. They come in all shapes and sizes. Clutches aren’t necessarily the smallest purses – get an oversized envelope clutch for a dramatic statement or a box clutch for that ultimate oomph your outfit requires.
  4. Clutches are minimal yet very chic. It’s a piece of strapless accessory that changes the whole look of your outfit – turning it from dull to ultra glam. Add in a bright coloured clutch to a gray dress, and you know it’ll make all the difference needed to enhance your look.
  5. They are not fussy, unlike oversized handbags. They won’t act like the black hole when you’re trying to find your phone inside.
  6. Clutches are your intervention. They will force you to leave those absolutely unnecessary things behind that you would otherwise dump in your handbag.

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