10 Signs Your Friend Is Flirting With Your Boyfriend

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You’ve shared your toys with her as a child, your clothes in your early teens—and are now probably sharing your boyfriend! Shocked? Yes, it can be true—your bestie or one of your girlfriends may have her eyes on your man and may already be working her way towards him. If you’re brushing aside her flirtatious comments as an innocent joke, it’s time to think again. Here are 10 signs she’s into your boyfriend.

1. She Does The Hair Flip, Blushing And Giggling
You know how your friend is with the guys she likes. If she starts doing the same things with your man, consciously or sub-consciously, then something’s probably wrong.

2. She ALWAYS Advises You To Break Up, Each Time You Have A Fight
If she’s looking out for you, she’ll have mixed advice regarding breaking up with your boyfriend. But if she pushes you to call off the relationship even when you’re just venting about him, she probably has vested interests.

3. She Is TOO Touchy-Feely
It’s fine if your friend and boyfriend share a casual hug, but you know she’s hitting on your man when she goes beyond that. A slight touch on his hand, some innocent-looking arm holding, running her fingers through his hair—you need to wake up and smell the coffee, girl!

4. She LOVES Hanging Out With Both Of You (Without Feeling Like A Third Wheel)
You love that your friend and your man are getting along, but it can be annoying if she’s around all the time. And worse, if she doesn’t find it awkward to be the third wheel.

5. There’s Already Texting And SnapChatting
Your BFF and boo have each other’s number for emergencies (or planning a surprise party for you). But if they’re chatting a bit too often or even sharing selfies, you should look out.

signs your friend is flirting with your boyfriend

6. She Puts You Down And Tells Him All Your Embarrassing Secrets
This one’s pretty scary. She knows all your secrets and can randomly drop in a line or two that can completely mess up your relationship. If you find her doing that ‘coincidentally or accidentally’ too often, she’s probably into your man.

7. She Is ALWAYS Dressed Super Sexy When The Three Of You Meet
If she’s wearing makeup and her ‘pretty shoes’ on a hot summer day just to meet you guys, she’s definitely doing it for him. A couple of times can be innocuous, but if she looks stunning every time your boyfriend is around it can’t be just a coincidence.

8. She Pushes Him To Get Drunk. Every Time.
Since she’s probably hanging out with you guys all the time, drinking can be a part of the equation. But if she’s pushing him to get drunk almost all the times you guys are out, there may be something more. She may even offer to drive you guys home… err his home. Girl, she’s really into your guy!

9. She’s Always A Damsel In Distress And Runs To Him For Emotional Support
If your boyfriend is giving generic guy advice to your friend, it’s fine. But if she texts him for every small problem and cries to him about her nail polish chipping, you’ve got a problem.

10. She Shares Private Jokes With Him
She’s your friend, yet she shares private jokes with your boyfriend. Time to ditch the sneaky girlfriend.


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