20 Signs You Are Addicted To Candy Crush Saga

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It’s time we talk about the epidemic that is affecting almost all of us. If you don’t play, then look away right now and thank me later. It is an evil, addictive game that lures you in with its sparkly colors and fun candy shapes. If you play it, here are 20 signs you are addicted to Candy Crush Saga.

candy crush saga

1. You dream of candies popping. And even in your dream you cannot pass the level you have been stuck on for 3 days in a row.

2. You see 3 people wearing the same coloured outfits and you want to line them up together.

3. You are constantly sending your friends requests for lives.

4. You send texts to your friends at odd hours asking them to go on Candy Crush and help you unlock the next level.

5. You ask every person you know to start playing the game so they understand what you’re constantly talking about. But secretly, you just need them for the lives.

6. You don’t know what you will do with your life once you clear all the 410 odd levels.

7. Your pooping time depends upon the number of lives you have left.

8. You forward the time on your phone for more lives and curse the day you discovered the time travel cheat.

9. You consider spending money to buy extra moves even though you are broke. You want to buy food but that striped candy looks equally tempting.

10. You hate chocolate after playing candy crush.

11. You get violent if you have one jelly left and are out of moves.

12. You alternate playing on your iPhone, Facebook and iPad.

13. When you have to choose between actual conversations with friends or Candy Crush, you choose Candy Crush.

14. You log onto someone else’s page and send yourself lives.

15. Your daily prayer starts with asking God to help you cross that level you have been stuck on for a week

16. While you are waiting for extra lives, all you can see around is candy.

17. You rearranged your phone apps so that all the colours line up.

18. This makes you really happy:

19. You want to own this pair of leggings:

20.You finish this list and immediately start playing Candy Crush.

Send me a life while you’re at it, please!

-Renita D’silva


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