Sex And The Indian City: Getting Carrie-D Away

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These girls sashayed into our lives, Manolo Blahniks and all, and changed the way we looked at sex, dating, relationships, and friends. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha successfully captured the imaginations of girls the world over with their heartwarming life lessons and sexcapades. This week, the show completes a decade of being off air and there are lots of articles acknowledging this which are doing the rounds on the internet. This just made me wonder, what if Sex and The City would have been based in India? I present to you ladies, my findings:


1)   Carrie would never be able to have a career writing about sex. Yes, this is India, she’d be disowned. Love in the City? Yup, that sounds more like it.

I’m Afraid It’s True Carrie

2)   These girls wouldn’t probably live by themselves. They’d either live with parents or at the very least, roommates.

Wouldn’t Count On It Carrie

3)   If we know one thing about Samantha, it is that she is one sex kitten. But I ask one pertinent question: In India, where would she have so much sex? Logistically, I mean. WHERE?

WHERE would you?

4)   Miranda-the lawyer would never date Steve-the bartender. Youknowlike, log kya sochenge?

5)   Charlotte, the eternal romantic among them would be married really early. Two reasons: She would have watched Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.


6)   Carrie’s fashion sense would have taken a hit. Goodbye Manolos, in India sex columnists cannot afford you. Carrie in Kolhapuri chappals? Hmmmm…

Carrie Bradshaw

7)   Poor Stanford (Carrie’s gay best friend) would be linked to her all the time because unfortunately most people wouldn’t know he’s gay.


8)   The four girls would have to spend more money at bars. It would after all, be ‘wrong’ to let some random men buy you drinks.


9)   Carrie might have married Aidan. Oh so stable and very much in love with her Aidan. Just out of the sheer pressure to settle down if nothing else. All her friends and relatives and neighbours and their friends and relatives would have after all, tied the knot when they touched 25.

What Could Have Been

10)   Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte’s mums would have asked them to stay away from Samantha. She is after all, older and ‘bad company’.

Sorry Samantha

11)  Mr. Big would have gotten beaten black and blue a couple of times. What? Carrie could have older brothers!

This Is How We Roll In India Big

12)  They would laugh, cry and maybe share each other’s life predicaments and family pressures a little more than they would discuss sexual experiments. But they would still be each other’s soul mates, guess some things don’t depend on the city after all. :)


(PS: This is a complete work of my imagination. I urge you to appreciate the satire and apologize for some stereotypical generalizations that have been made. We writers tend to do that sometimes. Don’t believe me? Just ask Carrie!)


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