All Season Wardrobe Must-Haves

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Add these fashion classics to your wardrobe.

“Cause you’re hot then you’re cold. You’re yes then you’re no. You’re in then you’re out. You’re up then you’re down…” as we hum to Katy Perry’s song about a moody boyfriend, we can’t help but associate the lyrics to fashion and its ways  that can be just as erratic. And that’s why we are ever so grateful for wardrobe essentials that come to our rescue all year round. These pieces are timeless and the building blocks of any wardrobe. In other words they can be styled differently and worn repeatedly guilt free. Here’s our checklist to an all season wardrobe must-haves:
Must Have #1: Black Tank Top
Team it with a scarf, jacket or wear it plain over a skirt, jeans or leggings. This figure flattering basic tank top can be the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

black tank top
Black Tank Top: Cool and Comfortable

Must Have #2: White Shirt
A crisp white blouse or shirt says sexy yet classy at the same time and can be easily worn during office hours and works as a great canvas for accessories when you want to head straight to a party post work. #win-win

A White Shirt: Sexy and Classy Style Statement

Must Have #3: Little Black Dress
Those who own a LBD will vouch for its versatility, and so do we. This quintessential wardrobe basic will never go out of fashion and can be styled and made to look different every time you wear it. Coco Chanel would nod in agreement.

The versatile Little Black Dress

Must Have #4: A pair of well fitted jeans
When it comes to clothes, jeans are definitely a girl’s best friend. Whatever your shape and size may be, a pair of well fitted jeans either in black or blue will see you through some good and bad days.

Jeans are the rage.
Jeans are the rage.

Must Have #5: Structured Blazer/Jacket
While many of you may have termed the blazer as a passing fad, and hence never got around to buying one, it’s time you acknowledge it as a fashion essential. Adding a well-tailored blazer to your closet in black or white shade will make layering your outfit way easier.

Structured Blazer: A perfect way to add layer to your outfit.

Must Have #6: Summer dress or Maxi Dress
It’s always sunny in India and with that having a cute floral summer dress or maxi dress is ideal for those lovely brunches and beaches.

floral dresses
Dresses have a long way to go.

Must Have #7: A Pencil Skirt
If your work hours are bad and you most often land up socializing in formal office wear, then investing  in a sharp tailored pencil skirt would be a smart call. You can team it up with a formal shirt during work and then team the same skirt with a printed blouse for a night out. Sounds like a good deal to us.

pencil skirt
Look sharp in a pencil skirt

Must Have #8: Black Leggings
Already a favourite with celebrities, a pair of black leggings is casual, comfortable and chic – all combined into one.

black leggings
Black Leggings: A hit in Hollywood

Must Have #9: White Kurti
For every pooja, mata ki chowki , mehendi or  similar religious event that you have to attend (sometimes mandatory), owning a well-fitted and embellished white kurti would make your life so much easier. You can team it with leggings, churidar, an ethnic skirt or patiala bottoms to dress for the occasion.

white kurti
Versatile White Kurti

Must Have #10: Basic Short Sleeved T-shirt
There are days when you feel like a drag queen and comfort takes over fashion. The least you can do on such days is to have well-fitted cap sleeve t-shirts in your wardrobe that can be worn over a pair of jeans or pyjamas.

T-shirts that comfort you all year round

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