12 Reasons To Go Short

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After growing my hair for 7 years and flirting with the idea of going short for awhile, I finally took the plunge and went for it. In spite of having long, lustrous hair I have absolutely no regrets for a number of reasons. Here are some of those reasons to get short hair and let go of all those qualms. These will make you envy all those short-haired lovlies and want to go chop chop.


1. The best type of makeover
The coolest and easiest way to reinvent your look is by changing your hair. A drastic change like chopping off your long locks can give you a fresh, new style.
2. It takes less time to dry
Not only does long hair take hours to dry it causes your back to be wet and cold during the process. With a cool short crop, you’ll be surprised how quickly your hair dries up.
3. Snooze for longer
With less hair, the amount of time it takes to shampoo, detangle, dry, style and generally tease your hair into looking perfect is reduced which allows you to rush out of the door faster on early mornings. Enjoy some much-needed extra minutes in bed every morning. Isn’t that motivation enough to book an appointment at the salon?
4. Say goodbye to the tangled mess
No matter how beautiful your long hair is, you wake up to a bird’s nest and your arms have toned up thanks to the task of brushing out all the knots at the end of the day. Well that’s never a worry for a short-haired gal.

5. Your short do will put you in the same category as these hotties


6. Less products less spending
A short do will require less product usage. Make those fancy hair products that cost an arm and leg last for much longer and save some moolah.

7. Healthier hair
After getting rid of long, unhealthy ends, they make way for new growth which is much stronger. The new growth hasn’t undergone the effects of pollution, heat damage, chemical use, etc. Basically, short hair is strong and healthy.

8. It looks more chic and professional
A hip, trendy haircut will not only help you look fantastic, but also more modern, professional and dynamic.
9. Help you stand out
In a sea of safe, long hairstyles, your chic new cut will help you stand out from the crowd and definitely grab more attention.
10. Show off that neck
There’s something seriously sexy about a long neck. Don’t hide it behind your locks but show it off with your new hairstyle for some added sex appeal.
11. Super versatile
A shorter do is way easier to style. Silky straight, sleek and spunky, spiked or wavy and relaxed, just use an appropriate styling product and experiment with different looks daily.
12. Breakup cure
It’s cliché but a sure fire way to feel good after a heartbreak is by reinventing your style and looking fabulous. Get a fresh new cut and bask in all the attention you get with your new look. It’s the best confidence booster.


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