Quick Hairstyles For New Year Eve’s Party

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New year eve’s party checklist: Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Hairstyle? No clue, because all the hair salons are booked out already!? Don’t you worry lady, we’ve just brought you an easy solution for your problem with some amazing ideas for hairdos that you can do yourself. All you need are a few little things from your dressing table like a hair brush, rubber elastic, teasing comb and lots of bobby pins.

1. French twist bun: If you are hosting a dinner party, then this hair-do is just perfect to play the role. It is sophisticated, elegant, easy to manage (as you play hostess) and goes well with sheath, shift and maxi dresses.

french twist

Here are the steps:

  1. Blow dry your air in cold setting.
  2. Tease your hair with a hairspray.
  3. Comb your back and take all your hair and start rolling it over to a side whichever is easy for you.
  4. Use your bobby pins to lock the bun.
  5. Finish it with some hairspray for it to last long.

2. Short Hair do: I love this one for those with short hair, earlier all I could think of was straightening or curling but no more. Here is a fun hairdo which will give you a break from letting your hair down like almost everyday!

short hair do
  1. Divide your hair in three sections from the sides and center.
  2. Take the first side of hair and twist it and roll it up at the end
  3. Do the same for the rest and secure it with bobby pins.
  4. Last, loosen up the bun by slowing pulling the hair loose.

3. The phony-tail

This is an illusion trick to create a longer and fuller looking ponytail.

High ponytail
  1. Neatly  comb your hair.
  2. Separate the front crown hair and tie it up into a rubber band.
  3. Take the rest of hair below and tie it up right below the previous ponytail
  4. Comb them and fluff them with your hand to mix it up.

Voila! You now have a thicker and longer looking ponytail to sport with your skinny jeans and dance the night away.

4. Braided headband: Let your hair down if you’re going for a concert or just for a bonfire with your friends.

braided headband
  1. Start with partitioning your hair on one side and comb them neatly
  2. Clip a section out from one side (behind your ear area)
  3. Loosely braid the hair and wrap the braid over to the other side (again behind your ear)
  4. Secure it with a pin or two
  5. Tease the hair at the crown section to create a voluminous or poufy look
  6. If you have a hair spray then spray the teased section to retain the look for a longer period of time.

Hope these ideas helped. Do try something different with your hair as you bring in the new year. And of course, comment below to let us know which one of these hair styles you will be sporting to kick-start the new year.


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