Quick Fixes For Chipped Nail Polish

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Your perfectly manicured nails during the party season may look dull and chipped as you are back to the daily grind. If you are lucky you may be able to take a few hours off work or from children and take a trip to the nail spa. However, there are inexpensive and time saving fixes for chipped nail polish that you may try at home.

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If a small tip of your nail seems out of place and thus making the whole hand look shabby, no need to redo all your nails again. Imagine removing the paint, reapplying of coats and drying. Phew, may not be worth it for a tiny chip. Try filing that part of the nail. To match the length with other nails file them all, while travelling to work or taking a short break.

Fixes for Chipped Nail Polish


This is the ideal method to fix the trendy nail paint which came off while you were partying hard. Buff the area where the paint has come off with a medium impact buffer. Next clear it of any dust or dirt and apply a tiny section of the matching paint on the chipped area. Let it dry completely. Now finally, reapply a fresh coat of nail paint to the entire nail. Yes, you’re done! No lengthy manicure routines anymore.

Fixes for Chipped Nail Polish2

Nail Art

If you have a little bit of extra time and want to try something creative, try making innovative art on the nails. You may go funky with stripes or trendy with colour blocking.

Fixes for Chipped Nail Polish5

Try these quick fixes for chipped nail polish and comment if you have any other interesting ideas.


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