9 Insane Phobias We Hope You Don’t Have

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We all know what phobias are and how terrible they can make one feel. But one cannot and should not have Panophobia—which is a fear of everything. You may have heard about one being scared of heights, fire or animals, but there are a few bizzare fears that will truly amaze you. Here are nine absurd phobias that we hope you never have to suffer from.

1) Phengophobia & Nyctophobia
While Phengophobia is a fear of sunlight (or day), Nyctophobia is the fear of darkness (or night). So we may have some night owls hiding from the light, but there might also be some vampires that are afraid of the sun.


2) Levophobia & Dextrophobia
People who fear objects on the left side of the body are said to have Levophobia, while those who fear objects on the right have Dextrophobia. Wonder how they cross the road!


3) Sitophobia
Sitophobia is the phobia of food or eating food. We wonder what this person must be doing for survival?

4) Anuptaphobia
Are you wanting to get out of that long relationship but aren’t able to because your partner doesn’t let go? Well, then maybe he is suffering from Anuptaphobia, or the fear of being single.


5) Plutophobia
While money can buy happiness for some, a few others might just want to run away from it. Yes, Plutophobia is the fear of being wealthy. We reeeeally hope you don’t get this one!


6) Genophobia & Erotophobia
Is your partner ignoring your sexual questions or moving away from you in bed? Be careful, he may be fearing sex. Genophobia, is the phobia of sexual relations, while Erotophobia is that of sexual love or questions.


7) Pentheraphobia
We understand not liking your mother-in-law, but is it a phobia? Yes! People having a fear of their mother-in-law are said to have Pentheraphobia.


8) Didaskaleinophobia
How I wish I knew about this earlier. Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school.

9) Gynophobia or Hominophobia
Gynophobia is the fear of women, while Hominophobia is the fear of men. No, it’s not over yet! There are also men who suffer from Venustraphobia, ie the phobia of beautiful women. Low self-confidence is often the cause of such fears.


Weren’t these just absurd? Are there any other weird phobias you know about? Share them with us in the comments section.


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