One Garment, Many Styles: 8 Stunning Ways To Wear Your Black Blazer

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We know you totally love shopping—after all it’s your cardio. But, lets face it, on a tight budget you can’t get everything you want, so a versatile staple piece really comes in handy. We pick out a wardrobe must-have—the staid black blazer and show you eight superb ways to style it.

1. Pair With Printed Pants
Printed pants are all the rage and we’re not complaining. You can mix prints with the top and bottom, and tone it down with a well-fitted black jacket.

2. Pair With Shorts
A blazer with shorts? Yes, that’s right. Check out this trendy look with shorts, casual tee, black jacket and printed scarf. You must try it for the weekend look.

Style Your Black Blazer1

3. Pair With Skirts
Blazers are ideal to pair with formal skirts, but now you can try yours with a casual or feminine skirt too. Cap off the look with smart and stylish accessories such as bangles and necklaces.

Style Your Black Blazer2

4. Pair With Dresses
Turn your backless or strapless dress into a modest casual one with this blazer. Take inspiration from Kim K and style your look with classic pumps and clutch.

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5. Pair With Distressed Jeans
Dig your boyfriend’s cupboard and find the most comfortable pair of distressed jeans. Now style it with a black jacket and you can wear those comfy bottoms even to work. Check out this street style look with metallic shoes.

Style Your Black Blazer5

6. Go Androgynous
This is a trend that never really seems to go out of fashion. Wear your blazer with a loose tee, skinny pants and a classy hat for the androgynous look. Get a faux-bob or a minimal updo to nail the style.

Style Your Black Blazer6

7. Go Boho
Who would’ve thought that a formal black jacket could be worn for a hippie look? But you can try this by wearing a printed maxi skirt with a casual top and your favourite boho jewellery.

Style Your Black Blazer7

8. Go Monotone
Go head-to-toe black to achieve this retro look. Black is slimming and just right for almost every occasion. So go on, wear your jacket with a shirt, skinnies, tinted sunglasses and black pumps—you won’t regret it.

Style Your Black Blazer8

Start digging your wardrobe and style your black blazer in cool ways. Do share your styling tips with us.


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