Matteo Berrettini’s Mother, Father, Brother & Girlfriend

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Matteo Berrettini is a rising star in the world of tennis, with his powerful serve and aggressive playstyle quickly making him one of the most feared players on the court. However, while his professional life is well documented, many people are curious about the man behind the racket. Who are Matteo Berrettini’s parents? What was his childhood like? And how did he get started in tennis?

Here in this post, we are going to talk about the personal life and career of this talented player, giving you a comprehensive look at his biography, family, and personal details. If you are a fan of Matteo Berrettini, then you must read this post till the end, as we have shared every possible information about this amazing player that is not available anywhere else.

Matteo Berrettini Family

Early Life and Family Background

Matteo Berrettini was born on April 12 1996, in Rome, Lazio, Italy. He was raised in a sporting family, with both his parents being active in sports themselves. His father, Luca Berrettini, was a tennis professional and played for a tennis club in Italy, while his mother, Claudia Bigo, was a former club tennis player and the driving force behind her son’s professional career.

Even though Matteo belonged to a family of professional tennis players, he was more interested in swimming and judo. In his childhood, he was very much active in these sports but later shifted to tennis after his brother asked him to give tennis a chance. Jacopo Berrettini is the younger brother of Matteo Berrettini, who was born on November 27, 1998, and is also a professional tennis player and preparing tennis with his brother since the age of eight.

Matteo Berrettini’s Father – Luca Berrettini

Just like every father, Luca Berrettini also played the role of the coach in Matteo Berrettini’s life. Since he was a professional tennis player himself, he guided Matteo Berrettini since his childhood. According to an interview with Luca, he said that they gave Matteo a tennis racket when he was 8 years old and started teaching him tennis themselves. Shortly after that, they got him into professional training, and since then, Matteo Berrettini has been playing it seriously. Until a few years back, when Matteo Berrettini hired a personal coach and trainer, his father was playing the role of everything he might need in this professional tennis career.

Matteo Berrettini Girlfriend

Matteo Berrettini’s Mother – Claudia Bigo

Just like Matteo Berrettini’s father, his mother was also a club tennis player and very well-known in the country. She and Matteo Berrettini’s father met at a sporting event and soon got well together. After a few years into the relationship, they married each other and made their relationship public. Behind Matteo Berrettini’s success, Claudia plays an important role because she insists both Matteo and his younger brother play tennis and pursue their career in it. You can witness her watching the match of her child very often as she attends most of the matches of Matteo Berrettini and was seen recently in the 2019 US Open Championships too.

Matteo Berrettini’s Brother – Jacopo Berrettini

Just like his elder brother, Jacopo is also a professional tennis player and is currently practising under Matteo’s guidance. He recently achieved his ATP main draw debut at the 2021 Sardegna Open in the doubles draw with his brother. Currently, he is only 24 years old and achieved the highest tennis ranking of No. 399 on July 15 2019, which is quite amazing for such a young person. A lot of people say that he is a better player than Matteo Berrettini, but that doesn’t bring distances between the two brothers. When they are not playing any tournaments or matches, you can see them spending time and practising together.

Matteo Berrettini Brother

Matteo Berrettini Wife, Girlfriend, Ranking & Net Worth

Matteo Berrettini is not married yet and does not even have a girlfriend. There’s not enough information about Matteo Berrettini’s relationships available as he doesn’t talk much about his personal life in public. Though in October 2019, Ajla Tomljanovic came out as Matteo Berrettini’s girlfriend, and they both were seen together many times. She is a Croatian-Australian tennis player with a highest ranking of No. 33. In February 2022, they both broke up, and they made it official too. Right now, Matteo Berrettini is not dating anyone and is not in any relationship. We will update this post about his relationship as soon as we get to know about it.

Final Words

So, this is all we wanted to share about Matteo Berrettini parent’s, and we hope you are now able to know more about him and his personal life. With his family background in sports, it’s no wonder that he was drawn to tennis from a young age, and his dedication and natural talent have helped him rise to the top of the game.

If you know something about him that is worth mentioning on this page, then do share that information with us. Also, you can keep visiting the InOnIt website, as we will keep this post updated with the latest and most updated information about Matteo Berrettini and his parents. If you have any questions related to the things we have shared here, then you can connect with us via the comments below.


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