LPQ Head Chef Alain Coumont Shares His Eggs Benedict Recipe

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We wanted to whip up something special for breakfast on Christmas Day, and much to our delight, Le Pain Quotidien’s Head Chef and Founder generously shared with us their Eggs Benedict recipe. So go ahead, get that apron and chef’s hat on, and get cooking.

Eggs Benedict Recipe

Eggs Benedict Recipe

Prep Time 8 Min
Cooking time 12 Min

Ingredients required
• Brioche – 1 Nos
• Eggs – 1 No
• Butter – 10 Grams
• Hollandaise Sauce – 15 Grams
• BBQ Ham – 20 Grams
• Water – As required
• White Vinegar – As required For Hollandaise Sauce
• Clarified Butter – 325 Grams
• Egg yolks – 3 Nos
• Whole egg – 1 Nos
• Shallots or white onion – 25 Grams
• Dry white wine – 50 Grams
• Lemon juice or mild vinegar – 20 Ml
• Vegetable oil – 15 Ml
• Bay leaf – 1 Nos
• Crushed Black Pepper – 1 Grams
• Salt – 3 Grams
• Break-fast Sugar – 2 Grams


1. Put white vinegar and salt in water and bring it to boil.
2. While water is boiling cut sides of brioche. Apply butter on both sides of brioche.
3. Toast brioche in a hot pan.
4. Keep 2 slice of BBQ ham on top of toasted brioche.
5. Break whole egg in boiling water, and poach them properly. Do not overcook eggs.
6. Remove both egg from water and place it slowly on top of BBQ ham which is kept on brioche.
7. Spread hollandaise sauce on top of eggs and gratinate it under salamander until sauce gets golden brown colour.
8. Remove it from salamander and place it in the plate.
9. Serve Hot.

We hope you will try this recipe. 
Also, do share any suggestions you may have for yummy breakfast dishes with us below.

A little about LPQ: Le Pain Quotidien, “the daily bread” in French, was founded in 1990 as an artisanal boulangerie kitchen by Chef Alain Coumont in Brussels, Belgium. It is known for it’s distinctive farmhouse decor and central communal tables. The kitchen serves soups, salads, hot and cold tartines (open-faced sandwiches), entrees, desserts, homemade drinks, beers and wines, along with specialty dishes inspired by pantry items from all over the world, using fresh, wholesome, and locally sourced ingredients.  In Mumbai, LPQ is open from 8am to midnight for breakfast, brunch, lunch, happy hours and dinner, and offers takeout items.


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