How To Look Your Best In Bold Prints

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Bold prints are a risk , honestly. We know that they add a certain spunky aura to your look, but many are afraid that you need to have that personality to begin with! Or we can just tell you what you’d need to make sure you look great in bold prints.

1. Confidence

It’s not easy to pull that off, and even if you are mostly confident, the part that isn’t will make itself way more apparent. You need to be a little daring to make sure you wear it well and do justice to the dress.

bold prints

2. Make Sure It Fits Well

You must have seen this on so many people – wonderful clothes but ill-fitting. And it takes away the charm of the outfit. Specially when you’re wearing bold prints, you must ensure that they are well cut and fit your body properly. If they don’t, even the best outfit will look quite bad. And we don’t want that when we’re trying to make sure we stand out, right?

bold prints

3. Accessories Are Key

When you wear one piece of clothing that has bold prints, you don’t want to accessorize badly. That would take an outfit from bold to tacky quicker than you can blink. Make sure the accessories are complementary to the print you are wearing.

bold prints accessories

4. The Way You Walk

Trust me when I say this – the way you walk can change a lot of things. Even the same outfit would look so much better when you have good posture and walk better. Heels do add to a good posture, since they affect the curvature of your back. That’s why women feel sexy in heels. It’s science.

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5. Mix n’ Match

Maybe you are feeling like quite a risk taker one fine morning. Combine different prints – maybe bold prints with some subtle patterns. Or vibrant prints with solid colors. We guarantee a lot of second looks.

bold prints

Bold prints look great, and they’re very ‘in’ this season. Hope this helps you look your daring-est best! xx


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