You Know You Have A Cool Mom When…

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Okay, it’s almost Mother’s Day and while we are more like all-year-round-mommy-lovers, it couldn’t hurt to make it a sort of tribute to all the cool mums in the world. Yes, you rocked our cradle and you rock our world! And needless to say, we cannot thank you enough. Read on for some of the sure shot signs that you have an über cool ma:

1) Not only is she on Facebook, she knows how to use it. Yes, that means she doesn’t befriend your entire friends list. Thanks Mom!


2) She knows your friends from your frenemies. No seriously, she really knows what a frenemy is.


3) She’s on Whatsapp. That’s so convenient and also annoying because she knows when you slept. No thank you, ‘last seen’ feature.


4) She knows you love selfies, and indulges you ever so often.


5) She doesn’t berate you for Keeping up with the Kardashians. She keeps up too. ‘Reality’ TV is best enjoyed in twos.


6) She knows how to cure your hangovers. More importantly, she knows you will be hungover after your best friend’s birthday whether you put it like that or not.


7) She knows how to cheer you up. It may be a shawarma and not the traditional ghar ki khichdiand she’s okay with that.


8) She doesn’t always understand you, but she’s willing to try.


9) She’s your favourite shopping companion. Yes, she’s patient and will call a spade a spade. Unfortunately she will also call a loose dress a sack. But that’s…well…moms.


10) She’s an excellent secret keeper. Or so she let’s you believe.


11) She’ll text you when DDLJ is coming on TV because even though you have seen it a million times, she knows it’s still your favourite movie.


12) She may have had some strong opinions in the past about your friends or boyfriends. The worst part? She was right!


13) She shows off about you. You pretend to hate it and be totally embarrassed but you secretly glow every time she does it.


14) She let’s you skip boring family functions. She understands how annoying it gets when everyone’s on your case about marriage/career/future conversations; so she doesn’t insist on your presence. This may have been the best gift she ever gave you.


15) She gets your jokes and laughs at them. In fact, she thinks you’re hilarious. Me and stand-up comedy? Oh come onnnn, mother! *secretly considers it*


16) She’s a mother so she can’t help get sentimental at times. But you laugh at her and she joins in. Because you both know she’s being silly and soon, much through natural progression, this turns into a full-blown giggle fest.


Needless to say, our world wouldn’t be the same without all you wonderful mothers. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! We love you more than blogs can say :)


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