Get Punk’D! How To Wear Punk With A Twist

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Punk fashion is all about being individualistic in your style sense and standing out from the crowd. Edgy and rebellious, this subculture of fashion is best for those who believe in ever evolving trends, experimenting without inhibition, and embracing free-spirited styles. Fierce as it is, sometimes punk can be too in-your-face.

Read on as we tell you how to wear punk with a twist and without overdoing it, because it’s always a good thing to get your punk on.


Tartan or plaid fabric is a classic punk staple that not only is versatile, but also very chic in many ways.

  • A mini-chequered slip dress with embellishments on the shoulders is an uber sexy way of looking glamorously rebellious and edgy.
  • Another way to turn punk fashion love towards the feminine side is by adding lace to your outfit.
Victoria Beckham rocks a Louis Vuitton Tartan Lace Dress
Victoria Beckham rocks a Louis Vuitton Tartan Lace Dress


Leather is probably one of the first things that come to mind when you think Punk. And how can you not look cool while sporting a leather jacket? Here’s how you can twist it up:

  • A sexy leather skirt paired with a studded top is oh-so-punk. A pair of buckle boots to go with this look will turn you into a punk goddess. Break the punk-ness by adding a bright neon satchel.
  • You can also pair your leather skirt with a floral crop top for an ultra chic look.
  • A cropped leather jacket with striped jeans can go a long way in making you look biker-chic. A pastel top can turn it around and take you to girly-punk.
Leather Love
Leather Love


  • Take your old worn-out jeans and start using your crafty skills to turn it into an extremely rugged and mean pair of ripped denims. Let the threads hang loose and pair those sexy blues with a cropped top. Add a twist with badges and pins of your favourite punk idol (only if you actually have one).
Celebs sporting the ripped jeans and cropped top look
Celebs sporting the ripped jeans and cropped top look


Does your playlist have songs of Dead Kennedys and Green Day on loop? Then why not show off your music sensibilities on your tee!

  • One of the easiest ways to go the punk route is by sporting a tee of your favourite punk band. Pair it with leather pants or skinny jeans and end the look with boots. Crop up the tee and show off that fab midriff, which will probably make you want to get a belly piercing soon!
  • Vintage band pins of The Ramones will have all envious punks around exchanging looks.
Rock Tees
Rock Tees


How can spikes, studs and buckles not be a part of your punked up wardrobe?

  • Now, now, don’t go overboard by spiking up your entire outfit and looking like you’re ready to take on World War 3. Balance it out by adding a spiked belt or studded boots instead. A classic punk look is complete with studs and chunky heels.
  • Glamourize your punk style with shiny chain jewellery and bring out the rockstar in you.
Stud-dify Your Outfit
Stud-dify Your Outfit

Don’t be a pseudo rebel – wear what you are and have some fun while breaking those dull rules of fashion!

– Sneha Mankani


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