How To Take The Perfect #Selfie

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We all have taken those extend-the-camera-above-our-head selfies at some point, even if it’s just to see how we look. Don’t be ashamed to take a picture of yourself, it may garner those all important ‘likes’ but also make you feel great. In an age of Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook and Twitter, taking a perfect selfie is an important part of life. After all, that silly arm-length shot can be a future profile picture. Here are a few tricks to help you take the best possible picture of yourself. Who knows, you can take such an amazing selfie that you can even go ahead and #nofilter that!

Mona Lisa Smile

Find The Right Angle
To take the most flattering picture of yourself, holding your camera at the perfect angle is key. Now to take a selfie like a pro, hold the camera slightly above you but not very high, this is the most complimentary angle while taking a picture. Make sure too much of your arm or shoulder isn’t being captured in the frame and you shouldn’t be bang in the middle of the photo, but slightly off-centre. Tilt your face slightly away from the camera, stick your chin up, a slight smoulder and pout and *snap* *snap* *snap*.

Be A Pro Poser
If you’ve ever watched a rerun of America’s Next Top Model then you probably remember how much Tyra Banks would stress on the importance of smizing in your photos a.k.a smiling with your eyes. Remember she always said imagine you’re eating something sinfully delicious and voila, your smiling with your eyes? Try it, it actually works! Do that while never loosing eye contact with the camera for a mesmerizing photo. You can also always just smile, laugh, pout or make silly pictures if you want, a selfie should be spontaneous and fun. And for heaven’s sake please don’t suck in your cheeks for the ‘I think I’m so hot’ duck face.

Beauty Tricks For A Flawless Selfie
The best way to look like a goddess is your photograph is to create some amazing face definition using these quick beauty tricks. Use blusher or bronzer to aplify your bone structure by brushing it over your nose and the hollows of your cheeks. Define your eyes with a dark eyeliner along you upper as well as lower lashes and apply plenty of mascara. Add some lip gloss or bright lipstick for a sensuous pout.

Use The Best Light
Take advantage of natural lighting as the best pictures can be taken in sunlight. The lighting on an overcast day is the most flattering. Don’t ever use flash for selfies as it will magnify all imperfections and make you want to cringe. It’s best not to stand in direct sunlight but under a shade for a great picture. Figure out your best side, everyone has one and click away.

Turn Zoom Off
We can get used to those endless mirror shots and even those duck faces but super close ups of your face do make us slightly uncomfortable. Please make sure to hold the camera at a decent distance away from your face, we don’t want to be able to look up your nose.


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