How To Rock The Bodycon

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Short for ‘body conscious’, it’s only natural for most women to shy away from these short, super tight dresses. Having been a fashion classic and celebrity favourite since years, the bodycon is set to be on top of trend lists this season. Don’t typecast these dresses and skirts for skinny girls only because the truth is that they were made for curves- perfect for all you Indian beauties. Flaunt those contours this party season with these simple tips on how to rock the bodycon with confidence.

Celebrities Raising The Oomph Factor In Bodycon Dresses
Celebrities Raising The Oomph Factor In Bodycon Dresses

Play With Textures and Prints

If you would like to conceal particular problem areas then experiment with textures like ruches and ruffles strategically placed on such spots.  Also, prints help in drawing attention away from such areas. For example, if you are conscious about your hips than it’s best to look out for designs with prints on the top.

Balance The Proportions

You would probably know that a tight-fitting item of clothing is best balanced out with a looser item. Similarly, a bodycon skirt can easily be paired with a top that isn’t as form-fitting such as a colourful tank top.

Don’t Flaunt It All

A hot figure-fitting dress is perfect for a night out on the town, but it can also work for the day if worn right. Choose what you would like to showcase and cover up the rest. If you’re flaunting your legs and your butt, then it’s best to opt for a higher neck and not flash your cleavage as well. Remember, it’s all about looking tasteful not trashy.

Play Around With The Length

Knee Lenght Bodycon, Rs. 2250
Knee Lenght Bodycon, Rs. 2250

Sure, a short, tight dress is most likely to turn heads at a party, but a bodycon can be worn for all types of occasions depending on the length. It doesn’t necessarily have to be short; bodycons can be knee-length as well and still look fantastic and ultra classy for formal events.

Go Dark

Dark colours are super slimming and can help you feel and look amazing. If you aren’t used to wearing clingy dresses, than play it safe with black which flatters all body shapes and will help you be comfier in your outfit.

Skilful Accessorizing

We all know how you accessorize an outfit can make or break the look so it’s important to pair these figure-flaunting numbers well. Keep the accessories to a minimum rather than going OTT, we don’t want the main focus to be shifted from the dress after all. You can pair them with ballet flats or trendy sandals for the day and a killer pair of heels to up your style quotient by night. Denim jackets or sexy leather jackets also look great with your bodycon and all help when you don’t want to reveal too much.

It’s All About Confidence

Confidence is the best accessory you can wear at all times. No matter how great you’ve styled your look, being self-conscious will do nothing for you. Don’t be afraid, you can always resort to spanx inners to suck in those wobbly bits (even celebs wear them) if it helps add a spring to your step.


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