How To Go Geek Chic

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All specsys who have been mocked and called names like four-eyes and chashmish their whole life, can now rejoice! It’s your moment to shine with fashion’s latest love for all things geeky.  The geek chic trend has been surging in popularity and has slowly grown on most of us. The intellectual meets the sexy with this trend that puts a quirky twist to preppy dressing. We tell you how to be a fashionable geekette. Even if you’re not a chick with specs, don’t worry you can still rock this trend.

Guys Make Passes On Girls In Glasses

No geek is complete without a pair of glasses. Even if you don’t have a number, grab a pair of non-prescription stylish eyewear. Thick frames in black and white or bright colours like red are the foundation of this trend.

The Kardashian Sisters Working Those Glasses

Nerdy Tees

Take inspiration from Sheldon Cooper’s wardrobe, he is our favourite nerd after all. Super heroes, computer jokes, physics quotes, etc. on tees and dresses are the perfect way to channel your smarty pants personality and rock this trend.


Checks With Specs

Round up all those preppy plaid pieces in your closet to mix and match to look like a hot geekette. Pair your graphic tee with a cute plaid skirt or checked skinny pants along with brogues and ankle socks to look like a sexy smarty.


A Sweater Makes It Better

Envision this: glasses, red lips, a well-fitted sweater and a short plaid skirt. Yes, geek chic styles are influenced by naughty school girl looks. We told you looking intelligent is hot! Layering your sweater over a shirt will look even hotter.


Suit Up

Well cut jackets and blazers on top of your ensemble is the easiest way to go from geek to chic. It’s the perfect way to smarten up your style and since winter is here, it’s the ideal time to try this trend.

Jennifer Aniston Adds A Leather Jacket To Ger Geek Chic Style

Mix Professional With Casual

The coolest thing about this trend is experimenting. Blend items you would normally save for the office with casual items. Pair blouses, polo shirts and ties with skinny jeans and skirts. Layer things like tees and blouses over button-down shirts. Suspenders and tight buns in your hair bring the right effect when you’re aiming for this style.

Pair A Well-Cut Jacket And Pretty Blouse With Jeans

Don’t Forget Colour

To truly make your look stand out and give it a fashionable finish, you need to add colourful elements to avoid looking drab. A bright green sweater on top of a plain shirt, a hot pink satchel, red brogues or orange socks are trendy ways to add bursts of colour to your geeky get-up.


Geek Up the Night

You can channel your inner book worm by night as well. Dress it up by mixing it with other fashion trends, like pairing a formal blouse with animal prints shorts or a jacket. You need plenty of accessories for the night so don’t be afraid to wear a statement making necklace and head-turning earrings for some major drama. Bows and bow ties are also cool ways to bring out your geeky personality. Show some leg in shorts, skirts and dresses and pair your stilettos with bright socks for a quirky twist to your party style.


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