How To Dress Androgynous

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In terms of fashion, gender boundaries have become more blurred as androgyny continues to be super trendy. If runway trends and celebrity looks are anything to go by, the boyish charm of this trend is here to stay.

This modern style has become super popular amongst girls, especially for their work wardrobe as it is comfortable fashion at its best. It’s the perfect opportunity to raid your brother or boyfriends closet. Androgyny basically means incorporating masculine clothing into your feminine wardrobe, which requires a certain pizzazz. Read on for tips on how to stay on top of the trend.

Anushka Sharma, Sameera Reddy and Sonam Kapoor Owning The Androgyny Trend
Anushka Sharma, Sameera Reddy and Sonam Kapoor Owning The Androgyny Trend

What To Shop For
Look out for boyfriend jeans, straight leg pants, well-fitting blazers and button-down cardigans. Remember, nothing too girly when you’re going for this look. Colours to stick with are black, blue, brown, grey, blue and red.

You can wear heels if you’re comfortable in them as it should be a mix of male and female attributes. If you prefer flats then replace those stilettos with brogues or cute converse sneakers. Stick to the rule of nothing too flashy.

Since you’re avoiding looking too girly, this obviously means minimal makeup. Forget about bright lipsticks and pink blusher. Just a simple swipe of your kajal pencil and maybe a bit of foundation of you like and you’re ready to go. Don’t you love how fuss-free this style is?

Bright colours as well as soft, pastel shades are a big no-no when you’re aiming for an androgynous style. If you would like to add some colour to your ensemble then navy blues, reds, dark greens  and mustard yellows could work well. Also, try prints like camouflage and checks.

Finishing Touches
Wear a sheer blouse or one with an opulent pattern with your look since we’re not aiming for an all out masculine style. A fun thing to do would be to steal a plaid shirt for your brother or best guy friend and stick some studs on it to stay super stylish as well as comfy. Throw on a cool hat for a fun finish to your outfit- you can’t go wrong with a fedora or a bowler hat. Don’t forget confidence is key to owning the style. After all, most guys stay confident in whatever they wear.


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