How To Be Comfortable Walking In Heels

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We’ve all heard how high heels can elongate your legs and completely up your sex appeal. They are the most obvious must-have on any fashionista’s list, if only they weren’t so damn difficult to walk in! It is an age-old problem for women to choose their passion for fabulous shoes over losing all feeling in their toes. But, what if I told you that it is quite possible to walk comfortably in your sky-highs? Yes ladies, those fantasies could turn into reality as we give you a few tips on how to be comfortable walking in heels. Even if you’re a flip-flops kinda girl, we help you strut like a pro down the run way, so get ready to sharpen those stilettos and read on.

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It’s All About The Fit

Plenty of women are guilty of buying a pair of gorgeous heels in a size too small or too big because they weren’t available in their exact size but were too magnificent to resist. After having a disastrous experience trying to get through a night in them, they’ve probably been buried at the bottom of every closet. The biggest mistake we all make is buying ill-fitting heels. It is extremely important for them to fit you perfectly which means they should feel snug around your foot. Thicker straps are safer than thinner ones when the fit isn’t as perfect as you would like.

Perfect That Posture

Have you ever seen a model hunch? No, because a good, strong posture is one of the most important aspects to walking in heels. Relax your body and let your hands hang loose. Your back should be straight, push your shoulders back and keep your head high. Maintain this posture and you will feel sexier with every step.

Provide More Comfort

Those insoles really do help in fighting soreness and providing a bit more comfort to your towering heels. They hold your feet more steady and prevent them from sliding forward in your shoes as well as protect your feet from blisters and shoe bites. They’re super handy to have around, your feet will thank you.

Start Small

Stepping out in 6-inch stilettos when you aren’t comfortable in heels is a recipe for disaster. Start small with a 1-2 inch heel or small wedges to get used to the feeling. Also, thicker heels are much easier to walk in so they are a trendy and better choice for girls who aren’t comfortable with pencil-thin heels.

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Extra Support

Heels that provide some coverage at the top are much easier to walk in. Coverage and support at the ankle area also prevent blisters. A good option for girls who can’t live without their heels are shoes like Mary Janes with wide straps at the top or at the ankle for some added support while walking.

Balancing Act

You shouldn’t expect to walk in heels as fast as you normally do. Take smaller steps with one foot in front of the other (yes, like models do), as if you are walking on a straight line which will naturally make your hips sway sexily. It’s appealing to walk with your toe touching the ground first followed by the heel but it is important to walk heel to toe for a more natural stride and for better balance.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sexily strutting about in high heels is not something that happens instantly, it is a skill that comes with practice. The only way to becoming a pro is to practice walking in them on different surfaces like carpets and slippery floors as well as up and down stairs. Wear them around the house in your pj’s, you may feel a bit foolish but will thank yourself later when you feel like a bombshell in your fave pair of stilettos.

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