Healthy Comfort Foods

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It’s perfectly normal to drown your sorrows in a plate full of calories. However, you needn’t wreak havoc on your diet to satisfy those cravings. We give you perfectly healthy and tasty alternatives to those fattening pick-me-ups on an ‘off’ day. Fight the blues with these healthy comfort foods without the guilt that usually follows those binges.



Those road side chaat waalas may seem like a blessing with their mouthwatering gol guppas and delish plates of sev puris but will not only send your weight sky rocketing but also your cholesterol.
Alternative: Make your own bowl of healthy bhel at home minus the fried puris and sev. Your vegetables mixed with chutney and puffed rice (kurmura) is as tasty without those unhealthy, oily componets and is way more hygenic and risk-free compared to your neighbourhood chaat waala. 

Fried Chicken

Reaching for that bucket of fried chicken wings and legs may seem like a good idea now but will only result in tears once those jeans refuse to button at your waist.
Alternative: Marinate chicken pieces coated in bread crumbs for that yummy crispiness and drizzle a bit of olive oil on it.

Ice Cream

Crying into bowls of ice cream is the biggest post-break up cliché but instead, why not cut back on the flab and show him what he’s missing?
Alternative: Frozen yogurts, smoothies and sorbets are super healthy and deliciously sinless replacements for sugar-ridden ice creams.

Salted Potato Chips

It’s true no one can eat just one but so is the saying ‘a moment on your lips, forever on your hips’!
Alternative: Salted pop corn can fill that void just as efficiently. Not only is it yum but also rich in fibre and low in calories so go ahead and munch away!


It takes some will power made of steel to resist gorging on decadent samosas that feel like heaven in your mouth but hell once you step on the scale.
Alternative: You can do without all that grease by baking your samosas instead or even shallow-frying it in just a couple of drops of oil rather than a whole pool. If you want to try something even healthier then substitue those carb-enriched potatoes for sweet potatoes in your baked samosas since they contain oodles of vitamins and iron and are low fat. Your thighs will thank you!


Why give yourself cavities and diabetes when you can have something natural and just as sweet?
Alternative: Fruit is nature’s answer to candy. Frozen berries, bananas, mangoes, oranges,etc. can hit all the right spots when you need something sweet, juicy and icy.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This tops the list of the easiest and most amazing options to strike the right chord when you need a snack.
Alternative: A classic like this can be made healthier using whole wheat bread, low-fat cheese and adding veggies like slices of tomato, onions, zucchini, capsicum, onions,etc. for a burst of flavour and vitamins.

 Hot Chocolate

A delicious cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream from your fave coffee shop satisfies your sweet tooth and may make you feel great after a long day but is filled with fat.
Alternative: Make your own hot chocolate at home with skimmed milk and chocolate powder. You can add some cinnamon for a splash of flavour. This is a smarter, cheaper and healthier option to get your dose of sweetness and make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.


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