Fashion Terms You Should Know: Part 3

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Every once in a while, we play the Good Samaritan card and come to your fashion rescue. Aside from the fact that our karma really benefits from this, we do it because we feel there is a serious dearth of knowledge when it comes to the wonderful world of fashion. So here we are, back on popular demand, decoding the subject for you one confusing fashion term at a time.

1)  Chevron

To put it very simply, chevron is a V-shaped pattern. Very popular right now, the chevron print dates back to approximately 1800 BC and was found on pottery and rock carvings. Talk about fashion repeating itself huh? Today the print can be seen on clothes and upholstery, making its V mark felt everywhere you look.

Fashion Term - Meaning of Chevron
Chevron Style

2)  Coif

A coif is actually a close fitting cap that covers the top, back, and sides of the head but as a verb it means to style or arrange someone’s hair. Also loosely, coif is short for coiffure which means hairstyle. So it’s imperative that you know, when someone says the word coif, they are not referring to an itch in their throat but have fashion on their mind.

Fashion Term - Meaning of Coif
Our Point Exactly

3)  Rivets

Rivets are actually a permanent mechanical fastener. Before being installed, a rivet consists of a smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end. Why does this concern us? Well they are very much in fashion. Faux rivets are seen on clothes, shoes, accessories and bags. They are quite a notable addition to the rock chic look one might try to channel. Feeling riveted to this list? We don’t blame you :)

Fashion Term - Meaning of Rivets
Oh So Punk!
Fashion Term - Meaning of Rivet
Go Stud

4)  Monokini

It’s not long before it is summer and out comes the swimwear. You absolutely can’t be so blissfully unaware about the different types of swimsuits. Hence we present to you, the Monokini. The monokini was originally a topless swimsuit that exposed the female breasts (yikes) and in modern designs features large cut-outs at the sides, front and back (Aren’t we thankful for this revision). It’s like the bikini, but it’s only one piece. As the trivia goes, it was named the Monokini by the creator because he thought the bi in bikini stood for two, which is not actually true.

Fashion Term - Meaning of Monokini

5)  Bandeau

It sounds Gujarati; its origin is actually French. A bandeau is a woman’s strapless top formed from a band of fabric fitting around the bust. Mostly a bikini style, a bandeau can also just be bra worn underneath a strapless garment. It could also be worn as is, like a tube top.

Fashion Term - Meaning of Bandeau
Bandeau Fashion

6)  Jacquard

I’ll be honest; this one is a little confusing simply because it doesn’t refer to any one particular thing. It’s the name of the loom which helps make the fabric. So Jacquard material is fabric that has been made using the Jacquard’s loom, which used pattern punch cards for the control of patterns within fabrics. The loom was invented by a weaving professional named Joseph-Marie Jacquard who was born in 1752 in Lyons, France. Known to be really luxurious, usually, you will spot it in brocade, dressy clothing, drapery, or upholstery fabric.

Fashion Term - Meaning of Jacquard
Rich Jacquard Fashion

Well that’s where our glossary ends for now. But if you want stay in on it darlings, you better hope this glossary never ends. For as long as there shall be fashion, there shall be newer trends and more words we need to learn.


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