Chop Chop! Fun Haircut Ideas For Straight Long Locks

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All these years you waited for your tresses to be as long and beautiful as Rupunzel’s. Your wish did come true at some point; a point where your hair was so long and straight that reality finally struck you. You finally accepted that fairytales are fictitious, and that Rapunzel-esque hair will not bring you your prince charming, but only a boring hairdo. We give you interesting and fun haircut ideas for long straight hair that will liven up your look as well as your outlook! The wonders of a makeover are only experienced once the change happens. Are you ready to chop off those long locks?

Blunt Bangs

If you’re looking to completely transform from dull to edgy, without leaving any hints of ‘what used to be’, then going for blunt bangs is a great option. Get the hairstylist to chop off the fronts of your hair in brusque bangs, so they fall smoothly over your forehead. Experiment with the length; let the bangs hover till below your eyebrows, or keep it real short for a twist in this already cool hairdo! This haircut is great for square or round shaped faces.
Hairstyle Tip: Put on a pretty hairband and let your bangs free to give yourself a flirty, feminine feel. A sleek ponytail looks great with blunt bangs!

Taylor Swift swiftly pulls of blunt bangs!

Framed Fringed Bangs

A spin-off from blunt bangs, this one is a slightly more easy, precise and subtle look, but edgy nonetheless. Forward bangs that follow the route of your temples and break down to endless layers, this contemporary haircut will give you that much needed break from your long, monotonous do. It’s ideal for a heart shaped face.
Hairstyle Tip: A breezy side bun will go perfect with your framed fringe hanging loose on one side.

Audrey Hepburn in really short framed bangs

Scattered Layers

For the ultimate messy-chic look, get scattered layers all through your hair, starting right from your side swept bangs. If you’re looking to add a whole load of fun to your mundane life, this haircut is what you need to start with!
Hairstyle Tip: Don’t use a brush!

Side Swept Fringe

We know how hard it is to let go off even an inch of your smooth, silky hair. If you fall in this category, we suggest you go for a side swept fringe, which will not affect the length or texture of your healthy hair at all. The light fringe will softly sweep towards the side, uniting with your glossy and sleek hair without any layers. This haircut is perfect for oval shaped faces.
Hairstyle Tip: Scout for some sturdy colourful butterfly clips and section your hair up with them for a dramatic change.

Bouncy Layers

You know what can really add volume to your thin, long hair? Bouncy layers that start midway from your hair length and go down till the end of your strands.
Hairstyle Tip: Add on a light side fringe and swirl up your mane to breezy waves for a glamorous look.

Scarlett Johannson working bouncy layers
Scarlett Johannson working bouncy layers

Face-Framing Layers

Rachel from Friends really made this hairstyle an eternal fashion statement. You’re not yet ready for radical, but don’t mind a little twist to your regular hairdo, this is the look you should go for. Get a side fringe that ends right below your eyes, connecting to a layer of hair that ends right till your chin. This will frame your face and you will surely look pretty as a (or in a) picture!
Hairstyle Tip: This haircut needs absolutely no efforts in styling, but ironing the layers inward will clearly define your face angles.

The legendary Rachel Green look from Friends
The legendary Rachel Green look from Friends

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