Frenemy Or Friend? Find Out Here!

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Is she your friend or Frenemy

She used to be your bestie, soul sister, confidante, 4 am friend and much more. But off late things have changed, and her behaviour makes you wonder whether she truly is your friend or an enemy parading as friend. Look out for some of the warning signs below and know whether she is a friend or frenemy. If any of them hold true, then it’s time to blow your whistle on this friendship and call her bluff.

1.      Whatever you do, she is better: You tell your friend how amazing your weekend was, and she retaliates with a detailed account of how hers was way better. If your friend is always trying to have the upper hand in every conversation, then it’s about time you sit up and take notice.

2.     Her compliments leaves you confused:
What she says: “
Got a haircut? It really makes your face look slim.”
What she means:  You have a fat face, and this haircut is doing wonders in making it look slim.
If you have been getting one too many such personal slams, then simply know that compliments are meant to be straightforward and should never come across as insults.

Back Handed compliment

3.     The joke is always on you: No matter what the discussion is, your friend has a knack for turning you into laughing stock in front of everyone else. And if you are to be found sulking, then it is not her fault but yours for not having a sense of humour. Feels familiar?

4.     Bosses Around: From diet plans, relationship advice, wardrobe planning and pretty much everything else, your friend seems to have a say in all matters related to you even when her opinion is not asked for. It’s time you show her who the real boss is.

Friend or Frenemy

5.     She doesn’t keep your secrets to herself: You trust her with intimate details of your life, and next thing you know, it’s being passed around in a game of Chinese Whispers from one person to another. If this isn’t a one-off instance, then you may want to confront her about it.

6.     Insensitive to your feelings: You could be going through a financial crunch, worrying about sudden weight gain or recently got dumped by your boyfriend.  But your friend ignores your feelings and brags about how much money she is making, pinpoints how you always screw up relationships and mentions a great store to shop XL size clothes from. Ouch!


7.      Never being there for you: She is always too busy to meet you, and has also become emotionally unavailable.  Any progress or happy occasion in your life is dismissed as a mere fluke and you find her turning to you only when she needs you.  If such is the case, we suggest you take a U-turn from this one-way friendship and head in a different direction.


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