Fashion Staples You Must Have: Beyond The LBD

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Every one knows that the one style item you have to have in your wardrobe at absolutely all times is the little black dress. The LBDs can be a life saver, from the meet-the-parents session to the funeral you have to attend; but what is it that the contemporary, modern, career focused girl must have in her wardrobe at absolutely all times? What happens when you find out you have an urgent meeting the very next morning, or have to head to a party right after the long day at work, and you don’t know what to wear? I’m going to share with you a few fashion staples you must have in stock come what may. Want to know more? Read on:

The Perfect Pair of Denims

The Perfect Pair Of Denims

Nothing can do for your legs what a perfectly fitted pair of jeans can. They should be a snug fit and must bring out all the right curves. Denims have been every fashion-girl’s go to for decades now; and since they go well with everything from blazers to crop tops, you know you can count on these for on-the-spot plans!

A Chic Blazer

The Go-To Blazer

Among the hundreds of kinds of jackets there are, you know that one jacket, that one blazer, will always just save your stained shirt at the right time. Be it a coffee spill from your morning run to work or the tear that just happened thanks to the local trains of Aamchi Mumbai; they will always save your life. Bonus points for throwing these on your tiny party dresses: the look of a short dress, long jacket and tall heels looks absolutely chic.

Nude Heels

Nude Heels

I cannot emphasize this enough – l i f e s a v i o r. We all have that one outfit that we fear will look too ‘matchy-matchy’ with the accessories, and yet, throwing on a different color and going color block doesn’t do the trick either. What do we do in such a situation? Solution: nude heels. These little babies have been my best friends for the longest time and they never fail to deliver when I need them most.

Statement Neckpiece

The Statement Neckpiece

Need to add some spunk to your look but you don’t know what’s missing? Think again, it’s probably the jewelry. Statement neckpieces can add so much dimension to a look that even a plain tank top with shorts can look glamorous instantaneously with one simple add on.

Your Day-to-Night Bag

The Bag You Can Count On

Never underestimate the power of the bag you carry. From speaking volumes for your kind of style to carrying around the things without which you couldn’t get by your day, you know that the little arm candy you choose holds all your secrets, so choose wisely! When in doubt, go through our stylist’s list of top 10 handbags, and also 5 classic designer bags every girl must know about.

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