Look Like A Million Bucks On A Tight Budget

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When the words million bucks and fashion are put together, you are bound to have a dreamy smile thinking of Carrie’s huge closet (full of Monolos and Jimmy Choos) from Sex And The City. But once you wake up, there’s reality on your desk, pile of bills and one cheque with a tiny amount of salary.

Fashion on a budget

Well, remember how Carrie always looked fabulous even when she was broke! You can do the same by shopping smart and saving bucks, while still looking like a fasionista from NYC. Here’s how you may manage fashion on a budget:

Where to Shop

When you’re on a tight budget, you would probably avoid the high end malls, and opt for inexnpensive brands. While that is usually the way to go, we suggest you try a superbly fashionable and cheap place to shop – the streets. Whether you’re looking at a Sarojini market in Delhi or a Linking road in Mumbai, you’re sure to find everything from gunjees to blazers, fashion accessories, prints and some shoe loving.

Fashion on a budget

However, street shopping needs you to be patient, keep walking tirelessly (come rain or sunshine) and most importantly an eye for fashion and durability. But, hey when we see our wallets we’re not complaining.

We also suggest you check out one-of exhibitions, newly founded boutiques, upcoming designers, thrift stores and export shops.

How to Shop

When shopping from the streets, thrift stores, exhibitions and exclusive boutiques at malls you need to know what and how to shop. Have a fixed idea what exactly it is that you’re looking for and go for it. These places usually have a whole lot of stock and needs a real fashionista to pick out the finest of items.

Fashion on a budget

Be sure of your size and ensure that you try on clothes and shoes, or at least check for material and durability before you make an impulse buy.

Think of your closet at home, and buy stuff that would match with most of your outfits. You may take a quick look at your cupboard before leaving home to make a mental note of items.

Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X

Become a DIY expert! Well, if creativity and art isn’t your thing, ensure that you save old tops, tees, denims and more in your cupboard. Fashion has always reinvented trend, so who knows you may wear your mom’s college dress as vintage shift dress and look like a 70s diva!

Fashion on a budget

Invest in Staples

While buying bright colours and bold prints may be very in, remember, you always need to have fashion essentials like the LBD, fitted jeans, black pumps, classic blazer and more.

Fashion on a budget

These are our tips on being a total style leader. Do you really have shopping hacks? We’d love to hear (and use them). Tweet to us @stereowrite and @get_inonit


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