Fashion Items You Should Borrow From Your Boyfriend Now

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Yes, you know you can’t do without peeping into his closet and finding hidden treasures listed below. These are fashion items you should borrow from your boyfriend now, if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to read the tips on how you can style them to suit your girly personality.

His Cosy Jumper

Nothing can compare the comfortable snugly feel of his warm jumper that you smoothly slide into. You may be floating in it and it will probably reach your knees, but something about that jumper makes you light-headed and all you need is a fluffy white cloud to rest on until eternity.
Style Tip: Pair this XL clothing item that will keep you warm during those chilly winter nights with quirky printed pants. Step into a pair of mid-calf chocolate brown boots and let your boyfriend know that he’s not getting his jumper back! Add in a statement neckpiece for a twist.

His Oversized White Shirt

Too clichéd but never too dull – his oversized white shirt. Somehow, your own shirt will not make you feel sexier than when you wear his. A staple in every guy’s wardrobe, the white shirt will always be a girl’s fave thing to borrow from him.
Style Tip: Wear it with a pretty skater skirt by tucking it in or tying it up in the centre for that ultimate combination of feminine, flirty and androgynous look.

His Hat

Not every girl will be able to borrow a hat from her boyfriend, only because he doesn’t own one. But a few lucky ones whose man has a Fedora or a Bowler Hat hiding somewhere in his wardrobe, grab it and put it on now. Even his branded baseball cap would be perfect for a workout session at the gym or a run in the morning.
Style Tip: Let the hat stay on as you try different styles: jackets, pants, shirts or even with his tee. Just carry it off with confidence.

His Cool Tee

That punk T-shirt of his favourite band, the trippy graphic tee picked up from a flea market, or that one tee that never fails to make you laugh every time you read its quote: all of them are nudging your feminine side to take a hike. You must concur. His cool tees bring out the edgy side in you, and why not move over to the wild side every once in a while?
Style Tip: Turn that loose tee into an ultra chic crop top by tying it up on the side into a knot and show off that midriff. Pair it with high waisted denim shorts and compete with his cool style.

His Sunnies

His collection of sunglasses ranges from wayfarers, aviators to reflectors. You can’t help but try them on every time you browse through his drawer. Oversized sunglasses still remain in vogue, so why buy them if you can wear his?
Style Tip: How about getting together his fedora and sunglasses and hitting the beach in your denim shorts and his tee that you temporarily cropped?

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