Building Up Your Knowledge Of Fashion Glossary: Part 1

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Prêt, Couture, Ombré, Aztec, Scallops, Peplum. Do these sound vaguely familiar? Maybe it reminds you of that social do when they crept up in a conversation at a moment you least expected and you smiled and nodded along. After all, who has the time to look these terms up? We know that feeling, we know it oh so well. So what we’ve decided to do is basically spoon feed you. Are we angels in disguise or what? Here’s a glossary of some of the fashion terms you need to know to be every bit the fashion forward diva you already are. Go on, read, and be empowered while we polish our gleaming halos.


The word Prêt (of French origin) literally translates to ready and in the fashion context, is used for a ready to wear collection. It means finished clothes you buy from a store or boutique that come in different sizes made for different body types. So basically when you go on a shopping spree, you might as well call that Prêt Puja (let’s not speak of this joke again).
So when you hear about a high-end label launching a Prêt line, you know you can own this for much less than custom made by the same designer. You will find many collections of these available at Pernia’s Pop Up Shop.

Ready To Wear


“Couture” means dressmaking, sewing, or needlework. The word of French origin again refers to the creation of exclusive custom fitted clothing. Often accompanied with the word “Haute” which means elegant or high, a haute couture garment is made specifically for the wearer’s measurements and body stance. Rejoice tailors and designers all around, for two French words just upped your market value.

Rocky S Couture
Couture at Lakme India Fashion Week


Again of French origin (I’m beginning to sense a pattern) the term ombré refers to the graduation of color in a garment. They could go from light to dark tones, or from one shade into another. Right now ombré hair and ombré nails are quite in fashion. Though I find the hair part a bit strange. If your highlights are old, it will mean that your roots are dark and they are graduating towards lighter tones at the tips. Does that mean you’re trying the ombré trend? Wait a minute, that’s actually a cool way to put it! And you are welcome, once again ;)

Hair colour
The Ombre Hair Trend


The word Aztec actually refers to an ancient tribe in Mexico but you’ve probably heard this word a lot thanks to the recent popularity of Aztec prints. Known for their daring and vivid colour combinations with black outlines and strong shapes like triangles and circles, fashion runways around the world have lapped up this trend. We think it looks trés chic and a must own look this season.

We Are Totally Digging These Aztec Shorts
Aztec Print Top
Aztec Print Racerback Top


While this may sound like something you may order in a sea food restaurant, it refers to a popular trend doing the rounds. All puns intended here, for as far as I understand, scallops are the rounded edges in garments. Used on hemlines, necklines, and accessories it’s one of those fashion trends that has made a comeback (it was apparently quite popular earlier). Think you’ll try this pretty trend?

On Trend
Pretty Scallop Skirt


Not a variety of plum. Something I took the longest time to figure (who names these trends?), Peplum is quite the rage right now and has made its way to runways across the world; it refers to the short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress. Not only does this trend look really classy, it helps contour any flab you might need hiding. We say this one’s a real winner.

Peplum For The Win
Peplum all the way!

Now that your fashion vocabulary education has begun, don’t make any fashion faux pas. Don’t know the meaning of that? Go look it up!

On a serious note, we hope the glossary helped, though there are a lot more terms that could be added to the list. We’ll do a round two soon.


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