Fashion Glossary: Know Your Bags

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They say the contents of a woman’s bag say a lot about her personality. While that’s food for thought, I think what really says a lot about a woman’s personality is if she knows anything at all about her bag. Yes, I’m back with a brand-new version of the Fashion Glossary, and this time it’s all about bags. I bag you to keep reading. Okay, horrible pun. But please, stay tuned, for we are about to decode bags for you and add to your already awesome fashion vocab; you sexy miss-know-it-all, you!

We Carry The World In Our Bags
World In Our Bags

A satchel is a bag, often with a shoulder strap. The strap diagonally crosses the body, with the bag hanging on the opposite hip, rather than hanging directly down from the shoulder. Traditionally used for carrying books, a modern day satchel is your instant key to channelling the oh-so-preppy look. Yes, Gossip Girl may have ended but we are still hungover.


Tote bags are basically open bags. They can be small, large or even medium-sized with two handles. Usually, tote bags just have one huge compartment and nothing else. However, some elite and fashionable versions may have more than one. Though conventionally made of canvas, today they come in all materials, sizes and colours. And aren’t we glad? They are the most convenient bags to carry your whole world around in.

tote bags fashion glossary

The hobo bag is a style of handbag or purse that is typically large and characterised by a crescent shape, slouchy posture and long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. Hobo bags are made out of soft, flexible materials and tend to slump when set down. There are many different sizes and shapes of this popular fashion accessory. Again, a very convenient and working-girl-friendly bag. It really doesn’t hurt to have more than one hobo bag. #justsaying

Hobos fashion glossary know your bags

For those of you who live under a rock, a clutch is a handbag without handles, (usually) rectangular in shape, often an evening bag but used during the day as well. You should also know about the clutch’s cousin, minaudière, which is usually hard-bodied. And then there’s the ever popular envelope clutch which looks like, no prizes for guessing, an envelope.

Clutch One Today!

Okay, I will admit I had no clue what a wristlet was till I read about it. It’s basically a small handbag with a short, carrying strap resembling a bracelet. We have to give it to ‘em for innovation.

Wristlet bags fashion glossary know your bags

A small, narrow, rectangular-shaped purse, it resembles a French loaf of bread (hence the name, baguette). Not a wise decision, if bread is your weak spot and every time you see the bag, you feel hungry.

Baguettes fashion glossary know your bags

Bucket Bag
Shaped like a bucket, these bags are medium-sized or large, with shoulder straps and a drawstring closure. Kind of funky and boho-chic, if you ask me.

Bucket bags fashion glossary know your bags

Doctor’s Bag
Modelled after an actual doctor’s bag from the Victorian era, this was carried while making housecalls. Ah well, fashion has always been steeped in history. And for those of us itching to shop, we can confidently say it’s what the doctor ordered.

Doctor's bag fashion glossary know your bag

That’s it for today’s Fashion Glossary; I hope you bagged some knowledge if nothing else. I’m pretty sure you are now well on your way to fashionista-hood with all these newly learnt words. We hope you enjoy flaunting both, your fashion vocab and your bags!


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