Look Like Kim K Without The Gym: 7 Ways To Fake A Small Waist

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Hey you, yes you – go ahead and indulge in that red velvet, butter cream cupcake that you’ve been avoiding. While you’re at it, order for sugar kissed donuts too. Oh, and you don’t need to sweat it out in the gym to look thinner. Surprised!

Well, we know a few interesting tricks to make you look curvy with a slim waist simply by changing the way you dress. Check out seven ways to fake a small waist.

Belt It
The easiest way to look like you have that itty-bitty waist is by adding a belt to your outfit. Whether it is a dress, a skirt or a coat, a nice belt would instantly make you look slim and curvy.

Fake A Small Waist

Wrap It
A wrap dress makes everyone look like gorgeous models. Whether you’re skinny or plump, a single toned wrapped dress will bring out your body curves beautifully.

Fake A Small Waist

High Waist
Retro is all in, so you may take a cue from Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, and get high waisted. Invest in high-rise pants, shorts, pencil skirts and more.

Fake A Small Waist

Volume Top
If you have broad hips then opt for volume tops and dresses like ruffles or peplum, they ensure that your waist looks tiny.

Fake A Small Waist

Colour Blocking
Let your colour choices do all the work for you. Colour blocking creates an illusion of the perfect body. Try it!

Fake A Small Waist

Crop Jacket
While we adore the crop top trend, you may try going for a crop style jacket to break the monotony of an outfit and look skinny.

Fake A Small Waist

Illusion Wear – Panels/Stripes
Finally, create an illusion of being petite with horizontal stripes and side panels. They make your body look fit and sexy.

Fake A Small Waist

About time you tried one of these tricks. Tell us what you think in the comments section.


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