Ladies, It’s Time To Suit Up: Eight Different Ways To Wear A Blazer

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Different Ways to Wear a Blazer
Different Ways to Wear a Blazer

“If I were a boy, I’d totally rock menswear and take it a notch higher than the men themselves” is what you would’ve said earlier when those suits and blazers were only made for men. Not anymore, us women can strut our style and perfectly show off gorgeous structured blazers as effortlessly as a little black dress. We tell you how you can suit up by giving you eight different ways to wear a blazer.


The most obvious yet totally trendy (and apt, if we may say so) way of wearing a blazer is at work. But how can you make this professional look not too dull but ultra cool? By pairing your sleek, fitted blazer with a great pair of tailored pants that were made for your legs. That, with a floral shirt or any pastel shirt, untucked, and block heels will make dressing for office an affair you’ll want to look forward to. Depending on the dress code of your office, carry bright totes or classy ones with this look and you will work your way through any meeting with oodles of stylised confidence.


While a structured blazer would go superbly well with skinny denims, what would take this look a level higher is by adding some sexy grunge to it. That can happen by tearing up parts of your jeans, letting the threads hang loose, throwing on a classic black blazer or even a funky printed one and a tee, and stepping out in style. Distressed jeans and suits are a perfect example of street style meets sophistication.

Distressed Denims + Floral Blazer


With confidence like Beyonce’s, any one can rock a blazer with super short shorts (whether or not you actually have a body like hers). For a casual evening, pair your favourite pair of denim shorts with a pop-coloured blazer and lots of bling. Rest assured you will not be underdressed, or overdressed.

Beyonce in shorts and a blazer
Beyonce in shorts and a blazer


You don’t have to give up on your love for graphic T-shirts with quirky quotes and prints, just because you want to embrace the suiting up style. Combine the two and throw on a pair of easy denims and black boots and you’re ready to go!

Peace Tee and a Blazer


Spice-up your look by experimenting with prints. If you’re into animal prints, a snake print or leopard print blazer will go perfect over a jump suit or black pants.

Blake Lively in a printed blazer


Nothing can beat the combination of a girly, summer dress and a classic blazer in bright colours to cover it up. Ultra chic and feminine with a hint of boyish charm, this look is fabulous for a breezy day out, but also for a winter night out.

Summer Dress + Blazer
Summer Dress + Blazer


For that ultimate date night, pair a flirty peplum top with your favourite structured blazer, skinny pants and those stunning heels you only save for special occasions. Add on a fun clutch to this look and woo your man with style and confidence oozing out of every layer of your clothing.


You know what would make a gorgeous maxi dress or skirt look even better? A blazer to go with it! Yes, adding certain twists to a clichéd look not only breaks the monotony of a certain style, but also makes you stand out in the crowd.


Tell us which of the above looks have you tried before, and if you haven’t yet, it’s high time you suit up ladies!


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