Dressing For Your Body Shape

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We all love staying up-to-date with the latest trends but there are plenty of styles we know that just wouldn’t suit us. Knowing more about your body shape is key to finding out what styles and clothes flatter you best and accentuate your favourite bits to always look your best, no matter what. We help you find your body shape and use fashion to accentuate your best features.


Triangle Shaped Body or Pear Shape
Short or tall women with wider thighs and hips and a narrower waist and smaller shoulders can be categorized as pear shaped or triangle shaped body type.

Katrina Kaif has a Pear Shaped Body
Katrina Kaif has a Pear Shaped Body

How to Dress:
-Dress to show off your slim arms and upper half with strapless tops and dresses.
-Spaghetti straps, lace, embroidery and embellishments on your top are great for drawing most attention to your slim shoulders and top half.
-Accentuate your waist by cinching your tops and dresses with a belt.
-A-line skirts flatter a pear-shaped figure best as they skim over the hips and are narrow at the waist.
-Maxi dresses will be your best friend as they hide your hips while making your top half look great.
-A great pair of heels will always elongate your legs and make your lower half appear leaner.

Inverted Triangle Shaped Body
This body type is characterized by a larger upper half with a large bust, large shoulders and a wider waist and slim hips and legs.

How To Dress:
-Your blessed with slender legs so show them off in shorts and teeny hemlines.
-Avoid detailing on the shoulders which can make you look bulky.
-Wrap tops are perfect for women with this body shape as it will accentuate a fuller bust.
-Avoid cropped jackets as they will make your top heavier, instead opt for waistcoats and tailored jackets which add width at the hips rather than the shoulders.
-Feminine necklines like with ruffled details will work best as they soften a broad top-half and flatter your cleavage.
-Palazzo pants will look great on this figure and exaggerate your hips.

Rectangle Shaped Body or Athletic Shape
A sporty body that is more straight and less curvy with long arms and legs and shoulders and hips that are approximately of the same width is known as a rectangle or athletic shape.

How To Dress:
-Clothes that are nipped at the waist or belts help create curves. An empire-waist is great for giving the illusion of a fuller bust.
-Short tight dresses show off your long legs and slender figure.
-Feminine details and cuts will soften a straight body.
-Spaghetti straps add feminity and dimension.

Hour Glass Shaped Body
The body type that women spend their whole life trying to achieve and men spend their whole life trying to chase is the voluptuous hour glass shaped body. It is characterized by a curvy bust and hips and a narrow waist.

Priyanka Chopra has an Hour Glass Figure
Priyanka Chopra has an Hour Glass Figure

How To Dress:
-Choose clothes that define your small waist like wrap tops and belted tops.
-Show off your assets in a tight dress. This figure is ideal for a hot bandage dress.
-Skinny jeans look great on this figure, choose jeans that are cropped at the ankle.
-Wear high-waisted shorts and jeans to display the curve of your hips.
-Puff-sleeves tops and jackets will emphasize your shoulders.

Diamond Shaped Body
A body that is wider at the waist and narrower at the hips and shoulders is known as a diamond shaped body.

Alia Bhatt has a Diamond Shaped Body

How To Dress:
-Pleated, A-line and pencil skirts work for this body type. Knee-lengths will give the impression of curvier hips.
-Wear dresses that are loose on the shoulders and bottom but fitted at the waist. Wrap dresses and bat wing sleeves are great for this figure shape.
-Empire cuts will elongate your waist. Choose tops with detailing on the shoulders.
-Heels will elongate and slim your body, especially your torso.

Round Shaped Body or Apple Shaped
A rounded tummy, ample bust, slimmer hips and thin legs are known as a round or apple shaped figure.

How To Dress:
-Use bright colours and bold patterns to distract from problem areas and solid blocks of colour to highlight the best parts.
-A-line skirts and dresses work best to hide your waist and give the impression of curvy hips.
-Use clothes to draw attention to your assets like that cleavage and great legs while retracting attention from your rounded tummy like short dresses with a scooped neck.
-Straight-cut jeans that start at the waist will help elongate your body and help you seem slimmer.


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