DIY Studded Nails

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Since we’re all going stud crazy this month, why not really nail the trend? Yes, we mean literally nail it by jazzing up your manicure with some studded nail art. Make a fiery style statement with your talons, there are so many innovative designs you can come up with using little spikes and studs. It’s quite easy to do at home by yourself or with a friend. Get ready for some simple nail art for some major swag.

Studded nails
Studded nails

Studded Nail Art
What you need:
-Base colours of your choice. You can pick black or something bright to make it pop.
-Rhinestones, studs, metal balls, etc. You can get them at your local crafts or stationery stores.
-Toothpick or tweezers
-Clear nail polish

Begin by adding a layer of your base coat and wait for it to dry. Pour a couple of drops of the clear nail polish on to a tissue paper to dip your studs in. Next, apply a second coat of colour on your nails, make sure it doesn’t dry. Immediately begin dipping the studs in the clear polish one at a time with a toothpick or a tweezer and place them on your nail. Press down on each of them to make sure they stick before painting a layer of clear polish on to your newly studded nails. You can stick them however you want, depending on the type of design you have in mind.

Studded nails

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