Try It NOW! 5 Easy DIYs For Glam Statement Necklaces

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We know how much you lust after those designer statement neckpieces. However, saving and buying them seems almost like a lifetime goal. What if we were to tell you that you can get those necklaces for free or at a ridiculously low price?

We show you 5 easy DIYs for statement neckpieces. You’re going to love us!

Galaxy Pendant

What you need: A charm or a large, sturdy sequined piece, nail paints, sponge, and a chain

1. Take the charm or piece and paint it with the nail enamel of your choice. Leave it to dry.
2. Take a contrast shade or a glitter one and apply on a piece of sponge.
3. Now dab this colour on the dried piece of charm, and you have a galaxy pendant.
Use it with a long chain or a short one of your choice. Wear with a casual tee or overalls to look uber cool.

DIY necklaces

Ombre Necklace

What you need: Different sized rings (as shown in the picture) from the local mechanic shop or hardware store, nail paint, glue, and a chain.

1. Paint the rings in shades of blue (or any other colour of your choice) with a nail paint.
2. Once dried up insert them in a chain.
3. To give a definitive shape to the necklace, stick the ends of one ring to the other ring in a curve.
Voila, ombre necklace on the go!

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3. Shell/Mirror Necklace

What you need: a cut out of faux leather or felt pieces in the shape of your necklace (as shown below), broken shell or mirror pieces, small beads, glue, chain or rope.

1. Take the leather or felt piece and start sticking the shell or mirror pieces to the edge of the neckpiece.
2. Fill the inside of the necklace with shell or mirror pieces and the empty spaces with small beads.
3. Sew a rope or stick a chain at the end of the piece and wear it with a cool dress.

DIY necklaces

Leaf Necklace

What you need: Two packets of small metal leaves from Crawford market or your local decorations market, a faux leather or felt piece, glue, and a chain.

1. Cut out a neckpiece from faux leather or felt as seen in the image below.
2. Start sticking the metal leaves from the outer side, and ensure that the top leaf overlaps the bottom one. Attach a chain at the end.
Metallics are super trendy , so pair with your outfit during the day or night to look like a diva.

DIY necklaces

Neon Triangles

What you need: Golden or silver colour straws along with small bits of neon coloured cloth (you may find the latter at the tailor’s shop), glue, doctor’s tape, and a chain.

1. Bend the straws carefully, to make a perfect triangle. You may cut them beforehand to match the length.
2. Cut the neon cloth pieces as per the size of your triangles.
3. Stick the straw shapes onto the cloth piece and let it dry.
4. Cut small pieces of doctor’s tape and stick the chain behind the cloth pieces. Ensure that the triangles are at equal distance from each other.
Wear it with pastels and whites to look super chic this summer.

DIY necklaces

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