Nothing Unflattering About Flats

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Keep Calm and Wear Flats
Our New Mantra

All stereotypes suggest that it’s the bold vixen who rocks those towering heels and struts straight into the hearts of men. But this isn’t an 80s movie and we girls aren’t exactly waiting around for men to take notice; for we do after all, have a life. Recent studies, and by that I mean my own efficient observations, suggest that cool girls wear flats. Yep, that’s my theory, and I’m just going to put it out there. Below I present *insert drum roll here* the facts:

Falling flat?

We girls have to multitask through our days. From the official commute to work (and heaven knows where that is), to the date, the drive, the dinner with family or drinks with the girls; we have to keep adapting to our surroundings. Now pray tell how you are going to effortlessly go all day in those towering heels? How are you going to walk from the faraway car park to the venue in 6 inch stilettos? If you’re really saying you can manage it easily, either you are lying or you are officially my new tutor.

Flats Have Your Back.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you have only one back and you like it very much. That’s right, plain and simple, heels ruin your back. Well to be fair, not if you wear them occasionally, but why take a chance? Besides, heels might also give you pain in your feet. Flats on the other hand, will NEVER do that. Heels 0, Flats 1.

Have Feet, Will Run.

Don’t be a damsel in distress. Run. Run often. Run behind the friend who stole your scrunchy, run behind your niece and tickle her, run when you feel even the tiny bit unsafe. In this day and age, we talk of being equipped. We talk of carrying pepper spray but if (God forbid) we really need to get out of a place and if we can’t run but amble along, that’s just plain silly. Flats aid your movement!

Wearing Flats
Be At Your Comfortable Best

They Are Just So Pretty!

The best fashion trend in recent times has to be the completely acceptable use of flats. Ballerinas have changed my life. Okay, I’m being dramatic. But I know many of you out there agree. With their pretty bows, neon colours, floral and leopard prints and various embellishments; flats are now totally acceptable formal wear. They are quirky, comfortable and can carry your whole outfit. There are a multitude of styles out there, from loafers to t-strap sandals, from Kolhapuri chappals to Mary Janes.

Wearing flats
Different Types of Flats
Mary Janes in Fashion Wearing Flats
The Celebs Are Wearing Mary Jane Flats

Head over Heels

Fashion Czarina Coco Chanel once said “Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds”; and she must know what she’s talking about. Comfort is key and that’s the long and short of it. You’re never going to feel too confident and your smile will not be radiant enough, if you are not comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you still prefer heels, but know that it’s totally okay to be a flats kinda girl. It’s cool to be practical, and it’s cool to be confident. “Confident girls go everywhere, and I guess they reach faster when they’re wearing flats. ;) ”

Fashion Queen
Coco Chanel

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