CUIMS Login – Chandigarh University Management System Login Guide

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CUIMS stands for Chandigarh University Information Management System. It is a student portal for students studying at the Chandigarh University of India. This portal is designed to help students digitally. They can see the latest news of the University, announcements, get their study material, and a lot more. Along with this, it provides online libraries, notices, modules, and other information to the students of Chandigarh University. Students can get different details like semester status, attendance, and fee status. CUIMS is helping students a lot in their studies, especially in the time of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Therefore, in this article, CUIMS Login – Chandigarh University Management System Login Guide, we will share all the details about the portal. You can log in to CUIMS and use it easily with the help of this article.


CUIMS Login Portal Features

CUIMS Login Portal offers several features to the students. Here is a list of some features that students can enjoy with this portal.

  • Academics (Assignment Upload, My Attendance, My Time Table, Resource Library, Student Leave Application, Other)
  • Accounts
  • Admission Referral Program
  • Administration
  • Examination
  • E-Library
  • Library
  • Hostel
  • Profile
  • Placements and Internships
  • Student Document Download
  • Student Relation Management


  • Before logging in to the CUIMS portal, make sure you have your correct login ID and password.
  • If you are confused about where to get your Login ID and password, then you will get that from University only. When you get Admission to Chandigarh University, the University will provide you with your Student Login Id and Password. So, you can log in to the CUIMS portal.
  • The University will provide you with all the necessary credentials along with your Login ID and Password details. So, you can easily access the portal.
  • Make sure you keep the provided credentials safely, as they are essential to log in to the student portal.

CUIMS Login Procedure

If you are wondering How to Login into the CUIMS portal, then here we are to help you. CUIMS has four different types of login portals, namely, Student Login, Blackboard Login, Staff Login, and Admission Login. The procedure of Login to all four Login is the same. You just need your correct Login ID and Password, and you can access your login portal in no time.

How to Login to CUIMS

To get log in to Chandigarh University Management System, you need to follow the instructions given below.

  1. First of all, visit from any of your browsers on your Mobile or Laptop.
  2. After that, a page will open where you will four different Login options, Student Login, Blackboard Login, Staff Login, and Admission Login.
  3. Now, select the login portal according to your role.
  4. Once you select and click on your login portal, it will ask you to enter your Login Credentials.
  5. Enter your User ID, which is also called UID.
  6. And then click on the Next button.
  7. Once done, then it will ask you to enter your password. Type your password there.
  8. And then click on Login to access the portal.

Student Login

When you enter the Login page of CUIMS, you will see four different login portals there; Student Login is one of them. This portal is for Students only. You will need your UID or User ID and password to get access to the portal. It will help you to access your student material, services, and account. You can also get the latest updates, announcements, news, and notices with it. Also, you can see your progress as a student in this portal.

Blackboard Login

Blackboard Login is another Login portal that you can find on the CUIMS login page. This login portal is for Faculty with which they can log in to their virtual classroom and teach their students. To get access to this portal, you will need your Employee ID or UID along with your CUIMS password. Enter your Login credentials there, and you will get to enter your virtual classroom. If in case you face any issues while accessing this portal, then reset your CUIMS password and wait for about 20 minutes and then proceed.

Staff Login

Staff Login is also one of the four login portals that CUIMS offers to users. This login portal is for the staff of the University. To access this portal, you will require your Employee Code and password. With this Login Portal, staff members of the University can track their progress as well as can get details about different official services provided by the University.

Admission Login

And the fourth Login portal that you can on the Login page of CUIMS is Admission Login. This login portal is mainly for the Admission Staff only. To access this portal, you need your Employee ID and CUIMS password. With the help of this login portal, you can access admission-related services. And get all the details about the admissions of the University.

What is CUIMS ID?

Many of the Students search for their CUIMS ID on the Internet. Because they don’t know what the CUIMS ID is. If you are also one of those students, then here is your answer. CUIMS ID is a login ID that is provided by Chandigarh University to its students, Faculty and Staff. You will be given different IDs that you can use to access your portal.

If you are a student, you will get your student ID at the time of registration. The ID you have been provided by the University is your registration number that will be starting from the year and followed by the course and then the registration, at last.

CUIMS Helpline

Candidates get the login credentials from the university at the time of registration. And those credentials are important to log in to the student portal as they can not access the portal without these credentials. And one can not reset them on their own. But what to do if someone misplaces their login credentials? Well, in that case, you will have to seek help from the CUIMS Helpline number, which is 1800 1212 88800. With this helpline number, you can contact the university authorities. And they will help you in the same.


Online Student Portals like CUIMS or Chandigarh University Management System are very helpful in the studies of students. Students can now digitally take their classes, study material, get important notices, announcements, and news about the University online. There are a lot more features that CUIMS offers to the students as well as Faculty. All you need to have is your correct UID and password and get access to different services and information. Student Portals like CUIMS have helped a lot to the students during the time of the pandemic. So, here we bring you this article, CUIMS Login – Chandigarh University Management System Login Guide, to help you to get handy with the portal. In this article, you will find all the information about the CUIMS portal and how to log in and get access to it.


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