DIY Crop Tops And How To Make The Most Of This Trend

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In fashion there are no fixed rules except that what goes around usually does come back around. And making a fashion comeback from the 90s, a trend that everyone is currently loving, are crop tops. From teens to celebrities, we have seen many street styles and sophisticated versions of these midriff-baring mini tops. For those of you who want to make this trend a part of your wardrobe we show you how. Read on for Crop-it-yourself tips and other ideas to make the most of this trend while it lasts.

And Cut!
For those of you sitting on the fence with this trend, we help you jump right in with a pocket-friendly alternative. All you need is an old loose tee, pair of scissors and steady hands.

diy crop top
DIY crop top: All you need is a heart for fashion.

1. If your old t-shirt has a collar neckline, cut the hem around that part to give the crop top a casual look. Also while you are at it, snip away those sleeves in a slant way.
2. A crop top can ideally expose anything from an inch to most of your midriff. So decide on the length you are comfortable with and trim only the front side of your t-shirt in a convex manner to give it that asymmetrical look.

Mix and Match
Hopefully by now some of your skepticism around this trend has turned into interest and we would like to take it a notch further by proving to you the versatility of this fashion piece. Pair it with a chic pencil skirt for a sophisticated look or a pair of shorts for the grungy look,  luckily a crop top can swing either way.

crop top
An versatile fashion piece, crop tops can be paired with almost everything.

You can team it up with high-waisted trousers, A-line and maxi skirts, overalls, palazzo pants and much more. The only rule to remember while pairing a crop top is that it’s all about proportions, so low-rise jeans would probably not be a good option.  
Over The Top
If like us you too have already been showing off your toned abs thanks to this trend, we suggest styling the same piece differently to wear it over and over again.  You could wear it under a sheer shirt or team it with a bright-colored blazer, or simply wear it over a top to up the fashion quotient of your outfit.

Layering crop top
Keep it stylish!

Shine On
Everybody loves a makeover and why shouldn’t your crop top get one too. Think glitter, flower appliqués, studs, sequins, embellishments, lace, crystals and anything else that can make your crop top look radically different.

miley cyrus
We love Miley Cyrus’s crop top with embellished and dramatic sleeves.

Also, don’t forget to accessorize your look before you step out in this high-fashion trend. Getting that belly button pierced suddenly seems like a good idea, doesn’t it?


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