10 Best Whiteboard Markers To Buy In India (With Buying Guide)

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The whiteboards are replacing the traditional chalkboards. The chalks made up of calcium carbonate are getting replaced by the whiteboard markers. With the increasing demand of whiteboards in every part of the world, the markers are also in demand. The schools, colleges, educational institutions, offices, etc., are using the Whiteboards. To write on the whiteboard, we need a special whiteboard marker.

There are different types of best whiteboard markers in India that are suitable for all kinds of whiteboards. If you don’t have any knowledge about the best whiteboard markers in India, it is essential to get some information.

That’s why we’ve decided to do the same for your convenience. In this post, we are listing the best whiteboard markers in India for those who need to buy it. We’ve done in-depth research and shortlisted a few products from the Amazon Marketplace. All you have to do is check out the products and get the one that you like the most.

Best Whiteboard Markers In India Summary:

10 Best Whiteboard Markers in India

#1 – Cello Whitemate Whiteboard Markers 

Cello Whitemate Whiteboard Markers

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  • Dry Erase Ink
  • 1-3 CM Tip Size
  • Dark Ink

Cello is one of the most popular stationery brands in India. The Cello Whitemate whiteboard markers are the best seller on the Amazon marketplace in India. This dry-erase marker is specially made for the whiteboard and not for other surfaces. So, writing on the whiteboard becomes more comfortable with this marker. The easy to erase ink makes cleaning the whiteboard even easy with the dry-erase duster or even a normal microfiber cloth.

Cello Whitemate marker comes in six different colours. So, it’s not only available in the mundane black colour, but multiple colours. According to the user reviews, this product lasts longer than most of the products available in the market. So, you can use it for a long time without the worries of ink depletion. Even if the ink depletes, you can easily refill the cartridge with the Cello Whiteboard ink, which is easily available in the market.

The tip size of these markers varies from 1-3 cm. So, you can write thick words and also thin words. The bright colours make the text shine, and you can read the written text on the whiteboard from 10-feet away. This is how useful this marker is in offices, schools and colleges. Use these markers on the high-quality whiteboard to get the best writing experience.


  • Available in Six Different Colors
  • Markers are Refillable
  • Can Write on Multiple Surfaces
  • Dark Ink for High Visibility on White surface


  • Nothing

Why is the Cello Whitemate Marker a Great Choice? 

In India, Cello is considered as the king of the stationary market. With the multitude of stationery products, it’s considered the best brand. The Cello Whitemate markers are the best seller on Amazon marketplace. These marker pens are available in six colours, i.e., Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Orange. Also, the ink used in these markers is bright, making the text written with these markers readable from a long distance.

Also, the refillable markers with the availability of the marker ink make it a perfect choice. It doesn’t matter if you have the whiteboard eraser or not; the ink can be wiped with any fabric. Be it the normal cloth, microfiber cloth or the duster; anything can be used to erase the text written on the whiteboard. And that’s the best thing I found about these whiteboard markers from Cello.

#2 – Camlin Kokuyo PB Whiteboard Markers 

Camlin Kokuyo PB White Board Marker

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  • Sharp Tip
  • Refillable Design
  • Dry Erase Ink

If you are looking for high-quality marker pens for whiteboard, then the Camlin Kokuyo PB Whiteboard markers should be on your shortlist. The Camlin Kokuyo, one of the leading brands in the Indian Stationery market, has made these high-quality marker pens that are loved by schools, colleges and educational institutes. It’s one of the best whiteboard markers in India, which is high-quality and also affordable.

The Camlin Kokuyo PB Whiteboard markers come with a sharp tip. So, they are good for fine writing on the whiteboard. Also, the bright ink makes it easier to read the written text from a long distance. Unlike other brands, the ink does not shine when exposed to the bright light, making it easier to read. This product is available in four colour options, i.e., Black, Blue, Red, and Green.

This product is refillable, so you can refill the ink when it depletes. The refillable ink feature is quite good for long time usage. Fortunately, the Camlin Kokuyo PB Whiteboard markers come with a decent amount of ink already. So, you don’t have to refill it initially. This product comes in a pack of four marker pens of different colours.


  • High-Quality Bright Ink
  • Refillable Design with Cartridge
  • Available in Multiple Colors


  • Difficult to Erase if Used on Fabric

Why is the Camlin Kokuyo PB Whiteboard Marker a Great Choice? 

Everyone who uses the whiteboard markers knows that an excellent whiteboard marker consists of two things: high-quality ink and the capability to erase anything. The Camlin Kokuyo PB markers are quite great in both ways. They come with high-quality bright ink, which is dry-erase. You can easily erase it with the whiteboard duster, fabric or even the bare hands. Although, it leaves ghost stains when erased with the bare hand.

The Camlin Kokuyo markers are refillable. Means, you can refill the ink once the cartridge runs out of ink. Fortunately, almost every type of dry-erase ink is usable with this product, which makes it convenient.

#3 – Chalk Markers Liquid Chalk Multipurpose marker 

Chalk Markers 8 Colors

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  • Chisel Tip
  • Reversible Nib
  • Multipurpose
  • Liquid Ink

If you are looking for a multipurpose marker for all kinds of surfaces, then the Chalk Markers Liquid Chalk Multipurpose marker is the best product suitable for your needs. The Chalk Markers Liquid Chalk marker comes with the Chisel tip. So, for those who want to have the chisel tip markers, this is the best thing. The best thing about this product is the reversible tip. So, if you don’t want the Chisel tip, then just reverse the tip, and you’ll get the round nib. As this is a multipurpose marker, it can write on whiteboards and other smooth surfaces like Steel, coated clay pots and glass.

The liquid ink is very shiny and is easily removable. Be it the whiteboard or other surfaces, removing the text is very easy. You can use the whiteboard duster to remove the written text with ease. But it works very well with smooth-coated surfaces like the Whiteboard, Ceramic pots, and glass. So, if you write with this marker on another surface, then it will be difficult to remove the ink.

The Chalk Markers Liquid multipurpose marker comes in eight colours – Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, White and Purple. The pack comes with all of the eight colour markers. It’s a 6MM marker pen, so it is only good for those who love to write thick words on the whiteboard or other materials.


  • Reversible Chisel and Round Tip for convenience
  • Usable on Multiple Surfaces
  • Shiny Liquid Ink Provides Good visibility
  • Comes with Free Sticker Labels


  • Becomes Permanent on non-porous surfaces

Why is the Chalk Markers Multipurpose Marker a Great Choice? 

The Dry-erase markers are often used on the whiteboards. But, the same dry-erase markers are not suitable for all kinds of materials. They only work on the whiteboards. But the Chalk markers multipurpose Marker from Penguin Arts is multipurpose and can work on a variety of surfaces. If written on rough surfaces, it becomes a permanent marker, and for the shiny, smooth and coated surfaces, it becomes the erasable marker.

The best thing I found about this product is the free bonus offered by the seller. This product comes with Free sticker labels. If you are willing to use this on the whiteboard that does not support such markers, you can write on the labels and stick it to the board. It’s a complimentary bonus from the seller.

#4 – ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers 

ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers

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  • Odorless Ink
  • Dry erase marker
  • Non-Toxic
  • Chisel Tip

If you are willing to stock up the multi-colour markers for your office, college or school, then the ARTEZA Dry erase whiteboard markers are the best. The ARTEZA dry erase whiteboard markers come in a pack of 52 markers, which is quite a lot. The pack of 52 would last more than a few months for most of the people. The entire ARTEZA Dry erase whiteboard markers pack comes with five pens of each Black, Blue, Red, and Green colours. Also, the four pens of each Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Light Brown, and Brown colour.

The manufacturer has used high-quality dry erase ink in these markers. The ink is erasable, odor-free and also Non-toxic. The ink used in these markers follows all of the food-safety regulations, making it non-toxic for the children who are using it. Be it the whiteboard duster or a normal cloth; the quick-dry ink is erasable with ease. So, you don’t have to worry about the ghost marks on the Whiteboard. Also, the ink is quite bright, making it easy to read from long distances.

The chisel style nib is perfect for anyone. You can make the thick lines or hold it at an angle to make thin lines. The high-quality nib strokes make your text look fine and leaves no smudges on the surface. Also, these markers are quite useful for writing on the Whiteboard, plastic and even glass. In short, it’s the best product for those who want to buy multiple marker pens for convenience.


  • Dry Erase Odourless Ink
  • Non-Toxic Materials Used
  • Leaves No Ghost Marks on whiteboard
  • Multiple colors available


  • No Individual Color units available

Why is the ARTEZA Dry Erase Marker a Great Choice? 

The bundle of the 52 colourful markers is useful for the consistent users of the Whiteboard. The schools, colleges, educational institutions, artists and offices use the Whiteboard frequently. For such users, the bundle of multiple markers is a great option. The ARTEZA Dry erase marker uses one of the safest types of inks available in the market. The bright, flowy, non-toxic and smear-proof ink is not available in many of the markers for whiteboards in India.

With the multiple colour options, this marker set is useful for those who need to use the colourful markers for representation and drawing on the Whiteboard. Also, the dry-erase ink dries off quickly, so that you can erase it from the Whiteboard, glass or plastic without any efforts with the use of a Whiteboard duster or the normal cloth.

#5 – EXPO Dry Erase Marker for Whiteboards 

Expo Low Odor Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers

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  • Low Odour Ink
  • Quick Dry Ink
  • Sponge Chisel Tip

The EXPO Dry erase marker is the premium quality whiteboard marker available in multiple colour options. The dry erase marker from EXPO has a unique design, which makes it look attractive. This marker uses high-quality, low odour ink, which is bright and easily viewable from a long distance. Don’t worry if you are working in bright lighting conditions. The high-quality ink does not reflect the colour, so viewing it from long distances is easily possible.

The best thing about this product is odourless, non-toxic ink. The ink has a very low odour, and it dries off quickly. If you are sick of the ink odour, then you won’t face any issues with these whiteboard markers from EXPO. With the Chisel nib, the writing in Bold and fine lines is possible. The nib made with the sponge spreads the ink properly on the Glass, Plastic, and Whiteboards’ surface. You can even use it on the Ceramic cups, but it only stays on till you wash it off.

Another interesting thing about this product is the customizability. You can customize the packs of the product with the number of markers of each colour you want. By default, you get the pack of eight dry to erase marker pens. The available colour options are Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow. For this price point, it’s quite an affordable purchase for those who need high-quality marker pens. It’s the top-rated product on the Amazon Marketplace, so you can imagine how many people have loved this dry erase marker set already.


  • Low Odour Ink without foul smell
  • High-quality smudge-free writing experience
  • Non-roller cap for preventing rolling of market


  • Non Refillable Design

Why is the EXPO Dry Erase Marker for Whiteboards a Great Choice? 

Having the colour marker set is useful for the creative professionals and the teachers who love to demonstrate the concepts to students on the Whiteboard graphically. Well, the EXPO dry erase marker set is a great choice for such people. With the high-quality, low odour, smudge-proof ink, it is quite smooth to use on the whiteboards. These markers are not refillable, but they have enough ink to last for a few months even after heavy usage.

Also, the cap of these markers is interesting. The cap is designed to be non-roller. This means, the cap prevents the entire marker from rolling down the surfaces. And that’s the best thing I found about these whiteboard markers in India. If you love high-quality markers with smudge-proof ink, then this is the best product suitable for your needs.

#6 – Faber-Castell Whiteboard Markers 

Faber-Castell Whiteboard Market

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  • Alcohol-Based Pigment Ink
  • Quick Dry
  • Refillable Design
  • Non-Toxic Ink

Faber Castell is one of the well-known brands in the stationery industry. With this high-performance whiteboard marker, you won’t get disappointed. The Faber Castell whiteboard marker is multipurpose and can write on the whiteboard, glass, acrylic, porcelain, and other non-porous surfaces.

As this marker uses alcohol-based pigment ink, it is suitable for bold writing. Also, the thick tip supports bold writing on the whiteboard and provides better visibility. As the ink is based on Alcohol, it has a foul smell, which might not be suitable for some people. Fortunately, you can refill the ink from the tip itself. There are different color options available for the users, and every color is Alcohol-based pigment ink.

Even though the ink is Alcohol-based, there is no presence of xylene in the ink. This makes it non-toxic ink safe for use. The only issue with this product is that the ink dries quickly due to the presence of Alcohol. That’s why you should keep it closed with the cap to prevent the drying of ink.


  • Refillable Design with Any Alcohol based Ink
  • Quick Dry for Smudge Free Writing on Whiteboard
  • Can Write on any non-porous surface


  • Ink has Foul Alcohol Smell

#7 – Staedter Lumocolor 351 WP4 Whiteboard Markers 

Staedtler Lumocolor 351 WP4 Bullet Tip Whiteboard Marker

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  • Dry Erase and Dry Safe Ink
  • Low Odour and Quick Dry
  • Bullet Tip
  • High Color Density

If you are looking for some of the best whiteboard markers, then the Staedter Lumocolr 351 WP4 Whiteboard markers are the most suitable choice. These markets come with the dry safe ink, which will not dry out if you don’t use the marker for a long time. It is safe from drying, and you can keep it open without the cap.

The ink is high color density and quick-drying dry-erase ink. The dry erase ink is easy to wipe off any surface and dries off quickly to prevent streaks and ghost marks on the whiteboard. The ink is a low odour, so you will be pleased not to get the foul odor while using this marker.

In our opinion, the best thing about this product is the locked bullet tp. The Bullet tip is locked into place, which will prevent accidental pushing of the tip inside the marker. Not just the bullet top, but this pen comes in different tip styles and different color options. You can choose anything according to your needs. The only issue with this product is that it’s only suitable for writing on the whiteboard. It will not work on other surfaces like glass or acrylic.


  • Ink Does not Dry When Left without cap
  • Low Odour Ink that Dries quickly when written on the board
  • Locked Bullet Top prevents accidental pushing


  • Can’t Write on Any Other Surfaces

#8 – ADD Gel Softline Whiteboard Marker

Add Gel Softline White Board Pen Black Pack

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  • Sleek Design
  • Fine Top
  • Low Odour Dry Erase Ink

You may have used the ADD Gel pens in your childhood or currently using it. Just like the Gel Pens, the ADD Gel Softline Whiteboard markets are of premium quality. They are suitable for continuous usage, especially in the schools and coaching institutions. The ADD Gel markers are sleek and slender. They look just like the pen and comfortable to hold for a long time. With a comfortable grip, you can use it for a long time writing on the whiteboard.

For writing, this product comes with low odor dry erase ink. The dry erase ink wipes off easily but may leave the ghost marks. The fine tips make it great for fine writing or even drawings. Some people complain that the fine tip writing does not have good visibility. But with the high-density dry-erase ink, you’ll observe that this marker has good visibility.

Unfortunately, this is a non-refillable pen. So, you have to use and throw this pen in the dustbin. From an environmentalist’s eyes, this is not a good thing and is harmful to the environment. Except for this, everything is perfect with this whiteboard marker.


  • Sleek Design – Looks like a Pen
  • High-Density Ink for High Visibility
  • Fine Tip Writing
  • Low Odour Dry Erase Ink


  • Non-Refillable Design
  • Ink Runs Out Quickly

#9 – Luxor Duorite 2-in-1 Whiteboard Marker

Staedtler Lumocolor 351 WP4 Bullet Tip Whiteboard Marker

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  • Dual Bullet Tips
  • Blue and Black Color
  • High-Density ink
  • Quick Dry Odourless Ink

The stationary products from Luxor are always top-notch, just like the Luxor Duorite 2-in-1 Whiteboard market. This is one of the best whiteboard markets in India that we’ve seen to date. The unique two-in-one design is the unique selling point of this product. With the two tips on both ends to write with different colors, this is a kind product in the market.

The Luxor Duorite 2-in-1 Whiteboard marker comes with quick dry-erase ink easily erasable with the normal duster or cloth. The ink dries off quickly. To write on the whiteboard, it comes with bullet tips on both sides. The bullet tips are made with sponge, so they deliver bold writing with a lot of ink for better visibility. On the one side, you get blue ink, and on the other side, you’ll get black ink for writing on the whiteboard.

The ink used in this product is odorless, so the people who are not very fond of the ink odor will find it perfect for long term use. There is an Antiroll cap on both sides to prevent the pen’s rolling, which is a nice touch. The only issue we found about this product is that it’s a non-refillable market. So, you have to throw it after using it. For continuous usage, buying a set of Duorite markers is the best choice.


  • 2-in-1 Marker with Bullet tips on both sides
  • Available in two color combination
  • Leaves No Ghost Marks on Whiteboard
  • Writes Smoothly with Bullet Tip


  • Non-Refillable Marker

#10 – Kabeer Art Colorful Whiteboard Marker

Faber-Castell Whiteboard Market

Buy From Amazon


  • Multicolor Marker Set
  • Odorless and Non Toxic Ink
  • Fine Tip
  • Quick Dry and Dry Erase Ink

If you are an Art Teacher or want your kids to draw many things on the whiteboard to unleash the creativity, then the Kabeer Art Colorful Whiteboard markers will be helpful for your needs. These are the multicolor whiteboard markers set, suitable for drawing and illustrations for both kids and adults.

The product comes with non-toxic, high-quality ink, which is odorless. This makes these Kabeer Art Markers suitable for the kids. The quick-dry and dry erase ink suits the best for temporary drawings. As the ink dries off quickly, there will be no smudge marks on the whiteboard. As this marker pen is designed for drawings and illustrations, it comes with a smooth and fine tip. With the fine tip, you can write finely or draw some intricate designs on the whiteboard.

The manufacturer has taken care of safety while designing this whiteboard marker. The ink used in this marker is of very high quality and is odorless. Also, the ink is non-toxic, making it safe for the kids. It won’t cause any harm if the kids consume the ink accidentally. The best thing we found about this product is that it’s usable on multiple surfaces. Just make sure the surface smooth and clean. The non-refillable design is a major concern, but you’ll not find it as a big problem as you get the entire set.


  • Suitable for Kids – Drawing and Illustrations
  • Odorless and Non Toxic Ink Used
  • Fine tip for effortless drawings and fine writing


  • Non-Refillable design is a concern
  • Not suitable for regular use

Best Whiteboard Markers In India – Buying Guide

#1 – Tip Style 

Choosing the right tip style for writing with the whiteboard marker is essential. Without knowing the tip style, you may end up with the wrong marker, which will not help you write on the whiteboard. There are different tip styles available in the marker that help you get different handwriting. Some are useful for cursive writing, some for designing, some for painting, and some for fine writing.

There are three most common tip styles that you can find in the market. The bullet tip, chisel tip, and fine tip. The Bullet tip is the thick tip, which is good for thick lines. Writing the bullet points or writing the titles is easily doable with the bullet tips.

The chisel tip is the flat tip, which is cut at an angle. With the chisel tip, writing on the boards is very easy. Just by changing the holding angle, you can get the thin or thick lines with ease. That’s why they are great for writing on the whiteboard for lectures.

The fine tip is best suitable for writing. Some people use such markers for writing, as that might be their preference. Also, these are great for the drawings. For the science lecture, the lecturer should use the fine tip markers to draw the designs or diagrams.

#2 – Marker Size 

The size of the marker is one of the most important things you should consider. The size and design of the marker body directly impact productivity and comfort. If you are a medium-sized person, finding the one that suits your comfort level is the best thing you can do.

Big and bulky markers are only useful for people who have big hands. Handling the big marker in the hands for a long time requires the big hands. If you have a thin body type, then you cannot handle the big and bulky markers for a long time.

The big and bulky markers are suitable for bigger strokers such as decorations, making bullet points, and other stuff.

The fine markers are very slim and look like a sketch pen. With the slim design, it becomes easier for users to use it for a long time. The slim markers do come with the fine tip or sometimes the chisel tip. But, for the bullet tip, you will have to get the thick and bulky marker pen.

#3 – Erasing 

There are three types of markers, i.e., the Permanent, Wet-Erase, and Dry Erase. As we are going to use the whiteboard markers, using the permanent markers is not recommended at all. The permanent markers are not erasable and not recommended to use on a whiteboard.

The wet and dry erase are the two types of ink that we can find in the market for erasing. The wet markers, the ink stays wet for a long time on the whiteboard, making it easy to wipe off. The dry-erase markers have the ink that dries quickly and does not stick to the whiteboard surface. In this way, the dry-erase ink can easily be erased from the whiteboard.

From the perspective of an educator who will use the marker for teaching the students, getting the dry-erase marker pen is recommended. With the dry-erase marker, there are fewer chances of you smudging the whiteboard surfaces. Wet erase marker pens are good, but there is a high chance of them becoming difficult to erase without the help of a wet cloth or sometimes the alcohol wipes.

#4 – Ink Type 

When we think of the whiteboard markers, we always think of the funky smell of the product. Usually, the marker pen ink carries a funky smell, which is sometimes intolerable. Some people don’t like the smell of marker ink and may throw up due to the horrible smell.

Fortunately, the chemical compositions have changed, and we are getting the odorless or very low odor ink. This is quite interesting, as we can get the same ink without the smell. If you prefer the ink with the odor, you are free to do so as there is no harm. But if you are not fond of the smell, then you should buy a marker odourless ink.

Not just that, some inks are very smooth on the board. Irrespective of the tip style, the ink flows perfectly and does not smudge easily. Such ink is beneficial. But, if the ink looks watery and does not have the darkness, then that’s not a good thing. In short, choose the marker that has flowy ink with the proper darkness. Faint ink with runny consistency is not good for the use of whiteboards.

#5 – Additional Features 

There are some additional points and features that you should check out before shortlisting the bet whiteboard marker for your needs. The first thing to check is the ergonomics of the marker. If you are a left=handed person, then it’s essential to check if the marker is suitable for the left-handed person. If the design is special and it’s not suitable for a lefty person like you, it’s not good to buy the marker.

Check for the buying options also. Does the marker pen sell individually or in packs? If it’s sold in the packs or sets, then calculate the price and check if you are getting a good deal. Sometimes, the sellers offer free ink bottles for refilling the markers. If you are getting the refill ink for free with the set, it’s a good deal to buy for your needs.

Final Words

You cannot use the Chalk or the pencils to write on the Whiteboard. To write on the shiny new Whiteboard, you need to have the whiteboard markers. We’ve already used quite a few whiteboard markers before to understand the quality of various products. With the high-quality whiteboard markers, the schools, colleges, other educational institutions and the offices have been benefitted. Without the use of the traditional kind-of toxic Chalks, it’s always a nice idea to buy the best whiteboard markers in India.

For those who want to buy the best markers for whiteboards, we’ve listed a few products in this post. All of the products are listed after doing in-depth research. If you are willing to buy the best whiteboard marker, then you would find useful products on this list. All you have to do is to check the listing and buy the best one that suits your needs and the budget.


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