10 Best Scanners for Office Use In India (With Buying Guide)

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The printers and scanners are the essential devices that must be present in the offices. With the requirements of scanning the documents and making the soft copies, it’s a must-have office accessory. Fortunately, we do have the best scanners for offices available in the market.

It’s quite important to understand the need and usability of these devices. People prefer using All-in-One printers that can print and scan simultaneously. But having a standalone scanner for your office can be super-convenient in an environment having high-volume scanning requirements.

Choosing the right office scanner in India is not an easy job. You don’t want to buy the wrong scanner for the office by spending too much and not getting any worthy features. That’s why you should do the proper research and shortlist a few best products that suit your needs. Choosing between the printer and scanner combo or the standalone scanner is the first thing you must consider. If you are considering the second option, then you should start researching about the best scanner for office in India. For the buyers’ convenience, we are listing the best scanners for office use in this post.

Best Scanners In India Summary:

Top 10 Best Scanner For Office Use in India

#1 – HP L2759A Sheet Feed Desktop Scanner

HP Sheet-feed Desktop Scanner

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Features that caught our attention:

  • Auto Document Feeder
  • Duplex Scanning
  • 5000 Pages Duty Cycle

Are you looking for a powerful standalone scanner device? The HP L2759A Sheet-Feed Desktop Scanner is the best product for businesses with a high number of scanning requirements. It has a sheet feed scanner, to which you can feed multiple documents at the same time, and this device will immediately start scanning them. With the feeding tray of 50 documents, your high-volume scanning needs are sorted.

This product has a speed of 30 pages per minute scanning speed. It supports single-sided scanning and also duplex scanning with ease. In both modes, it can scan 30 pages per minute with ease. So, the entire feeding tray of 50 pages can be scanned within nearly one and a half minutes. According to HP, this product can scan nearly 2,000 pages per day, which is quite huge.

This device can easily scan all type of papers like the A4, A3, A5, B4, B5, B6, Standard photos, Brochures or Legal documents with ease. Even the small items like the 2X2 passport photos and also the business cards can be scanned by this printer without any issues. Although the smaller papers require the carrier sheet for support, but that’s not an issue as the carrier sheet provides a good background for the smaller scannable items.

To control the scanning, it comes with the “Scan” button on the top along with the power button. That’s it! There are no additional buttons, making it look sleek and clean. In the package, you get the Driver CD and the control software itself. The powerful scanning software helps you to scan the documents easily and adjust the size, quality and other settings. It’s one of the few office scanners that have the energy star ratings. That means this device will also help you in saving a lot of electricity in your office.

  • Very Fast Scanning Speed
  • Huge Document Feeder Capacity
  • One-Shot Duplex Scanning for quick output
  • Can Scan Approximately 5,000 pages per day
  • Manual Driver Installation Required
Why is the HP Sheet-Feed L2759A Desktop Scanner a Great Choice?

The HP Sheet-Feed L2759A desktop scanner is one of the best products for office use. It can easily scan nearly 30 documents within one minute. In short, it’s a powerful desktop scanner. The feeding tray can handle 50 pages at a time, which the document scans within two minutes with ease.

For professional use, it’s the best desktop scanner for the office. With features like one-shot duplex scanning, 2,000 pages per day scanning capacity and energy star ratings, it’s undoubtedly one of the best scanners for office in India. Although it needs manual configuration and installation before use, the bundle’s software makes the job easier.

#2 – Fujitsu PA03670 Document Scanner for Office 

Fujitsu PA03670

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Features that caught our attention:

  • Auto Duplex Mode
  • 60PPM Duplex Scanning, 120PPM Single-side Scanning
  • WiFi and USB 3.0 Support
  • Paper Protection

If you are looking for a heavy-duty desktop scanner for office, then the Fujitsu PA03670 document scanner is the best one. For all of the big offices that have to scan more than a few thousand documents each day, this one is the best option. It’s quite heavy duty and works flawlessly even under heavy loads. It easily handles the high-volume scanning requirements, as it has a speed of 60 pages per minute, which is one of the best scanning speeds available in the market.

The scanning speed of 60 pages per minute is in the auto-duplex mode, scans the papers on both sides. For single-side scanning, it scans them with a speed of 120 pages per minute, which is quite good. The document tray of the Fujitsu PA03670 scanner can accommodate nearly 80 pages at a time. The entire tray gets empty within a minute if you scan only the single side of the documents.

On the connectivity side, this product supports the B/G/N 802.11 WiFi network and the USB 3.0. This ensures high-speed data transfer after scanning the documents. The Fujitsu PA03670 scanner comes with a small LCD display with a few control buttons on the front side. You can easily check the status of the scanning or even use the buttons to start and stop scanning operations.

The product is also equipped with the paper protection feature. When any issue interrupts the scanning and the paper is jammed inside the scanner, the Paper protection feature prevents any damage to the paper. It will help you to remove the paper from the scanner with ease in case of technical issues or power failure. It’s quite an expensive scanner, but useful for the corporates, who have to scan nearly 4,000 pages per day.

  • Auto Duplex Mode for quick scanning
  • High speed duplex & single-side scanning
  • WiFi and USB 3.0 Connectivity Options for quick transfer and internet connectivity
  • The paper protection feature prevents damage to jammed papers
  • Pretty Expensive Scanner
Why is the Fujitsu PA03670 Scanner a Great Choice?

The Fujitsu PA03670 document scanner is a heavy-duty scanner. The best thing about this scanner is the paper tray capacity and the scanning speed. The document tray can accommodate nearly 80 pages and scans at the speed of 60 pages in duplex mode and 120 pages in single-scan mode, which is impressive.

Also, there are a lot of features on the software side, which you can explore from the computer. It comes with the PaperStream Capture feature, which is useful for batch scanning. You can configure the batch scanning settings, and the scanner will perform the scans according to your needs. Also, the energy star ratings on the product make it energy efficient for corporates’ offices where it’s being used.

#3 – Brother ADS2200 High-Speed Scanner for Offices 

Brother ADS2200

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Features that caught our attention:

  • 70PPM Scanning Speed
  • Auto Duplex Mode
  • Supports A5,A4, A3, B5, Legal and Letter Sizes

Brother ADS2200 is a high-speed, dedicated scanner for the offices. It works quite well in the small offices, like the ones with professionals. It’s a high-speed scanner but does not suit the high-volume scanning requirements. The Brother ADS2200 scanner has a speed of 35 pages per minute in duplex mode and 70 pages per minute in single-side scan mode.

For the businesses having the requirement of high-quality scans, it’s the best product. Brother ADS2200 scanner has an optical DPI of 600×600 and the interpolated DPI of 1200×1200, which is good for high-quality documents. It can scan a wide variety of documents, including photos, A4, A5, B4, B5, Letterheads, Letters, Postcards, passport photos and many others. For the smaller size documents, you can use the carrier sheet for appropriate scanning. In short, it’s quite versatile in scanning different types of documents with ease.

On the connectivity side, it supports the USB 2.0 cable option. The USB 2.0 ensures high-speed connectivity, unlike the WIFi connection, which is quite slow for office needs. This product works perfectly on almost operating system like Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux or even macOS. In the package, you get the Driver and the software program to control the scanning and output process with ease.

On the software side, it has a lot of interesting features. Just like most of other document scanners, it also comes with Paper protection, Batch scanning, and Blank paper detection. The software allows you to configure the batch scanning and also edit the documents once they are scanned.The Brother ADF2200 document scanner is quite more expensive than an All-in-One scanner, but it’s worth spending the money for high-quality scans.

  • Fast Scanning – 70 Pages Per Minute for duplex scanning
  • Auto Duplex Scanning Mode for convenient scanning
  • Supports Wide Variety of document sizes and the photos
  • Blank Paper Detection auto-skips the blank pages
  • No WiFi Connectivity for wireless usage
Why is the Brother ADF2200 High-speed scanner a Great Choice?

The small offices don’t have a heavy workload. They only need high-speed scanning to improve productivity. The Brother ADF2200 document scanner is the right choice for those who are looking for speed. With the commendable speed of 70 pages per minute in single-scan mode, it’s quite good.

Also, the best thing I found about this product is the software side. In the management software, you get an easy user interface and also a lot of options. From the batch processing to the scanned image editing, all of the features are flawless. It’s the ADF type scanner, so all you have to do is to feed the documents at once, and it’ll start doing the job. It’s not a feasible option for corporations and personal use, so please avoid it if you are a corporate or personal user.

#4 – EPSON DS-770 ADF High-Speed Scanner 

DS770 Workforce Scanner

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Features that caught our attention:

  • Comes with Automatic Document Feeder
  • 90PPM Scanning Speed
  • USB 3.0 and Ethernet Connectivity options

If you are looking for a workhorse scanner for office in India, then you should not ignore the EPSON DS-770 scanner. It’s a powerful scanner made for corporates and companies that have high-volume scanning requirements. It’s an ADF type scanner, which supports 100 documents at a time. That’s what makes it one of the best scanners for offices in India.

This product has commendable scanning speeds. With the duplex scanning, it can scan 45 pages per minute, and with mono scanning, it can scan 90 pages per minute, which is quite great. It can scan all types of documents and photos. Even small items like passport photos and the aadhar card, etc., can be scanned without any issues.

On the connectivity side, the Epson DS770 workforce scanner has the USB 3.0 connection option. Also, it has the optional Ethernet connection option too. With the help of the Epson management software, it can directly upload the scanned documents to the selected cloud storage accounts, which is quite great. The USB 3.0 cable, which is included in the box helps you to connect the device to the computer and get super-fast data transfer speeds.

This product has a scanning capacity of 5,000 pages per day, which is very high compared to the other products. No wonder Epson has named it as the Workforce. With the Epson DS770 scanner, you get a three-year warranty on the manufacturing defects. For this pricing, only the professionals and the corporates with high-volume scanning requirements can afford this product. But believe me, it’s worth spending this much money on the Epson DS770 scanner.

  • ADF Tray can Handle 100 Pages
  • Supports Wide Variety of Document Sizes
  • Scanning Speed is very good
  • Duplex Scanning Supported
  • Good Connectivity Options
  • Pretty Expensive
Why is the Epson DS770 Scanner a Great Choice?

The Epson DS770 Workforce Scanner is what the name suggests. It’s a workforce scanner for the corporate offices that have huge document scanning requirements. With the capacity of 5,000 pages per day, it’s suitable for the big offices, especially the legal departments and the publication department. With the commendable speed of 90 pages per minute in the single-side scan and the ADF tray of 100 pages, it is pretty good enough for everyone.

Also, the connectivity option is quite fast. With the latest USB 3.0 connectivity, it has quite a good data transfer rate between the scanner and the system. The best thing I found about this product is Cloud storage. This scanner automatically saves the scanned documents to the preferred cloud storage service. Although, you have to have completed the configuration and have a working internet connection.

#5 – HP ScanJet 300S2 Document Scanner 

HP ScanJet Instant-on Technology

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Features that caught our attention:

  • One-Touch buttons
  • Based on ADF Technology
  • Comes with HP Auto-Off
  • 1000 Pages Duty Cycle

For the small office and personal use, the HP ScanJet 300S2 Document scanner is the best choice. If you cannot afford the commercial scanners that have great scanning speeds, then you should opt for the HP ScanJet 300S2 scanner. It’s considered as one of the best scanners for small offices in India. It comes with a scanning speed of 20 pages per minute in the duplex mode and 40 pages per minute in the single-side scan mode.

The HP ScanJet 300S2 also supports automatic two-sided scanning. You don’t have to change the paper sides to start scanning both sides. Also, it has a big auto document feeder, which can accommodate a good amount of papers at a time. This scanner supports almost every popular document and all of the sizes. From the A4, B4, B5, A5, Letters, Postcards to the 2×2 photos, everything can be scanned without any issues in this product.

This scanner has multiple one-touch buttons, using which you can start scanning, create PDF files of the scans and Turn ON or OFF the scanner without any issues. Since it’s an HP product, it’s loaded with the HP SmartScan software. Using that software, you can preview scanned documents, edit them, crop, resize, colour correction and many other things with ease.

This product is equipped with HP Auto-off technology, which automatically turns OFF the scanner after a certain period of inactivity. This mode saves a lot of electricity and prevents overheating of the device. Also, it has the Auto-ON feature, which senses the documents and immediately starts scanning. It doesn’t need any warm-up time to start scanning the documents. With a printing capacity of 1,000 pages per day, it’s quite good for small offices and businesses.

  • Easy to Use One-Touch Control Buttons
  • Supports Wide variety of Document Sizes
  • HP Auto-Off technology for Power Savings
  • Can Scan 1,000 Pages each day
  • Nothing
Why is the HP ScanJet 300S2 Scanner a Great Choice?

The HP ScanJet 300S2 is an entry-level document scanner, which is useful for small businesses and professionals. It does not have great scanning speeds, but it’s enough for small businesses. Also, the USB 2.0 connectivity ensures reliable data transfer between the scanner and the computer.

The best thing I found about this product is the smart features. With HP Auto ON and OFF features, it will help you save a lot of electricity resources. The device automatically turns OFF after a certain period of inactivity. Also, it turns ON immediately after you insert the documents into the ADF tray. All in all, it’s quite a great device for users with low-volume scanning requirements.

#6 – Canon LIDE300 Office Scanner

Canon LIDE300 Scanner

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Features that caught our attention:

  • Four button Controls
  • Advanced Z-Lid
  • 600 DPI resolution

Canon is one of the best companies when it comes to cameras. But they’ve already launched some good document scanners for the offices. The Canon LIFE 300 Document scanner for office is one of the best flatbed scanners for office use. It’s a single-function scanner that takes 10 seconds to do a single document scan. Although the speed is quite slow, it scans the documents in high resolution. The maximum of A4 and Letter size documents are supported in this product.

If you are willing to buy Canon LIDE 300 for a small office, then it’ll be a great choice. To control the machine, you have only four buttons. The buttons are for Auto scan, Copy, PDF, and send. With these four buttons, you can easily operate the scanner without the need to check the computer.

There is an advanced Z-lid, which is suitable for scanning thick documents. For example, if you are willing to scan a page from the notebook or the book, you can easily do the same. The company provides a free installation service for this office scanner. If you prefer to do the manual installation, then it requires precision. Fortunately, there are the driver media provided in the package, making it convenient for manual office scanner installation with your office computer.

  • Easy to Use Scanner device
  • Only four Buttons for Controlling the operations
  • Advanced Z-Lid for Scanning Bulky Books
  • Supports A4 and Letter Formats
  • Requires Manual Driver Installation
  • Takes a Long time for Scanning

#7 – Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100i Mobile Document Scanner 

Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100i Mobile Scanner

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Features that caught our attention:

  • 8PPM Scanning Speed
  • Supports Continuous Feed Detection
  • Based on ScanSnap Technology

Fujitsu is a well-known brand in the market, and they have some finest solutions for the office environment. The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100i Mobile document scanner is one of them. It’s a compact scanner that works well for the office people who want the mobile solution. This product has continuous feed detection, which detects the documents and starts scanning them one by one.

For those concerned, this Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100i mobile scanner supports almost all of the document types. It supports A4, A5, A6, A3, B4, B5, B6, Letter, Business Cards, and Legal documents with ease. After taking the first look, you won’t believe that this small and portable scanner would scan that variety of documents.

This product is equipped with Fujitsu’s ScanSnap technology. The documents are taken inside from the feeder with the ScanSnap technology. This scanner can scan the entire document within 7.5 seconds. The resolution support is also good, and you won’t get any issues related to the clarity while scanning.

Fujitsu offers a one-year manufacturer warranty on this product. So, you can easily visit the service center and get the product repaired or replaced. Using it with your PC, you have to install the supported drivers, which come in the installation CD provided with the package.

  • Takes 7.5 Seconds for each Scan in high-resolution
  • Continuous Feed Detection for bulk scanning
  • Wide Variety of Documents Supported for Scanning
  • Highly Portable
  • Requires Manual Driver installation

#8 – Canon ImageFormula P-215 Document Scanner 

Canon imageFORMULA P-215 Scan-tini Personal Document Scanner

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Features that caught our attention:

  • 30PPM Scanning Speed
  • Supports Cloud Scanning
  • Based on ADF Technology
  • 500 pages Duty Cycle
  • Supports Duplex Scanning

Canon imageformula P-215 is the second scanner from the company on this list. The Canon ImageFormula P-215 is one of the best portable mini scanners available in the market. It supports Duplex scanning for the convenience of the users. For the people who love convenience, it comes with the Auto Document feeding system, with the capacity of 20 documents.

Canon ImageFormula P-215 can scan the documents within two seconds. As it supports duplex scanning, the scanning time is reduced drastically. This scanner’s daily duty cycle is 500 pages, so you can easily use it in small and medium-sized offices. After the daily duty cycle completes, you have to keep it to cool down for the next 12 hours, at least.

This scanner from Canon can scan 30 documents per minute, which is quite a great speed. The best thing about this product that we’ve found in cloud scanning. It automatically sends the documents to Google Docs and Evernote or any other support cloud storage service. With the powerful software suite, you can easily control this Canon ImageFormula P-215 scanner and change the settings.

  • Good scanning speed
  • Cloud Scanning Support for Google Docs and Evernote
  • Can Scan 500 Pages per day
  • Automatic duplex scanning for for convenience
  • Nothing

#9 – Epson Perfection V39 Scanner 

Epson Perfection V39 Scanner

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Features that caught our attention:

  • 4800X4800 DPI resolution
  • USB-Powered
  • Photo Scanning Mode
  • Li-ion Battery Backup

Suppose you prefer high-resolution scanning, especially for the people who have to deal with the photographs. The Epson Perfection V9 scanner supports the 4800X4800 DPI resolution for scanning documents and photos. So, it’s very suitable for photo scanning. The best thing about this product is that it’s USB powered. You don’t have to plug it into the power outlet. It draws the necessary power from the laptop or desktop via USB cable.

The detachable lid makes it easier for people to scan big and bulky books. As the lid may not hold the bulky books and photo albums, the users can detach the lid and then manually scan the same. As this is good for photographers and artists, it supports the Epson Easy Photo Fix software.

The Epson Easy Photo Fix software helps the users to adjust the photos and auto image quality enhancements. It has two small Lithium-ion batteries inside, which provide power in emergencies. So, you don’t have to worry if the connected device cannot provide much power due to technical issues. As this is not for regular document usage, the maximum document size supported is A4 and Photos.

  • Super High quality scanning supported
  • Doesn’t Require External Power through Socket
  • Supports Epson Easy Fix Sofware for Image Enhancements
  • Suitable for Scanning the Photos and High-Quality Documents
  • Takes 45-Seconds to Scan Single Document

#10 – Canon DR-C240 Document Scanner for Office 

Canon DR-C240 Document Scanner Black and White 45 ppm

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Features that caught our attention:

  • 40PPM scanning Speed
  • Cloud Scanning
  • High Speed USB 2.0
  • WiFi Connectivity

The Canon DR-C240 Document Scanner is perfect for heavy use in the office. This product is one of the most expensive document scanners and still popular in the corporate4 world due to its features. The Canon DR-C240 document scanner comes with the Automatic Document feeder, which can hold 60 pages.

The scanning speed of this device is also excellent. The Canon Dr-C240 scanner can scan any kind of document in less than one second. The automatic document feeder ensures quick scanning, saving much more time. You get the output on the computer in JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats.

The Canon DR-C240 supports high-speed data transfer. With the USB 2.0 connection, you can get the scanned images directly on your computer within the blink of eyes. Not just that, if you connect the device to the Internet with WiFi, then it can directly upload the scanned documents into the assigned Cloud Storage account. Another interesting thing about this product that we’ve found is the support of Drivers. It supports the ISIS/TWAIN drivers, so this is compatible with almost all scanning software programs. It’s an expensive office document scanner, but worth it if your office scanning requirements are high.

  • Super Fast Scanning – 40 Pages per minute
  • Auto Upload on Connected Cloud Storage Devices
  • Easy to Use Onboard Controls
  • High-Speed USB Connectivity
  • Very Expensive

Best Scanners In India – Buying Guide

A document scanner is a device, which optically scans the physical documents and converts them into digital ones. The Document scanners are pretty useful for the personal and mostly the office usage. To scan the essential documents and send them to the concerned authorities is the critical task for any business. With the high-quality scanner, it becomes easier and a cakewalk for the corporates and the professionals.

#1 – Types of Scanners

There are different types of scanners available in the market. Not all are suitable for everyone. For different needs, you should choose different scanners. Here are a few popular scanners for office use that you should check out before proceeding with the purchase.

  • Flatbed Scanners – The Flatbed scanners are one of the most popular types of office scanners. They are very similar to the photocopying machine used in the photocopy center. Well, you can use the Flatbed scanners for only the document scanning. Be it the document, photos, or any kind of paper, such scanners effectively scan the same and convert it into the digital format.
  • Photo Scanners – The Photo Scanners are useful for scanning the photos. They can scan the documents, but with the high-quality picture processor and scanning head, it becomes easier for people to scan the photos in high resolution. Mostly, the photo studios and graphics experts use the photo scanners for enlargements or other works.
  • Drum Scanners – The Drum Scanners work with the Photomultiplier tubes. The Photomultiplier tube is useful in scanning the opaque and transparent documents and objects in the highest possible resolution. These drum scanners are useful in the industrial scenarios in photocopying machines.
  • Portable Scanners – As the name suggests, the Portable scanners are very mobile. You can carry them anywhere, even in your pocket. With the small photo sensor, you can scan the documents and photos with ease. As they are very small in size, the picture quality is not so good. But, they serve the purpose in emergencies, where you’ll find them useful.

#2 – Size

The Size of the Scanner is one of the most important aspects that many people ignore. Due to the same, they buy huge scanners, but there is no space to store them properly in the office or at home. That’s why it’s essential to consider the overall size of the machine. It’s not good to focus only on the features, but considering the size and available space is essential. For the small offices, the tabletop scanners like small-size flatbed scanners or even the portable scanners are suitable. For corporate usage, where the companies have huge space for stationery supplies, getting the industrial size photocopy machine is useful.

#3 – Scanning Resolution

Without a good resolution, you cannot get high-quality document scans. Checking out the scanning resolution of the scanner is very critical. Usually, the lowest scanning resolution that’s recommended is 600DPI. Even though it’s quite low, this resolution is good for scanning only the documents. If your requirements are of scanning the legal documents, charts, maps, and even the photographs, then getting the high-resolution, usually 1080P resolution scanner will help fulfill your scanning requirements. Ensure that the resolution of 600DPI is standard and not suitable for the high-end scanning work like photos and legal documents.

#4 – Scanning Speed

Commonly, it’s considered that the Slower the scanning speed, the more the quality. But the days of such anecdotes are gone, and we are now aiming at the faster and accurate printing. With the latest innovations, we are getting good scanning speed and also good image quality. Usually, the standard scanning speed is 10-15 pages per minute. If you opt for the duplex scanning, then the machine will scan 5 to 9 pages per minute. For the standard scanner, it’s a good time. But with the industrial scanners, like the professional photocopy machine, the scanning speed is very high. Such machines have the document feeder tray, which can automatically take the documents and scan them at the speed of 30 to 40 pages per minute. With the higher scanning speed, you have to pay more and sacrifice a lot of space due to the machine size. It’s essential to consider the requirements first, then check out the other parameters and finally choose the machine that suits your scanning requirements.

#5 – Power Supply

The scanners need the external power supply to scan the documents. The portable scanners come with rechargeable batteries or even take power from USB ports of the computers or even the power bank. But for the bigger scanners, you need to use the special power cable. In case of power failure, it becomes impossible to use scanner devices with the computer. So, if you always face power failures in your area, then opting for the portable or USB powered scanners is essential.

#6 – Connectivity

Most of the scanners require a physical connection with the computer. But with the technological advancements, the connectivity options are increased. We now have a USB connection, WiFi, and even Bluetooth. Although the scanning is done physically, we can connect the scanner with these connectivity options and get the scans on our computer. For those who are willing to get the speed, using the wired connection options is suitable. For the convenience lovers and those who don’t care about the speed, getting a wireless option is very suitable.

Final Words

It’s impossible to work in the office peacefully without the scanners and printers. We’ve seen many people who don’t have the scanner or printer in the office, and they had to run everywhere to get the job done. Well, that was a hilarious case, but it shows us that the dedicated Document scanners are very important for the office environment.

In our offices, we already started using the scanners for scanning the photos and other important documents. If you need the best scanner for office in India, then you should assess your requirements first. Think of your primary needs, like the printing speed, capacity, volume, budget and others. After that, you should start looking on the internet for the best products.

Fortunately, you don’t have to search for any product on the internet, as we’ve already done the job. All of the products listed above are great and suitable for office use. All you have to do is to check out the products and shortlist the one that suits all your requirements. After that, you only have to visit the Amazon marketplace and purchase the best document scanner for the office in India.


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