10 Best Office Chairs In India 2021 (With Buying Guide)

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Work today is all about flexibility. You don’t necessarily have to be at the office to get started. Work from home is getting increasingly prevalent and you need the right setup at your place. Buying an office chair certainly helps. 

There is no shortage of high-quality brands in India and it would be confusing choosing one from these. Especially if you have not bought an office chair before. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best office chairs that you can buy. Also, we will walk you through what makes a good-quality office chair.

1. Green Soul-Beast Series

The best aspect of this chair is undoubtedly the ergonomic design as you can sit on it for long hours without any sort of pain. The chair ensures that you sit in the correct posture. The armored black color looks quite cool. The frame of the chair is metal while the fabric used is PU leather which is different from regular leather. This leather is artificial and allows for better air circulation and also does a job in reducing heat build-up. The maximum recommended weight of the chair is 120kg.

The high backrest and the headrest which is detachable ensures adequate support for the head and the spine. The adjustable armrest is another impressive aspect. The bucket-shaped seat ensures that even the biggest people would find it comfortable to use. The chair also offers great thigh and knee support. The warranty offered is for 3 years.


  • Bucket seat
  • Materials
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Arm and knee support


  • Build quality is not the best

2. Misuraa Imported Xenon High Back Chair

This is probably the best premium quality chair out there. It is fairly expensive and might be unaffordable for the common person, but it does stack in some good features. The chair lets you adjust pretty much everything which includes the seat depth, angle of the headrest as well as the height, the tilt of the backrest, the depth of the seat as well as the lumbar support height, and the tilt tension. You don’t need a professional for the installation as it comes with easy instructions on how to do it yourself.

This chair is suitable for people weighing up to 140 kgs. The build quality is absolutely exceptional and it will last long. The seat is made of Nylon mesh which ensures a cozy feel and the base is using Aluminum. The Castor Wheels ensure easy movement. The curved shape of the backrest ensures that the spine is aligned and gets the necessary support. It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Curved Backrest
  • Easy installation.
  • Build quality
  • 7 adjustable functions.


  • Nothing much

3. CELLBELL C104 Medium-Back Mesh Office Chair

Cellbell is a relatively unknown brand but that doesn’t make this chair any less impressive. Compared to the previous two options, this is a much more affordable solution as it costs less than 4000. The chair weighs around 14 kg and can support a maximum weight of 105 kg. The seat has 2-inch padding that ensures good support for the users. As a result, it is ideal for long working hours. The design of the chair makes it a good fit for both homes as well as office purposes. The Lumbar adjustments offer good and necessary support to the back.

The chair comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing issues. The streamlined design offers an aesthetic appeal while the breathable mesh keeps the back cool. The caster wheels are silent which is nice. There was no problem with the assembly as all you need to do is to follow the instructions.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy build


  • Backrest length.

4. Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair

This might look a bit too savvy to be used in an office but trust us when we say that this is one of the most comfortable chairs you can buy. The materials used are premium PU leather and high-density shaping foam. The chair can be used for office work and for gaming. The headrest pillow offers support to the neck and spine. You can also adjust the recline angle and lock it as per your needs. The chair is designed for ergonomics and it can swivel a full 360 degrees. The Nylon casters are quite smooth and allow for smooth movement. 

The easy assembly is another highlight as all you need to do is to follow the instructions given. The process takes around 15 minutes in total. The maximum user weight is 140 kg while the chair itself weighs about 25 kilos. The chair skeleton does not seem to be mightily strong as there have been reports of it getting bent.


  • Multi-purpose chair.
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Top-class materials


  • Peculiar Sound while moving the chair

5. Green Soul Crystal Mid-Back Office Chair

Green Soul is a very good brand with a global customer base and this chair is another high-quality product from them. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of office goers and is quite easy to maintain. The seat is fairly large and comfortable and is made up of molded foam that ensures a sweat-free experience throughout. The chair has a height adjustment mechanism which is made possible through the hydraulic piston. Beneath the chair, you can find the Torsion knob. By adjusting this knob, you can alter the force required to tilt the chair. The tilt can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 120.

The chair is fairly light and can support a maximum weight of 110 Kg. The chair comes with a warranty but it is important to note that you need to register within 30 days to be eligible for warranty claims. The armrest height can be adjusted and locked as per the need. The breathable mesh keeps the user cool and provides for air circulation. However, the assembly is not easy and you need a professional for the process. Also, the chair can turn a full 360 degrees.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Breathable mesh
  • Height adjustment
  • 360-degree Swivel


  • The Assembly

6. Savya Home HIGH Back Office Chair

The dimensions of this chair are 25” length, 26” width, and height that can be adjusted between 48 and 53 inches. The seat has a 2 inch-padding that ensures good support and comfort to the user. The black and silver design looks incredibly good as well. The chair makes use of a synchro-tilt mechanism and as a result, you can adjust the reclining angle for user comfort. Also, the seat can swivel a full 360 degrees which might come in handy during office hours. The maximum weight capacity of the chair is 120 kilos and anything above that could possibly damage the chair. 

The materials used in the construction of the chair are of very high quality. The chair is made of polymer and the armrest is made of polyurethane. The assembly is fairly easy and you can do it by yourself. There is a knob to adjust the tension in the chair as well. By rotating the Lumbar knob, you can adjust the position of the Lumbar support. 


  • Height adjustment feature
  • Build quality
  • Comfortable seat
  • Tension knob


  • Nothing big

7. INNOWIN Jazz Back Mesh Nylon Chair for Office 

This is a versatile chair that can be used both at home and while at the office. The black design is both stylish and elegant. The frame is made of glass-filled nylon and the seat consists of 45 density molded foam. The height of the arms is adjustable as per the user’s comfort. Also, the chair has a 360-degree swivel feature. Additionally, the height of the seat can also be altered. The chair has a maximum load capacity of 120 Kilograms. The reclining angle of the seat can also be adjusted if the user finds it necessary. 

You get a warranty of 1 year with this chair and a warranty is quite important when you are making such a big investment. The lumbar support keeps the back of the body aligned and prevents any sort of pain. The nylon base is quite tough and the nylon caster wheels offer friction-free movement while rolling. Overall, a solid product for the price.


  • Arm adjustment
  • Variable height
  • Nylon base and wheels
  • 2D Lumbar support


  • Not the most comfortable

8. INNOWIN Parker Office Chair

No products found.

We have already seen one impressive product from Innowin. This one is a premium quality model with added features. It has a unique locking mechanism that lets you lock the chair at pretty much any position. This is a characteristic unique to this chair. Additionally, the height of the chair can also be adjusted as per need. The 360-degree swivel is also quite a handy feature. The chair is available in 4 different colors and you can select one as per your taste. It can handle a maximum load of up to 150 Kilograms which is higher than other office chairs. 

The design is quite sleek and impressive and the chair includes the perfect support for your back as well as lumbar support. There is a back pressure adjustor as well. The PU padding ensures a comfortable experience for the user. The assembly was fairly easy and there was no need for any external help. The only issue was that the armrest was not adjustable. Other than that, this is an absolute beauty of a chair.


  • Any position locking system
  • Comfortable chair
  • Height adjustment
  • Easy to install


  • No arm adjustment

9. Da URBAN Miller Medium Back Office/Revolving Chair

This is another affordable solution for those who want an office chair. It is compact sized and is best suited for long working hours. The backrest quality is quite impressive and has to be talked about. It feels similar to a cushion sofa. You also have the option to change the recline angle as per your preference. Also, there is a tension knob situated at the bottom of the chair that can be used to adjust the ease with which you can rock back in the chair. You can also adjust the height of the seat as per your comfort. The chair weighs about 15 Kilograms and the maximum recommended weight is around 100 Kilograms.

The chrome finish gives the chair a premium-quality feel. The chair also features a swivel function. The build quality is impressive considering the price and the Chrome Metal Legs look pretty solid. The double cushioning makes this chair very comfortable to use. Also, the tilt lock mechanism has to be mentioned as you can tilt in any direction and lock it there.


  • Tilt lock mechanism
  • Tension Control Knob
  • Height adjustment
  • 360-degree Swirl


  • Leather quality can be improved

10. beAAtho JS-2 Teak Office Chair

This is an elegant-looking office chair made of Teak and a synthetic leatherette. The build quality is top-notch and the chromium metal stand gives stability and security to the chair. The chair has a tilt mechanism that lets you adjust the angle from 90 degrees to 120. We loved the fact that there is extra padding on the armrest which makes it quite comfortable for the user. You also have the option to adjust the height of the chair as well. This is possible due to the hydraulic system. The chair can also swivel a full 360 degrees.

The castor wheel is quite tough and offers mobility. The assembly is probably the easiest of any office chair and you won’t even require a screwdriver. It is a plug-and-play style assembly. Regarding the material quality, there is nothing to complain about. The chair comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Tilting Mechanism.
  • Padded handrest.
  • Spacious chair
  • Easy installation


  • No reclining adjustment is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions 

#1 – What Makes Office Chairs so Unique?

As the name suggests, the Office chairs are made especially for serving the office needs. They are made with high-quality materials and are suitable for long time usage. That’s why they are different from normal chairs and even gaming chairs.

#2 – What are the Types of Office Chairs? 

The office chairs are available in different types. The most common are the High Back, Medium Back, Low Back, Ergonomic and the executive. These are the most common and suitable for office use.

#3 – What is the Proper Way to sit in an Office Chair? 

The office chairs are so flexible and have different adjustments. First, you sit in the chair and then consider what types of adjustments you have to do to get comfortable. For example, there are Tilt adjustment settings for reclining, height adjustment settings and some chairs do have the armrest and headrest adjustment. Adjust them according to your needs and you’ll be able to sit in the office chair properly without compromising your comfort

#4 – Why are Office Chairs Expensive? 

As the office chairs are specially made for office usage, they are made in the low volumes. Also, the material quality used in the construction is top-notch. That’s why they are expensive compared to the normal plastic or wood chairs that we get for using in the home.

#5 – Are Expensive Office Chairs Worth it? 

While buying any product, the pricing is not the primary thing you should consider. The office chairs need flexibility and comfort and you should find that in the office chairs. Most of the times, the expensive office chairs do have the ultimate comfort levels and various adjustments for comfort. So, it’s worth spending money on the expensive office chairs, but it’s better to check the specifications.

Buying Guide

We have seen some of the best office chairs in the market. But what exactly makes a good-quality office chair? Read on to find out more.

Types of Office Chairs

Executive Chairs

They are quite expensive and offer pretty much everything including comfort, style, and safety. They are available in different sizes and are classified as petite and big. However, there are some common features when it comes to pretty much every executive chair. These are sufficient arm padding, premium quality leather, ability to swivel, caster wheels, and good back support. 

Task Chair

These are moderately priced and don’t offer the same range of features found on executive chairs but are far more advanced than normal chairs. They are best suited to correct the posture and align the body. They do not have features like comfortable armrests and sufficient lumbar support. As a result, they are not the best choice for long working hours.

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomics implies using scientific knowledge to enhance human productivity and well-being. Such kinds of chairs are designed in such a way to ensure maximum comfort to the user. They have features to adjust the height, alter the recline angle, sufficient padding, lumbar support, and even tilt functions. Due to the range of features that they possess, these end up becoming quite expensive.

Guest Chairs

Guest chairs are quite important in an office as you often have clients and visitors paying a visit. These are usually quite basic chairs with some added comfort features like extra padding and comfortable armrests. They don’t usually support the entire back and do not have lumbar supports. Hence, it is best suited for short-period usage.

Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs

They are usually quite rare but have some unique features which would be ideal for people with issues like back pain. They usually afford a semi-kneeling position which helps to remove some tension at the spine and from the back of legs and thighs. However, they do not support the back support you find in most office chairs. This is actually a good thing as you will be forced to correct the posture yourself.

Stacking Chairs

These are the cheapest to produce in large numbers. They are used in events where a huge number of people gather, such as company meetings. Their body consists of a metal or a plastic frame without any cushions. They are shaped in such a way as to ensure a good posture. However, these are by far the least comfortable chairs you might come across.

Conference Chairs

As implied by their name, conference chairs are best suited for conference meetings. They make use of pretty much all the basic ergonomic features and place importance on aesthetics. They do not offer much-cushioning support and perhaps this is one of the reasons why they are suited for medium-length meetings. 

Big Chairs

They usually fall under the category of executive chairs. They are ideal for people with a larger than average build. Sometimes they might have certain extra features as well.

Factors to consider while buying an Office Chair

1- Lumbar Support

Back pain is an issue that affects most people who spend long hours in the office. The lumbar spine is a portion above the base of the spine. This is where around 60 % of your body weight is concentrated. Proper Lumbar support goes a long way in preventing spinal pain as it keeps your spine aligned properly. It can prevent most back issues. You can adjust the height of the backrest to vary the lumbar support. However, do try out the adjustment system and verify whether it is compatible with your body dimensions.

2- Size and Dimensions

Ideally, choosing the right size of the office chair that suits your needs are advised. But, not everyone is of the same size. You have to consider the size of the people that are going to sit in the chair. If you are buying the office chair for your own, you only have to consider your size. But choosing the chair for office use in the office premises requires considering the sizes.

A normal Indian individual requires the office chair with the dimensions as follows.

Height = 32-45 inches

Depth = 20-25 inches

Width = 19-24 inches

This size is suitable for a normal individual who is not overweight or underweight. Also, The height is considered according to the Indian standards and not from American Standards. For example, the athletes are heightened and if you are buying the chairs for them, then looking for a heightened office chair is the only option for you.

3- Material

Most office chairs make use of Fabric for lining due to the aesthetics and the comfort it offers. The fabric ought to be durable and should be able to handle the different conditions and temperatures. Other materials that are widely used include Leather and Mesh. Leather is available in a wide range of colors. However, you need to ensure that the leather used is of high quality. Usually, leather is more durable than normal fabrics. Mesh offers good ventilation and comfort and does not get worn out easily. 

4- Adjustments

chair adjustments

The days of fixed office chairs are gone. Nowadays, we see adjustable office chairs. Almost every aspect of the chair is adjustable, and we can adjust it according to our needs. As we already talked about the height, check if there are height adjustment options in the chair.

Mostly, the advanced office chairs will have height adjustment options for those who want to have a better sitting posture. Height adjustment here means the adjustment of the overall height of the chair. It’s not about adjusting the height of the backrest. There are only a few chairs that support backrest height adjustment, but such chairs are extremely expensive.

Another adjustment that we have to consider is the reclining adjustment. You can change the office chair’s orientation with ease by using the push-pull lever at the bottom. With the swivel motion, the backrest will change the angle, and you will be able to recline on the chair. With the reclining, you will get additional comfort and will be able to adjust the same according to your comfort level. Some office chairs provide a 90-degrees recline angle, which allows you to lay down flat on the chair and take a nap if you want.

Although reclining is an advanced feature and might not be useful in the commercial environment, it is quite useful for those who are in the home office or simply the freelancers. So, if you are buying it for your employees, then ignoring the reclining settings will not impact anything.

5- Caster Wheels and Swivel

The swivel mechanism allows for a full 360-degree turn. This prevents unwanted strain on the body, especially at the neck. If your work involves a lot of moving around in a small space, then a swivel chair would help. The caster wheels provide additional mobility. The usual materials used to make caster wheels are Nylon and Polyolefin.

6- Warranty

Usually office chairs at least 5000 or more. As a result, you need to ensure that the product you are getting is well-built and in good condition. If there are some defects, the chair might break down and you will lose your hard-earned money. To prevent such situations, the product should at least have a 1-year warranty.

7- The Service Quality

Some of the expensive chairs have some complex mechanisms and features and you might find it difficult to install them. In such situations, you need to contact their customer service. Always make use of reviews to identify the companies offering good after-care services. 

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this article on the best Office Chairs. There is no shortage of good quality office chairs and we have brought to you some of the finest choices. Moreover, you also would have known about the features that separate an average-quality chair from a great one. For any queries regarding the content, do write to us.


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