6 Best Office Bags For Ladies In India

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The ladies have to carry a lot of stuff in their bags. Be it to the shopping or the office; they need to carry almost every essential thing with them. The office goer ladies need a sturdy office bag, that can allow them to carry a laptop along with the other essentials.

The best office bags for ladies in India allow them to go to the office with every essential item that they need. From the makeup kits to the laptops, ladies can put anything in the bag. Gone are the days of the purse, which accommodate nothing but the cards and cash. It’s the time of buying the best office bags for ladies in India, which have much bigger storage capacity.

If you are looking for the best laptop bags for ladies in India, then you are in the right place. We had to search for the best office bags for ladies in our office. We did extensive research and found some amazing products that every lady would find useful.

In this post, we are sharing a comprehensive list of all of the best office bags for ladies in India, which are suitable for laptop and office essentials storage. The ladies laptops bags in India that we are listing are stylish, elegant, and durable. All you have to do is to check out the list and find the one that suits your office needs.

Best Office Bags Summary:

Best Office Bags for Ladies in India

#1 – Aeoss Office Handbag for Ladies

Aeoss Womens Girls Large Size Handbags

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The Aeoss Office Handbag for ladies is one of the best options for those who love leather material. The PU leather used in this office bag for the ladies makes it look premium. Also, the same material makes it strong and durable. It can handle the heavyweight items like the big laptops and anything else that is not supposed to fit into the bag.

The Aeoss Office bag for ladies in India is suitable for all ladies. Be it the casual look or the professional look, this handbag suits for any attire. You can take this bag to the parties or even in your office without any issues. For the storage, there are three inner compartments and one outer compartment. All these compartments are zipped, so you can keep the items inside secure. The inside compartments can accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop very easily. Also, you can keep the office diary, tablet computer, makeup kit, and many other essentials in the other compartments.

The product comes in different colour options. The most popular available color options are the Black and the Brown cream color. Aeoss office bag comes with the adjustable shoulder strap, which lets you choose how you want to carry this bag to the office or the parties. For the current price range, it’s a great product that you should not ignore at all.

Why is the Aeoss Office Bag for Ladies a Great Choice?

Aeoss is a comparatively new brand in the market. It has a few quality products that are being loved by the customers. High-quality PU leather makes the entire construction look premium. The bag looks like it’s made with real leather. It shines and adds the charm to your look. Be it the office or casual attire, this office bag for ladies suits perfectly for every occasion.

The three internal compartments for storing the items is enough for any office goer lady. It can accommodate the laptop, tablet, books, diaries, and many other things with ease. Also, the adjustable shoulder straps are very good as they are customizable. We can easily change the holding position from the handbag to shoulder bag according to our convenience.

#2 – K London Eco-Friendly Vegan Leather Laptop Bag for Ladies

K London Eco-Friendly Black

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K London is one of the most popular brands that deals in the office and casual bags. They have quite a good range of office bags for men. But now, we are checking out the K London Eco-friendly vegan leather laptop bag for the ladies. This office bag for ladies is not a sling bag, but a laptop bag that can accommodate a laptop and other essentials.

K London Eco-friendly leather laptop bag for ladies is made for laptops. It has a separate thick padded compartment for a 14-inch laptop. You can keep the tablet of the same size without any issues. Another compartment is pretty small and not padded at all. In the other compartment, you can easily store the laptop accessories and office essentials without any issues.

The best thing about this product is that it is made of vegan leather. The vegan leather is fake leather, which is made without harming any animal. If you are into animal rights, then you’d definitely love it. The vegan leather is similar to regular leather material. But this artificial leather provides the additional thickness to the bag and makes it heavy. The heavy construction keeps the laptop and other essentials safe for a long time, even in the crash impacts. The rugged constructions, along with the Black and Beige Jacquard pattern, make it look stylish and durable.

Unlike other products, the K London eco-friendly vegan leather office bag for ladies is made in India. The company has designed this product and manufactured the same in the New Delhi warehouse. If you are someone who likes Indian products, then you would find it intriguing. The product is available on the Amazon marketplace and is worth the money as per the reviews from the existing customers.

Why is the K London Vegan Leather Laptop Bag a Great Choice? 

When it comes to the office accessories like the laptop bags for the office, K London products stand out amongst the available options. The K London office bag for ladies is made with artificial leather, which is eco-friendly. No animals were harmed to collect the leather. The vegan leather construction makes this product durable. So, you don’t have to worry about buying a new office bag within a few months.

Also, the bag accommodates a 14-inch laptop or tablet and the accessories, which is enough for anyone going to the office. It can be used as the handbag or even as the shoulder bag, thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap. In short, it’s a great product that suits your stylish look.

#3 – Protecta 15.6-inch Office Laptop Bag for Ladies 

Protecta Professional 15.6-inch Laptop

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The ladies usually have a distinct taste in choosing the bags. They have a taste in designs, patterns, and whatnot. If you are looking for a stylish looking laptop bag made for ladies, then you will find Protecta 15.6-inch office laptop bag for ladies a great product. The protecta laptop bag for ladies is a stylish bag with abstract paint patterns on the outside. The abstract patterns in different colors make it look attractive and stylish.

The product is made with high-quality water-repellent polyester material. The water-repellent material keeps the contents of the bag safe during the light rain. It’s not waterproof, but it can survive a little rain. Protecta, a professional bag for ladies, is slim and elegant. It looks slim but has a few compartments that are useful in storing a lot of items in it. The compartment for the laptop and tablet has the foam padding. The foam padding prevents any kind of damage to the laptop or tablet. It can even sustain the mild fall shock without any issues.

Protecta office bag for ladies comes with the handle and also the shoulder strap. You can adjust the size of the shoulder strap according to your comfort. Unlike other products, the shoulder strap is padded, so you won’t face any shoulder pain while carrying your bag around. This product comes in different colour options. There are nearly eight color options available for the customers. It’s one of the most stylish and affordable office bags for ladies in India.

Why is the Protecta 15.6-inch Professional Laptop bag for Ladies a Great Choice?

The office bags for ladies are mostly professional looking. They have none to minimal design. They only have plain black or other plain colors. But the Protecta Office bag for ladies comes with the variety of color options and design prints. As of now, the product is available in eight different color and design options, which is great.

Also, the product is designed and manufactured in India. They are not imported from China, which is known for cheap products. As it’s Indian made product, you’ll get an absolutely high-quality product. The best thing I found about this product is the use of high-quality water-repellent polyester fabric, which protects the contents of the bag from the external moisture.

#4 – Portronics Elements Unisex Office Bag POR-642

Portronics Unisex POR-642

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Portronics is a well-known brand in smartphone and computer accessories. It’s the first time the company has ventured into manufacturing the Office laptop bag for the ladies and gents. The Portronics Elements Unisex office bag POR-642 is a great product that is made for the office goers. The product can accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop and laptop accessories with ease. It’s a smart office laptop bag that you should ignore at all.

The Portronics Elements POR-642 Unisex office bag comes with some unique features. The bag comes with the built-in USB 2.0 port, which the users can use to charge all of the compatible devices on the go. You can connect the power bank to the USB 2.0 port, and all of the connected devices will charge automatically. It’s a convenience feature as the power bank usually disconnects when you keep it in any kind of bag due to loose USB connections.

The product has a unique look and texture. It comes with the rugged texture with fine fabric enhancements. The product is made with high-quality cotton canvas material, which makes it durable. Also, it has the PU leatherette finish, which is the one that gives it the rugged texture. Portronics Elements POR-642 comes in only one color, which is a greenish tint on the grey.

This bag has the handle and shoulder strap. Fortunately, the shoulder strap is removable and adjustable, which makes it comfortable for the users. The users can keep using the shoulder strap or remove it and use it as the handbag. The shoulder strap comes with the soft cotton paddings, which makes it easier to carry around for a long time. It’s one of the most advanced office bags for ladies in India.

Why is the Portronics Elements POR-642 Unisex Office Bag a Great Choice?

Not all office bags are advanced. Some are traditional, and some are just high-quality. There are only a few technologically advanced options available for us. The Portronics Elements POR-642 Unisex bag is a great option for those who want a high-quality office bag. This product comes with the inbuilt system for charging all your devices. All you have to do is to carry a power bank and connect it with the internal system. This will help you use all of the compatible devices with ease.

The strong build with the High-quality Cotton Canvas fabric makes it durable. The inner compartments have the foam padding, which protects the 15.6-inch laptop or tablet computer from the external shocks. Not just the laptop compartment, but the other compartments have the nylon padding, which makes it stronger and flexible to store a lot of items in it.

#5 – Leaderachi Women’s Muskat Hunter Leather Office Bag 

Leaderachi Women's Muskat Hunter

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Why is the Leaderachi Muskat Leather Women’s Office Bag a Great Choice?

There are only a few fully-handmade office bags for women available in the market. Most of them have the price tag in thousands of rupees, which is not affordable at all. If you are looking for an elegant, vintage-looking, pure leather women’s office bag, then you’ll find this product very suitable. The durability factor should not be ignored. The product is made with pure leather, so it will last for quite a long time.

The manufacturer has taken care of the durability very well. They have double-stitched all of the stress points of this product. Also, the internal compartments are made with durable cotton canvas, which adds strength to the internal construction. All in all, it’s a great product that is expensive but worth spending the money.

#6 – Legal Bribe Women’s Handbag for Office 

Legal Bribe Women's Shoulder Bag

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Are you looking for an affordable yet stylish women’s handbag for the office? If yes, then we have a Legal Bribe Women’s Handbag for you. It’s a stylish handbag made with synthetic leather. The synthetic leather makes a good material as it’s made without harming any animal. Also, synthetic leather is high-quality, providing the strength and durability to the product.

The Legal Bribe handbag is great for those who have to carry a laptop, tablet, and other essentials to the office without losing the charm. This handbag is an excellent accessory for those who love to follow the fashion. This product has three internal compartments. All of the compartments are zipped and separated by the nylon material. You can keep a 14-inch laptop, a Tablet, books, keys, and other essentials in this bag without any issues. For the cash, keys, and cards, it has a mini compartment, which can store such small items.

This product does have shoulder straps. So, if you are tired of carrying this bag in hand, then you can use the shoulder straps to carry it by placing it on your shoulder. The build quality of this product is excellent. It comes with the synthetic PU leather, which has stitched together with proper care. As it’s stitched properly, you don’t have to worry about the stress points. Also, it can accommodate a lot of items with ease.

Legal Bribe Women’s Office bag comes in the six color options. If you want variety, then you can choose from any of the available colors. It’s an affordable laptop bag for the ladies. So, you cannot expect much from this bag. But for the current price tag, it’s worth the money.

Why is the Legal Bribe Women’s bag for Office a Great Choice?

The office goer ladies need to carry a lot of office essentials with them. There are many handbags in the market, but not all are great for carrying electronic items like laptops and tablets. For such delicate electronic devices, we need a strong handbag, like the Legal Bribe women’s handbag. It’s a great product that has received hundreds of positive reviews on the Amazon marketplace.

The best thing I loved about this product is the spacious construction. The Legal Bribe bag has ample space for storing a 14-inch laptop, a tablet computer, accessories, and other essentials. There are three separate compartments that provide enough space for storage. Not just the three compartments, the manufacturer has introduced a separate mini-compartment for keeping the cash, keys, and cards.

Final Words

The office environment is very much different from the home environment. The employees have to come to the office daily with the essentials and start working. The ladies have a bit of a disadvantage in terms of carrying the essentials. So, the best office bags for ladies in India are great for them. With the office bags for ladies, they can carry the office and personal essentials with ease.

Most of the big companies provide laptops and tablets to their employees for convenience. So, carrying the laptop to and from the office is a painstaking task due to the sensitive nature of the device. For such delicate devices, the office handbags are essential. All of the office handbags do have foam padding and multiple compartments for storing the laptop, tablets, and other accessories.

We shared the list of all of the best office bags for ladies in India. All of the products are top-notch, and atleast one should be in your arsenal. These laptop bags for ladies add charm in your look and are also convenient for carrying heavy devices to the office safely.


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