6 Best Laptop Briefcase For Office To Buy In 2021

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Offices are nothing without computers nowadays. They were gone the days when paper ruled the offices. Now everything is digital, and the computers and laptops are swarming the desks. Doing office work on a computer is the norm nowadays. The laptops are quite useful and are portable. So, carrying them around is very easy. But how do you carry a laptop? To carry a laptop to and from the office, you need the best laptop backpack for office in India.

Having a reliable laptop briefcase for office in India is essential. As you are suffering extreme traffic and crowded places while travelling to the office, you need to protect your laptop. That’s why choosing the best laptop briefcase for the office is essential. Protecting the laptop is critical as you have to work on the same at office or at home.

If you personally visit the backpack store and ask for the best laptop briefcase for office work, then there is a very high chance that you’ll get scammed. The store owners mostly sell you cheap products at a very high price. That’s why it is essential to do proper research before buying the best laptop backpack in India.

If buying the best laptop briefcase for the office is critical for you, then you should do proper research and then buy the best product. But do you have the time to do the research? We know the answer and have already done the job for you. We’ve collected the best laptops bags for office. All you have to do is to check out the products and buy the best one that suits your needs.

Best Laptop Briefcase for Office in India

#1 – Lenovo Casual Laptop Briefcase

Lenovo Casual Laptop Briefcase T210

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Lenovo is quite active in the laptop accessories segment. So, you might find some unexpected products from the company in the market. Lenovo Casual Laptop Briefcase T210 is one fantastic laptop briefcase for the office from the company. It’s made for the laptops with 15.4-inch displays. So, most of the laptops will fit perfectly in this briefcase.

Any laptop briefcase should protect the laptop from moisture and direct water contact. Lenovo, as a laptop manufacturer, knows the same fact. That’s why the product is water, repellent, and durable. The snow yarn polyester fabric is water repellent and suitable even in rainy seasons. The same snow yarn makes it durable for a long time. Heavy laptops, especially gaming laptops, fit perfectly in this briefcase.

The Lenovo casual laptop briefcase for office comes with the padded compartments. One compartment is for the laptop and others for the essential accessories. You can keep notebooks, important papers, and also the laptop charger in the bag. The briefcase is top-loading, which means you can put and bring out the laptop from the top, which is quite convenient.

If you want something stylish for your office, then Lenovo Casual laptop briefcase is the best choice. The rough texture from the snow yarn polyester makes it feel excellent to the hand and gives a premium look. Also, the briefcase is available in three color options, i.eGrey, Black, and Blue. This product is available on Amazon with the price tag of ₹799/-.

Why is the Lenovo Casual Laptop Briefcase a Good Choice?

You are not going to the office with only the laptop. You need a laptop charger, headphones, and other accessories. Most importantly, the tiffin box. Most of the people carry tiffin boxes with them. The good thing about this laptop briefcase is that it can accommodate a tiffin box also.

Don’t worry about the spillage issue; the separate compartments keep your laptop safe from the food spillage. No issues if you spill your curry inside the bag, as it will not touch the laptop by any means. Also, the four-star rating on Amazon from nearly 5,000 reviews indicates the popularity of this product.

#2 – AmazonBasics Tablet and Laptop Briefcase for Office 

AmazonBasics Laptop and Tablet Case

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If you are looking for a well-organized laptop and tablet briefcase, then the AmazonBasics Briefcase for Office is the best one for your needs. The product is one of the best sellers in the Laptop briefcase for offices in India. Carrying a 15.6-inch premium laptop is easy with the AmazonBasics Laptop bag for the office.

The AmazonBasics Tablet and Laptop briefcase come with multiple padded compartments. The first and the primary compartment is made for the laptop itself. It can accommodate the laptop and tablet of 15.6-inches. The primary compartment is spacious, and you can keep even hefty laptops in the same. The secondary compartments are also spacious. You can store your laptop or tablet accessories, documents, books, and even the tiffin. It can accommodate a flat tiffin box without any issues.

The best thing I found about this laptop briefcase for the office is that it comes with the removable shoulder strap. Many people might not like the shoulder strap, as they prefer using the handles. So, you can remove the shoulder straps as per your convenience. It’s a small detail, but useful for thousands of people.

AmazonBasics is the proprietary brand of Amazon. So, you are getting high-quality products from the company. AmazonBasics Laptop Briefcase is available at the price tag of ₹999/- and with a one-year replacement warranty from the company. It’s decent pricing for the high-quality laptop bag for office in India.

Why is the AmazonBasics Laptop and Tablet Briefcase a Good Choice?

AmazonBasics is the proprietary brand of Amazon. They sell only the best white label products on the site. This product is originally from China, which comes with the AmazonBasics branding. The high-quality polyester fabric makes it durable. It can easily handle the 15.6-inch laptop.

If you have a bigger laptop, then AmazonBasics Laptop and Tablet briefcase come with the 17.3-inch variant, which is priced at ₹999/-. So, you are getting a bigger version of this bag at the same price. Nearly 2,000 people already loved this product and rated it more than four stars on the Amazon marketplace.

#3 – The Clownfish Vegan Leather Unisex Laptop Briefcase 

The Clownfish Vegan Leather

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If you are looking for something stylish to add charm to your office look, then The Clownfish Vegan leather laptop briefcase is the best option for you. The vegan leather-made laptop briefcase looks premium and suits the formal attire. So, it will definitely complement your office look. The vegan leather is water-resistant, which protects the contents of this briefcase from moisture with ease.

The laptops and tablets won’t get any kind of scratches inside this bag. The soft-feel polyester linings protect the laptop from any kind of scratches and external shocks. So, your device won’t get damaged. Want some more space for storage? Don’t worry! The Clownfish Unisex laptop briefcase comes with expandable storage. The expandable straps make it easier to increase the size and carry more items in the bag.

Flexibility is the main feature of this laptop briefcase. The detachable shoulder strap is available with this briefcase. So, you can choose between handheld use or the crossbody use with ease. This briefcase is very premium and suitable for top-level executives, working professionals, and government officials.

If the product gets damaged in the shipping or has manufacturing defects, the manufacturer offers the one year warranty. You will get your product replaced under the warranty period. At the price tag of ₹1,399/- you might find it on the expensive side. But the premium looking vegan leather and multiple color options make it worth the money.

Why is The Clownfish Vegan Leather Laptop Briefcase a Good Choice?

Very few people prefer utility over the looks. The Clownfish Laptop briefcase is top-notch on the looks side. But also, it’s durable and a strong briefcase. There is nothing to complain about the laptop bag. The expandable storage compartments are what makes this briefcase amazing. You can store more items in this bag if you want.

Not just the expandable storage, the detachable shoulder straps are an amazing addition to this bag. The total storage capacity of this laptop briefcase is 8 liters, which means decent storage space for laptops, accessories, and office essentials. Premium looks along with the sturdy build, is what makes The Clownfish Leather laptop briefcase a good choice for office goers.

#4 – K London Leatherite Handmade Unisex Laptop Briefcase for Office 

K London Leatherite Handmade Tan Unisex Bag

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Finding premium handmade products is quite hard in the market. Also, premium products are very expensive. But if you are looking for the premium handmade laptop briefcase, then you have K London Leatherite handmade laptop briefcase. Yes! K London Leatherite Handmade unisex laptop briefcase is a premium looking laptop bag. Just like The Clownfish Vegan leather bag, this laptop briefcase looks stunningly beautiful.

K London Leatherite bag is made from artificial leather. If you are an animal lover, then you’ll definitely love this bag. The best thing about this product is that it’s fully MADE IN INDIA. This laptop briefcase for office is handcrafted in the studio of the manufacturer in New Delhi. So, the quality is not compromised at any cost by the manufacturer. Outside is made with artificial leather, which is of high quality. Also, the insides are made with strong linings. You can store 15.6-inch laptops, tablets, laptop accessories, documents, books, and anything in this bag.

The thick padded compartments for laptops are stitched with precision. With these compartments, you can ensure the safety of your laptop and tablet computer. Not just safety, but it separates the laptop from other things stored in the bag. Along with the multiple compartments, you get two zipper pouches to store additional accessories like Mouse, Pen, Wallets, and others.

Don’t like shoulder straps? Well, you can use this bag with the handle and tuck the shoulder straps inside. The strong handles are made with artificial leather and cushioning, which makes it comfortable to carry it around. At the price tag of ₹1,399/-, it’s a great product that you should buy for a classy look.

Why is The K London Handmade Unisex Laptop Briefcase a Good Choice?

There are very few premium looking laptop briefcases for the office. K London Handmade laptop briefcase is one of them. The premium looks is the biggest USP of this product. If you want to accompany your stylish office attire, then K London Laptop briefcase is the best one.

With the handmade construction, this product becomes durable. We’ve spotted people using this briefcase for more than two years. Also, the product is handmade and made in India. So, it’s of high-quality and also affordable. Instead of buying cheap quality imported products, it is better to purchase a high-quality artificial leather briefcase from K London.

#5 – Hammonds Flycatcher Original Bombay Brown Leather Laptop Messenger Briefcase 

Hammonds Flycatcher Original Bombay Brown Leather

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Hammonds Flycatcher Original Bombay Brown leather laptop briefcase is one of the most popular briefcases on Amazon. With more than a few hundred positive reviews, the product is one of the best seller items. It’s another premium brown leather laptop bag in our list of the best laptop briefcases.

With the premium original leather construction, the Hammonds Flycatcher Original Bombay Brown leather laptop briefcase looks beautiful. The retro look along with the high-quality leather; this is one of the best products available for premium users. Be it the professionals, corporates, government officials, or anyone; if you have a soft corner for the high-quality, expensive leather bags, then this product is the best one for your needs.

If you are a rough and touch user, who always throws bags here and there, then there is a high chance that you might damage the laptop. That’s why Hammonds Flycatcher Bombay Brown Leather Laptop briefcase comes with hefty inner and bottom foam padding. The same padding prevents the fall damage to the laptop and also keeps it safe inside the bag.

With the strapped laptop briefcase, the small straps cause serious shoulder pain. That’s why this laptop briefcase comes with the wide straps. The wide straps reduce the shoulder pressure and relieves the shoulder pain. If you are not a strapped briefcase user, then you have the leather handles for carrying the briefcase. For the price tag of ₹1,744/- this bag is the right choice for fashion-savvy professionals and office goers.

Why is The Hammonds Flycatcher Laptop Briefcase a Good Choice?

Buying anything with the high price tag is not an ideal choice. You have to identify the plus points of the product. The Hammonds Flycatcher laptop briefcase for office comes with the premium leather construction. The leather construction ensures durability. If you want durability along with the safety of the laptop, then you should not ignore this product.

Everyone does not prefer durability, but looks are important. The premium leather finish makes it look classy and expensive. It comes with three color option, i.e., Black, Tan, and Brown. Choosing any color you want and the bag will be yours for carrying your laptop and other essentials to the office.

#6 – LXOICE Office Laptop Briefcase 

LXOICE Office Laptop Bags Briefcase

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Tired of checking the leather laptop briefcases, we have something for you made with high-quality fabric. LXOICE office laptop briefcase is one such amazing laptop bag that is made with durable fabric. The product has separate compartments for the laptop and other essentials. The thick foam padded compartments are good enough to protect the laptop from shock, scratches, and any other damage.

Any common office goer would look for additional storage options. The manufacturer of the LXOICE Office laptop briefcase has taken care of the same. There are three additional zipper pouches on the front side of the briefcase. Inside the briefcase, there are two non-zipped compartments to store the essentials like the laptop charger, tablet computer, books, documents, and many other things. In short, there is no shortage of storage space in this office laptop bag.

The high-quality fabric used in this laptop briefcase is quite soft and durable. But the shoulder straps are not that great. They are not much wide and may cause shoulder pain. Fortunately, we get the option to remove the shoulder straps for additional comfort. You can use the PU fabric straps to carry this laptop bag to your office.

The looks are quite amazing. The rough look of this bag due to the high-quality fabric is loved by everyone. The LXOICE office laptop briefcase is suitable for the laptops of 15-16 inches, and also another version is big enough to accommodate the laptops with the size of 17-18 inches with ease. For the price tag of ₹1,049/-, you get the color options like Red, Grey, Dark Grey, and Navy Blue.

Why is The LXOICE Office Laptop Bag a Good Choice?

Looks, Features, Safety, and the pricing are four important things that you should look in the laptop bag for office in India. Well, the pricing is perfect, looks are stunning, features are considerate, and the safety is on-point. So what’s missing? Well, the compatibility is another thing that you should consider. Having the unisex office laptop bag is essential as both the male and female members can use this bag without any issues.

The available color options are very vivid. You won’t find many color options on the other laptop briefcases for office. It’s one of the highly-rated Laptop briefcases for office in India on the Amazon marketplace.

Final Words

The laptop briefcases for office in India are quite popular. Travelling from your home to the office is quite a hectic task atleast in the metro cities in India. That’s why these laptop briefcases are helpful. Most of them protect the laptop or the tablet that you have to use in the office for your job.

The best laptop briefcases or the laptop bags in India are made for surviving the crowd of the cities. It’s essential to protect the laptop or tablet. Most of them do the perfect job as I’ve used multiple products and never ever faced laptop damage issues.

In this post, we tried our best to list the best laptop briefcases in India for office goers. We followed and cross-checked every parameter and listed on the best seller items on the Amazon. All you have to do is to check them and choose the one that suits your needs.


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