10 Best Lamination Machines For Office In India (With Buying Guide)

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The certificates, important documents and especially the ID cards usually get damaged due to the water or any other cause. Keeping the important identification stuff uninsulated from the water or the external impact is essential. We often laminate important documents like Driving licenses, Identification proofs like Aadhar cards and Voter ID cards. Also, we do the same with our certificates to keep them in good condition.

Once in a while, it’s okay to get something laminated from the photocopy centre outside. But if you have the requirement of bulk laminating the documents, then you need to buy the best lamination machine in India for saving the hassle.

Well, if you are interested in buying the best lamination machine for your personal requirements, then you are in the right place. We’ve done the detailed research on the best lamination devices and sorted a few. We sorted the products based on the usability, compatibility, features and pricing. Also, we have taken care of the different use cases that people might have. So, in this post, you’ll find the list of all of the best lamination machines in India, that you can buy from Amazon marketplace.

Best Lamination Machine In India Summary:

10 Best Lamination Machine in India 

#1 – SToK ST-L11A A4 Lamination Machine 


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  • 30CM Per Minute Lamination Speed
  • Wide Input Space
  • Dual-Roller System
  • Quick Warm-up

SToK ST-L11A A4 lamination machine is the best one in the market as of now. If you are looking for a lightweight, portable and also inexpensive lamination machine, then you’ll find this product very useful. The SToK ST-L11A Lamination machine is one of the most popular on Amazon marketplace and also Amazon’s choice.

It comes with the large nine-inch input, which allows you to laminate a large variety of documents with ease. The product ships with the five free thermal pouches, which helps you try out the functionality of the lamination machine and laminate a few documents first. The SToK ST-L11A A4 lamination machine comes with the hot and cold lamination settings. The hot lamination setting is good for normal documents and papers. But the cold lamination setting is good for the thermal sensitive documents like certain ID cards and certificates.

The initial warmup time of this product is only three minutes. You can start the lamination process within the three minutes of starting the machine. The 300mm per minute lamination speed is pretty great for any use case. Be it the professional requirement or personal requirement; this product suits the best.

Those who are always worrying about the hot lamination, there is nothing to worry about. This product comes with the heat protection mode, which helps you to keep everything from the excess heat. You get five complimentary lamination thermal pouches in the package itself.

  • Pretty Fast Lamination with Speed of 30CM per minute
  • Dual-Roller System for Bubble-free lamination
  • Convenient Jam Lever to clear the paper jams
  • Takes only Three to Five minutes for warm-up
  • May Overheat after continuous usage
  • Frequent paper jamming reported
Why is the SToK ST-L11A A4 lamination machine a Great Choice?

SToK ST-L11A is one of the most affordable lamination machines in India. It’s lightweight, portable and affordable, what else do you need? The set of features you get with this product is commendable. The hot and cold lamination option is great for those who need the same.

Not just these, but the product also comes with the lamination thickness of 80-125 micron. So, you can easily laminate the different types of documents and ID proofs with ease. Be it the aadhar card, driving license, PAN card, Matriculation and Degree, and appreciation certificates, and everything can be laminated with this product with ease. This is a lightweight and portable lamination machine, so you can take it anywhere you want.

#2 – JD9 Fully Automatic Professional Lamination Machine 

JD9 Lamination Machine

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  • Quick Warm-up
  • Hot and Cold Lamination
  • Temperature Control
  • Jam Removal Knob

If you want to open the lamination shop or have bulk lamination requirements at the office, then you should not ignore the JD9 Fully Automatic Professional Lamination machine. The Fully Automatic lamination machine is suitable for the high workloads and in professional environments. It’s not lightweight or portable but works very well to laminate bulk documents with ease.

The JD9 professional fully automatic lamination machine takes only three minutes to warm up. You get the indicator light that indicates that the machine is ready. There are special rollers in the machine, which ensure the bubble-free and strong lamination. It supports both the cold and hot lamination settings. The users can switch easily between the cold and hot lamination settings for different types of documents. Although switching from cold to hot will take three minutes of warmup time for the machine.

It’s the professional lamination machine in India. It supports the A3 input and is useful in home, offices, schools and even in the government offices. There is a high chance that you might spot this machine in most of the Indian schools and the government offices, as it’s one of the best lamination machines in India.

If you suddenly face the loss of electricity, then the documents will be stuck inside the machine. Fortunately, there is a separate knob on the side of this machine, which lets you remove the stuck documents with ease. The pricing is very affordable, considering it’s a fully automatic and professional lamination machine.

  • Warms up Pretty Quickly
  • Supports Hot and Cold Lamination
  • Comes with Manual Temperature Control Knob
  • Efficient Reverse Knob for Removing Paper Jams
  • Suitable for Home and Office Usage
  • Overusing may damage the heating element
Why is the JD9 Fully Automatic Lamination Machine a Great Choice?

The small and portable machines are great for personal use. But for professional use, you need to buy fully automatic and high-end lamination machines. The JD9 lamination machine is made for professional use. The high-load work environments are suitable for working this machine to full capacity.

The JD9 lamination machine comes with the four silicon rollers inside the machine. The same rollers eliminate the air bubbles and make a proper seal between the lamination pouches. Also, the temperature knob control allows you to immediately adjust the temperature in case of heat-sensitive material lamination.

#3 – TEXET LMA4-V Lamination Machine

Texet A4 Lamination Machine

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  • 30CM per Minute speed
  • Shockproof Body
  • Quick Warm-up
  • Dual-Roller Feed System

The lamination covers the photos to protect them for a long time. Keeping the memories in the form of photos safe is the priority of the millions of people. The TEXET A4 lamination machine for laminating the photos and the ID cards is one of the top-rated products on the Amazon marketplace. With the lightweight and portable construction, it’s quite popular amongst the schools, photographers and also the individuals who love to keep their hard copy of the photos in mint condition for a long time.

The TEXET LMA4-V lamination machine is great for laminating the ID cards, Photos, Certificates and many other things. The product comes with pretty fast warmup times. It takes approximately four minutes to warm up, which is quite fast compared to the other cheap products. This A4 size lamination machine is very portable and can be kept on the office desk with ease. It won’t take much space on the desk.

The product works pretty fast in laminating the Photos and ID cards. With the speed of nearly 30cm per minute, it is on par with the professional lamination machines. Also, this product works very well with the 100-160 micron laminating pouches. The soft silicone roller seals the lamination pouches on the photo or ID proof and makes a bubble-free lamination with ease.

If you think using the lamination machine is a tedious task, then you are wrong. The TEXET LMA4-V lamination machine works with a single switch. After turning ON the switch, the machine warms up and gets ready for the lamination. Ultimately, it’s one of the best lightweight lamination machines in India.

  • Superfast 30CM per Minute lamination speed
  • Supports 100-160 Microns Hot Lamination Pouches
  • Warms up within four minutes
  • Dual-rollers ensure uniform lamination without bubbles
  • High-quality plastic construction to prevent electric shocks
  • No Paper reverse knob
  • Weak Heating element
Why is the TEXET LMA4-V Lamination Machine a Great Choice?

The individual needs of lamination are very limited. The people only want the lamination machine to laminate the photos, ID cards and personal achievement certificates. Also, they can laminate artworks, documents, and many other things. Well, for such small needs, we do have the TEXET LMA4-V lamination machine.

This product is best for any age group of users. The children, adults and older people can easily operate this product, as it works on the single-switch operations. Also, the entire body is made with the plastic, so it prevents the electrocution or electric shock upon touching. The internal mechanism is so secure that nothing will cause short circuits or earthing issues. In short, it’s a lightweight and safe lamination machine for individual use.

#4 – Bambalio Automatic Professional Heavy Duty Lamination Machine

Bambalio Automatic Heavy Duty Professional

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  • Fast Warm-up
  • Temperature Control Options
  • Manual Paper Reverse Knob
  • Heavy Duty Construction

For heavy loads, the heavy-duty lamination machines are very appropriate. If you have the heavy loads of lamination, then you should not ignore the Bamballio Automatic Professional Heavy Duty Lamination machine. The Bambalio heavy duty machine is Automatic and supports the A3 documents and lamination pouch size. As it’s the professional Heavy duty machine, it’s suitable for the offices, schools, government establishments and the shops.

Bambalio Heavy-duty lamination machine in India is the best machine for super heavy use. The fast warmup time defeats all other products in the market. With the advanced features, it also beats all other competitor products with ease. This product comes with the fast warmup time and the adjustable temperature control knob. The knob allows you to adjust the temperature according to the thickness of the lamination pouch. To get the idea of the temperature, you get the LED display on the top with the temperature readings.

As the name suggests, the machine is heavy-duty. The heavy metal construction provides the strength to this machine. As it’s built very well, it can easily handle the heavy loads. You can laminate hundreds of items with ease on this product. The machine is heavy, and it will be a bit hard to move it around multiple times. It’s quite portable, but not suitable for moving to different places every day.

In case of power failure, the documents and the lamination pouch may get stuck inside. The Bambalio Automatic Heavy-duty lamination machine comes with the reverse knob, which is helpful to remove the stuck documents. This product is available on Amazon marketplace for around 5K INR, which is the right price for any heavy-duty lamination machine in India.

  • Superfast warm-up
  • Suitable for high-volume usage
  • Adjustable temperature control knob with LED Display
  • Heavy metal construction for durability
  • Manual Reverse Knob to remove Jammed papers
  • Lamination Quality Not good
Why is the Bambalio Heavy Duty Professional Lamination Machine a Great Choice?

The heavy-duty machines are only made for heavy-duty usage. You don’t want to use these machines for personal requirements. The schools, colleges, offices, government establishments and the lamination shops that have huge requirements will find the Bambalio Heavy duty professional lamination machine a great choice.

The strong construction and the useful feature set makes it the best lamination machine for industrial use. The temperature control knob, hot and cold lamination, reverser knob and many other features are what are useful in industrial usage, and you should buy this one if your needs are not conventional.

#5 – VMS Professional LM Deluxe Laminator Machine

VMS Professional LM Deluxe Lamination

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  • 47.5CM Per minute lamination speed
  • 90-180 Degree Celcius Operating temperature
  • Quad-Roller Setup
  • Heavy Duty Metal Body

This is another professional laminator machine in India. The VMS Professional LM Deluxe is a lamination machine that is full of features. It can be used for personal needs and professional needs. It is one of the most popular laminator machines in India, as you can spot the same product in many of the schools, colleges and the photocopy shops that do the lamination job for your documents.

If you are looking for an automatic, professional and the long-lasting lamination machine, then this is the right product for your needs. VMS LM Deluxe laminator machine supports the A3 size documents. Laminating the ID proofs, Photos, documents, certificates, etc., is pretty easy with this machine. With the minimal warmup time, the machine gets ready for laminating the documents. If you have to laminate some heat-sensitive papers, then you can do so with the cold lamination settings. The device supports both hot and cold lamination settings.

The excessive heat may damage the documents while laminating. That’s why the VMS Professional LM Deluxe comes with the temperature controller. You can control the temperature according to your needs with ease. You can adjust the temperature from 90 degrees celsius to maximum 10 degrees celsius. Also, the 75 to 250 microns is the size of the lamination pouch that you can laminate with the help of this machine.

For professional use, speed is essential. This product has the lamination speed of 475mm per minute, which is better than almost all of the professional products in the market.

  • Photo-quality lamination with QuadRoller Setup
  • The operating temperature of 90 to 180-degree celsius for optimal lamination
  • Super lamination speed of 47.5CM per minute
  • Heavy Duty metal body construction provides the durability
  • 400W motor comes with Energy Savings Mode
  • Takes too much time to Warm-up
  • The machine is very heavy
Why is the VMS Professional LM Deluxe Laminator Machine a Great Choice?

The VMS Professional LM Deluxe is one of the best lamination machines in India. You won’t find many heavy-duty laminator machines in the market. This machine is worth the money, as it comes with all of the essential features. The best thing about this product is customizable usage, which is the biggest plus point.

With the customizable heat settings, customizable lamination modes, reverse knob, A3 size support, heavy construction, and excellent speed makes it one of the best laminators in the market. In short, it’s great for professionals as well as personal use if your usage is heavy.

#6 – AmazonBasics A4 Lamination Machine 

AmazonBasics A4 Lamination Machine

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  • 25CM Per Minute Speed
  • Jam release button
  • Dual-Roller System
  • 80-125 Micron Sheets support

Amazon always has the best products in the market with the AmazonBasics branding. This AmazonBasics A4 lamination machine is not an exception, as it’s one of the best lamination machines in India. This machine comes with support for hot and cold lamination, which is quite convenient for the users. They can choose the appropriate lamination mode according to their needs.

With the dual-roller system, the machine laminates the documents without any bubbles and scratches. The lamination speed is quite acceptable at 25CM per minute for an A4 size paper. To laminate anything, you should use the 80-125 microns plastic sheets.

This machine warms up within five minutes. Although you have to wait for five minutes, the time is quite acceptable for professional use. If the paper gets jammed inside the machine by any chance, you can use the Jam release button. Pressing this button will reverse the jammed paper, and you can re-laminate the same with ease. In short, it’s the best machine for those who have light usage requirements.

  • Sturdy Construction for Durability
  • Good Quality Rollers ensure bubble-free lamination
  • Easily release jammed papers with Jam Release buttons
  • Supports both Hot and Cold Lamination
  • It takes five minutes to warm up
  • Laminates only the sides and the document

#7 – Gobbler 312-PL Lamination Machine 

GOBBLER 312-PL 2 in 1 A3 & A4 Lamination Machine

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  • 25CM Per Minute Speed
  • Fast Warmup Time
  • Hot and Cold Lamination
  • Jam Release Button

Gobbler is a brand that many of you unheard of. This is a popular brand in the international market, and the Gobbler 312-PL Lamination machine is one of the best laminator machines in Indian markets. This machine supports the A3 size pages and documents for lamination. You should use the 80-125 microns lamination sheets in this machine for optimal lamination.

The machine’s average speed is 25CM per minute, which means it can easily laminate an A4 size sheet within one minute. The warm-up time of this lamination machine is quite fast. Once it completely warms up, you can see the LED indicator with the same. With the high-quality rollers, you can ensure scratch-free and bubble-free laminations.

By any chance, if your documents get jammed inside the machine due to your mistakes or power failure, then you can use the Jam release button. With a single press release button, you can easily remove the jammed papers to re-laminate them. The entire construction is of high-quality and durable plastic. There is no chance of getting an electric shock with this machine, as it’s made with high-quality plastic.

  • Quickly Warms up in three minutes
  • Release jammed papers with the Jam release button
  • Supports Hot and cold lamination for convenience
  • Suitable for laminating all sorts of documents and ID cards
  • After-sales service is not good

#8 – Growlam Lamination Machine 

Growlam Lamination Machine A3 _ A4 Size

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  • Multipurpose
  • 30CM Per Minute Speed
  • Quick Warm-up
  • Auto-Shut Off Mechanism

If you prefer multipurpose and simple looking machines, then the Growlam Lamination machine is one of the best choices for your needs. The Growlam Lamination machine is one of the simplest looking multipurpose lamination machines that work as the Laminator, paper cutter and corner rounder for various products.

The Growlam Lamination machine supports a maximum of A3 size papers for lamination. You can use the normal 80-120 Micron sheets for laminating the documents and ID cards with this machine. The lamination speed of this machine is quite good at 30CM per minute. It warms up pretty quickly, within three minutes for your convenience.

As this is the machine that’s made to suit the business requirements, it comes with the auto shut off mechanism. This mechanism activates after a few minutes of inactivity to save energy. The only concerning thing about this product is that it’s made with lightweight plastic material, which overheats quickly after a few minutes of usage. Other than that, everything is perfect, and this machine works very well for fulfilling business requirements.

  • Works as Laminator, Paper Cutter and Corner Rounder
  • Fast Lamination Speed of 30CM per minute
  • Machine Warms up pretty quickly
  • Suitable for high volume business usage
  • Heating Capacity is Low
  • Doesn’t have Paper Reversal Mechanism

#9 – GBC Fusion 1000L Lamination Machine 

GBC Fusion 1000L A4 Laminator

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  • Fast Lamination Speed
  • Quick Warm-up
  • Dual-Roller System

When it comes to the highest quality products, nothing can match the quality of the products that are made in the USA. That’s why we have so much demand for the USA imported products in India. The GBS Fusion 1000L Laminator machine is a USA imported product, that’s perfect for the office requirements…

It supports the photo-quality lamination with 75-micron lamination sheets. You cannot use more than 75 micron thick pouches due to the size limitations. The GBS Fusion 1000L Laminator machine laminates the documents pretty fast. It takes only a minute to laminate the entire A4 size document. For the first-timers or busy people, it comes with the one-step lamination, which is highly convenient.

With the Dual Roller setup, the GBC Fusion 1000L Laminator machines work perfectly fine for the bubble-free and scratch-free lamination. The laminated documents may get slightly curved due to the tight roller, but that’s acceptable. For those concerned, this lamination machine supports the hot and cold lamination, which is suitable for different kinds of papers. In short, it’s the top-notch lamination machine for business usage.

  • Laminates A4 size document in a Minute
  • Warms up within Three Minutes
  • Dual rollers ensure Bubble-free and scratch-free lamination
  • Convenient One-step lamination suitable for first-time users
  • Expensive Machine
  • Laminated Documents get Curved

#10 – Leitz Ilam Office Laminator Machine 

Leitz iLAM A4 Home Office Laminator

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  • Dual Roller System
  • Quick Warm-Up Time
  • LED Indicators with Sound
  • Auto-Shutoff System

Just like the GBC Fusion 1000L, the Leitz iLAM Office laminator machine is an international product that’s imported in India. The Leitz iLAM office laminator machine laminates with sheets of 08-125 micron thickness. It uses thermal plastic sheets, which melts perfectly. If you want high-quality lamination without any bubbles and scratches, then the Dual-roller setup works very well.

With these quick lamination speeds, it can laminate an entire A4 size page within one minute. The warm-up time of the Leitz iLAM office laminator is quite low. It warms up within three minutes, which is very low, considering India’s other lamination machines. For those concerned about this machine’s energy consumption, it comes with an Auto-shutoff mechanism for saving electricity and preventing the machine from overheating.

When you start the machine, it takes three minutes to warm up. Once the machine warms up, you can see the status LED lighting up and the audio alerts indicating the same. It’s quite convenient for busy people to remember the status of the machine. This machine is perfectly suitable for home and office usage.

  • Warms up within three minutes
  • Dual-roller system for bubble-free lamination
  • LED Indicators with sound shows the machine status
  • Quick Lamination Speed makes it best for business usage
  • Noisy Operations
  • No Jam Release Mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Are Lamination Machines Toxic? 

The cold lamination machines are not toxic at all. With the hot lamination machines, there is a chance of inhaling the plastic fumes due to heating, which might be mildly toxic and can cause irritation.

#2 – How long does a Lamination Machine Last? 

Most of the electronic products last for years before getting useless. In the lamination machine’s case, they do last for more than five years if you take proper care of the machine. It may require replacing some parts in a lifetime, but the overall operating life is more than five years with proper care.

#3 – What is Better hot or cold lamination? 

The cold lamination method uses the strong adhesive to stick to the document or the ID cards. The hot lamination method uses heat to stick the plastic sheet to the document. Both ways are better, but the hot lamination is convenient as you can easily remove the laminated document without damaging it. But with the cold lamination, that’s not possible due to strong adhesive.

#4 – What is the Ideal Temperature for Laminating? 

The standard melting temperature for the melting of the plastic lamination sheets is 80 degrees to 120 degrees Celcius. The temperature range differs depending on the sheet’s thickness, but the ideal temperature is considered anywhere between 80 degrees Celcius and 120 degrees Celcius.

#5 – Is Laminated Paper Waterproof? 

The perfect lamination has the seals on all the sides of the documents. As long as the paper has the proper seal on the edges, it’s waterproof. If the seal is not perfect or is coming off, then the water or moisture may leak inside the packaging and damage the paper.

Best Lamination Machine Buying Guide 

best lamination machine buying guide

#1 – Size 

The size of the machine is an essential thing to understand. Almost all of the lamination machines support the A4 and A3 size documents. This is the maximum size of paper or document that can be laminated with the retail lamination machines. You can easily laminate the different sizes smaller than the A3 and A4 with all of the lamination machines.

Not just the size of the documents, but you should consider the size of the entire machine. If you are going to keep it on your office desk, you should get the lightweight machine, preferably made with a plastic body. If you keep the machine on a dedicated desk, then weight might not be an issue for your needs.

#2 – Lamination Capacity 

Usually, we don’t have huge requirements for laminating the documents. If you are going to use this machine in the office, it’ll be used only once or twice a day. But for the photocopy center owners, the lamination requirement is quite high. In such cases, you should always consider the lamination capacity. Most of the machines are suitable for home and office use, but not for commercial use. If your lamination requirement is high, then you should get a machine that has the capacity of laminating more than fifty sheets per day. Otherwise, any lamination machine with a daily lamination duty cycle of 20 sheets is quite efficient for your needs.

#3 – Type of Lamination 

There are two common types of lamination methods, i.e., the Hot Lamination and Cold Lamination. In Hot lamination, the machine heats the lamination pouch and melts the adhesive making it stick to the document. Hot lamination is quite an effective method.

In cold lamination, the machine only presses the lamination pouch to stick the two parts together, creating the seal. It’s suitable for only heat-sensitive documents, which may damage if any heat is applied to the same.

There are a few machines that support both hot and cold lamination. You should choose the machine that has both the options. You don’t know when you will need the cold or hot lamination method to laminate the important documents. So, it’s better to have both hot and cold lamination in the machine. We’ve listed a few products that support both Hot and Cold laminations.

#4 – Warmup Speed 

For the hot lamination, you need to warm up the machine. The machine takes a few minutes to heat the rollers to efficiently apply the heat to the lamination pouch. In a commercial usage environment, considering the warmup time is essential. You don’t want to waste your first few minutes waiting for the machine to warm up. You should get the lamination machine that has the quickest warmup time. Mostly, we prefer machines that have a maximum of three minutes warm up time. If your work requirements are a bit relaxed and don’t require punctuality, then the machine with a maximum warmup time of five minutes will be sufficient for fulfilling your needs.

#5 – Lamination Speed 

The lamination speed is counted in the centimeters per minute. Some of the manufacturers use the millimeters per minute speed for convenience. Having a better and faster lamination speed is always important. Even if you are getting the lamination machine for light usage, you should not compromise on the lamination speed. The ideal lamination speed is 25 to 35 centimeters per minute. That’s the ideal speed for any commercial lamination machine. All of the machines that we’ve listed in this post have decent lamination speed.

#6 – Temperature Control 

In the hot lamination, you need to heat the lamination pouches. But getting excessive heat may damage the pouches, and less heat will not melt the adhesive. So, you should check if the machine comes with manual temperature control. Having access to temperature control will help you to manually adjust the temperature for optimal lamination. Although this is an optional feature, you should consider having the machine with adjustable temperature.

Final Words

Protecting the photos, ID cards, and essential documents with plastic cover is the most important thing that you should not ignore. I’ve seen many people getting frustrated because the ID proofs are damaged due to wear and tear or the water. That’s why keeping everything laminated saves them from any kind of damage helps you avoid such issues.

Finding the right lamination machine in India that suits your needs is very simple. All you have to do is to identify your needs and shortlist the available products. Well, it’s easy to find the best products as we’ve already done the research for you. With the list of the best A3 and A4 lamination machines in India, you can choose any product that suits your requirements. Scroll through the list and find the products that suit your requirements and get them delivered at your doorsteps.


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